16 Reasons To Love Autumn

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16 Reasons To Love Autumn
16 Reasons To Love Autumn

Video: 16 Reasons To Love Autumn

Video: 16 Reasons To Love Autumn
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Autumn sales. In September, you can still buy must-have summer collections with an impressive discount, and from November enjoy New Year's Eve discounts on current ones.

Accessories. When else can a super-fashionable transparent umbrella-cane look more appropriate and effective? What about cashmere scarves and stylish brooches? Autumn is the best time to stand out from the crowd with accessories. Especially after a rather meager summer on them.

Footwear. Another plus of autumn is the variety of shoe styles that will look appropriate on the street. Oxfords, brogues, ankle boots, rubber boots - their moment has come. At the same time, it is still too early to hide your favorite boats. All in all, the perfect time.

Travels. Here, by the way, the "sales season" also begins. As a rule, even those who have not had the opportunity to travel at other times of the year go to rest at this time! In the velvet season, holidays in Russia are especially relevant.

Fitness clubs. Whatever one may say, many of us abandon this business in the summer … As in the case of trips, subscriptions to the gym in the fall become cheaper. Photoshoot. Fact - the most successful pictures are obtained in the fall. The light of the autumn sun lays down softly and does not "blind" the camera lens with its glare, and the autumn color allows you not to waste time looking for good backgrounds, they start right outside the door.

Summer tan. Where can we go without it. In autumn, a spectacular tan is especially noticeable - get ready for pleasant inquiries about a successful vacation. By the way, any clothes look great on tanned skin!

Self-development. Language courses, sports and dance studios, and art schools re-open (or for the first time) in September. Don't miss the chance to learn what you have dreamed of for a long time! By the way, you can combine this with a trip, for example, to Florence. September is also the perfect time to enroll your child in a new section.

Indian summer. Autumn is sympathetic to the eternal "frozen ground" and gives them the opportunity to enjoy another warm period after a hot summer. Dedicate weekdays to hiking, and weekends to picnics outside the city.

Vitamins. Autumn is the season of vegetables, and September is generally considered to be one of the most “vitamin” months of the year: summer fruits and vegetables are still abundant on the shelves, and autumn ones are starting to arrive. The farm food trend makes zucchini, cabbage, beets, and bell peppers even tastier and healthier.

Halloween. A great occasion to arrange a holiday for children. Bake holiday cookies with the kids, decorate your house with pumpkins and host a costume ball.

A surge of energy. Autumn is a unique time: it seems like the end of the year, but after the summer recharging, everyone wakes up activity. Have you been to the gym for three months? So you didn't build a cardboard house with your child? Didn't have enough strength to finish repairing the balcony? It will work out this season!

Morning runs. Unlike summer, when the heat starts to get on your nerves already at 9 o'clock in the morning, in autumn the weather is most favorable for jogging. And at any time of the day. By the way, recently there have been many fans of running even in the rain. They say it tunes