Right To Rest: Airport Conduct

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Right To Rest: Airport Conduct
Right To Rest: Airport Conduct

Video: Right To Rest: Airport Conduct

Video: Right To Rest: Airport Conduct
Video: Nastya is studying the rules of conduct at the airport 2023, June

If you believe the advertisements, the loss of luggage at the airport or its substitution for a twin suitcase of the same brand, color and size is a real stroke of luck. Thus, you get a unique chance to spend the whole day in a man's suit, and in the evening, when exchanging luggage, find out that its owner is George Clooney himself. True, calculating the chances of a meeting with Mr. Decafenato is quite difficult - even using the law of small numbers. But every year more than 2,000,000 pieces of baggage are lost during air travel (about 850,000 - permanently). And only in 16% of cases the suitcase was taken away and not returned by fellow travelers, in the remaining 84% of cases the airport employees are to blame, which gives us the right to demand all kinds of compensation and benefits from their employer. And also from the taxi service, hotel administration, bank and other organizations that violate our rights while traveling,the most important of which is the right to rest without headaches, delays, losses and mysterious charges from a credit card.

1. My flight was delayed

In the event of any flight delay, the airline must arrange for luggage storage and provide you with the opportunity to use the mother and child room (for mothers with children under 7). If your flight is delayed more than two hours, you are entitled to refreshments and the opportunity to make two phone calls or send two emails. After four hours, the airline must deliver a hot meal (then you will be fed hot every six hours during the daytime and every eight at night). Passengers who have to sit at the airport for more than eight hours during the day (more than six at night) must be accommodated in a separate hotel room free of charge, taken there and returned. Passengers of any airlines making charter and regular flights in Russia are entitled to this, as well as thosewho is flying abroad by one of the Russian airlines. In addition, for the delay in the delivery of a passenger, baggage or cargo to the destination, the carrier must pay a fine in the amount of 25% of the minimum wage established by federal law for each hour of delay, but not more than 50% of the carriage charge, unless it proves that the delay was place due to force majeure, elimination of an aircraft malfunction that threatens the life or health of aircraft passengers, or other circumstances beyond the control of the carrier. If none of the above benefits are observed, you have the right to organize them yourself (within reasonable limits!), And then demand compensation. Just do not forget to keep all receipts and, just in case, get a delayed flight from the representative of the airline or airport staff.

When buying a connecting ticket, try to fly with the airlines that are in the alliance. In this case, if the first plane is late, the airline will find a way to change the second boarding pass so that you can reach your destination without additional costs. If the company is not in the alliance, the second ticket will be lost and you will have to buy it at full price (the “last minute” ticket is the most expensive). Moreover, the return ticket for this segment of the journey will also be lost. In any case, inform the transfer counter or the airline about what is happening to you - they can solve almost any problem, but only if you ask them to.

By the way, the flight delay and the failure of the airline to fulfill its obligations is a reason to demand compensation for moral damage (if you have suffered physical or mental suffering). Its size is determined by the court and does not depend on the amount of compensation for property damage.

2. I missed my plane due to a late taxi

Most likely, the taxi service does not admit its guilt on the grounds that its dispatcher should have informed you about the delay (which they usually do). This is according to the official version. Meanwhile, there are cases when reputable companies compensated the air ticket price if customers were late for the plane by taxi drivers' mistake. So it's worth a try. In addition, if the taxi is late, you can always refuse the trip and demand that you return the advance payment for it (if it was paid), as well as compensate for the moral damage caused to you. This bold statement needs to be supported by a document - to draw up an act of lateness in any form (you will have time for this while you wait for the car) and sign it with the taxi driver. The paper should be taken to the taxi service, and in case of dissatisfaction with the complaint, to the court. But if, in spite of everything, you still get into the car,you will have to pay for the trip.

3. The hotel will photocopy the credit card

From the point of view of Russian law, the credit card number is the personal data of the owner, and it is up to you whether you will give it to someone or not. It is your right to refuse the receptionist at the hotel. You can also refuse to give him a deposit or an advance payment in cash. And he may not give you a room, because Russian law conflicts with the internal rules of his hotel. Give him a card, demanding guarantees that the money on the account will be unfrozen at the moment when you pay at the check-out (part of the advance will go to pay for the room). And let it reassure you that by giving the card number, you do not give the hotel the right to dispose of the funds on it - no transaction is valid without your signature. Funds are debited (or blocked) by contacting the hotel with the bank that issued your credit card (the "issuing bank"). Subscribe to the sms-notification service - if you don't like something, you can immediately block the card (but you must have another one with you so that you don't run out of money).

4. They require my father's consent to export / import the child

According to Russian laws, the consent of the other parent is not required for a child to travel abroad with one of the parents (unless he has time to scribble a statement of his disagreement). Consent is needed only if the child leaves Russia without parents at all - with strangers. However, a number of foreign countries (almost all of Europe) reserve the right to require this document from you, especially if the child is not a citizen of this state. And to enter France, you need consent immediately from both the father and the mother - even the parent who is carrying the child. It's so ridiculous that many notaries refuse to draw up such a document. At the same time, Egypt and Turkey allow children to enter their territory without paperwork. Check with the country's consulate. Better yet, sign your consent.

5. Funds were stolen from the account

The question of who is responsible for the fraudulent transaction - the bank that does not take good care of your money, you or the robber - is decided in court. As soon as you notice an unknown write-off from your account, in which you clearly did not participate, there are three important things to do immediately. First: call your bank and block the card (from the moment you apply for the blocking, the bank is responsible for debiting funds from your account). Second: contact the internal affairs bodies with a statement of theft. Third: go to the bank and write the appropriate application. After that, the bank is obliged to conduct a full investigation: to check under what circumstances the write-off occurred, whether the card's PIN was entered, whether the ATM or POS was equipped with a video camera that allows identifying the attacker,whether the signature on the cashier's receipt matches the owner's signature. And also the fact that the money was not withdrawn by the owner himself - that is, you - or at your request.

6. The bank blocked my credit card when I tried to pay with it abroad

Any bank card is a confirmation that you have a bank account. Therefore, they are subject to the same requirements as bank accounts. According to the law, transactions with funds of an individual in a bank account must either be authorized by the cardholder, or (in extremely rare cases) directly stipulated in the law. In normal language, this means that the bank has no right to deny you access to your money. Despite this, many banks include such powers in the rules for using cards or directly in the agreement with the cardholder. The bank will explain to you that for security purposes, the system automatically blocks cards, which are debited in disadvantaged (in terms of the level of crime) countries. To avoid this, it is enough to call the operator on the eve of departure and inform where,when and with what cards do you depart.

7. I returned to the store an item for which I paid with a card

As a rule, in case of non-cash payment for goods, it is prohibited to return money for it in cash (do not hit the cashier!). Refunds should be made by contacting the store's accounting department with their bank with a request to return the funds to your account. After that, this requirement is fulfilled by the bank - usually the next day after the store's request. Sometimes a little later, depending on the bank's operating mode.

8. Baggage is lost or damaged

On domestic flights, the airline must pay its cost for missing or damaged baggage (no more than 600 rubles per kg, and hand luggage no more than 11,000 rubles for everything). The total weight of the baggage is determined by the baggage tag, which is usually attached to the boarding pass and is lost even before the baggage. On international flights, the airline's liability usually does not exceed $ 20 for 1 kg of luggage and $ 400 for all hand luggage. So, if you decide to carry heirlooms, it makes sense to declare the cost of baggage at check-in and pay extra for its transportation - then you can get a refund from the airline in the amount of the declared amount. If the trouble occurred on a domestic Russian flight, the claim can be filed within 6 months. Internationally - no later thanmore than 7 days from the date of baggage receipt (in case of delay - within 21 days), and in case of loss - within 18 months. You have no right to file a lawsuit against the airline without filing a claim. By law, you cannot count on the airline's staff to pay you, who find yourself in a foreign country without a toothbrush, for the purchase of the essentials. But airlines sometimes do it.

9. Baggage got lost

If your suitcase did not appear on the conveyor belt, you need to contact the representative of the airline or an airport employee for tracing baggage, show him a ticket and baggage tag, get a certificate of non-arrival of baggage and write a statement indicating the special features of the suitcase and its contents. Many airlines are connected to the international automated baggage tracing system and with its help must detect the loss within 21 days on Russian airlines and 90 days on international ones. Let's assume the luggage is found. Then you will be contacted to agree on the terms of delivery. Decent airlines will deliver your suitcase to your home or to another address, left by you in the baggage tracing service, absolutely free. Obscene ones will make you go to their office for a suitcase - demand that they at least pay for a taxi.

10. Car rental deducted a speeding ticket from the card

According to Russian law, this cannot be done. And not in Russian - sometimes you can. Take the time to grab a magnifying glass and carefully study the lease. And ask a specific question to the agent at the box office.

Ekaterina Kholopova, Director, Corporate Communications The Estée Lauder Companies

Making every effort to correct wording, I state that travelers from our territory have a common feature. We commit ourselves to extremes in dealing with staff. We find it difficult to build partnerships with people whose job it is to make our lives easier. Even those of us who don't create problems ourselves run the risk of falling prey to compatriot precedents that have cemented our reputation as a problematic clientele. Here are some rationalizations for those who agree that there is no limit to perfection, even for very nice people:

- Smile. If you're not bothering to put on a nice face when answering staff greetings, you are setting the appropriate tone for your upcoming communication. Of course, there are different situations, but if there are no contraindications, smile and answer the joke.

- Ask. What is delicious, where is it interesting, how is it? Without living in the country permanently, it is impossible to thoroughly know it. You run the risk of not tasting the salt of the earth if you move on it in silence and with a stone face. Your local interlocutor - a waiter, steward, concierge, massage therapist - will be happy to show hospitality in the form of helping you navigate local customs.

- Address by name. Badge on the form - not just like that, but for its intended use. If there is no badge - do not hesitate to ask, the person will be pleased. And not only: the totality of the consequences may surprise you unexpectedly - they obey the theory of reciprocal karmic bonuses.

- Don't intimidate. Especially on the move, for prevention. If you are a serious person, you can be sure they will figure it out. If you suddenly have a problem - just state it, they will help you.

- If you have a complaint - speak to the point and immediately(rather than eating half the serving first), advises blog waiterrant.net. Do not get personal - you can be held responsible for insults. Do not run out of the establishment - you may be accused of non-payment for the service provided. Do not cry - the institution does not smile to call an ambulance in case of an apoplectic stroke and keep you alive while awaiting its arrival. Finally, don't overstate the requirements. The scheme of effective actions is as follows: immediately, clearly and calmly state the complaint so that the person can pass it above or apply the appropriate template. Please accept apologies and compensation. If the compensation offered by the institution does not suit you, explain why and formulate a counter offer - for sure at this stage they will meet you halfway and the incident will be settled.

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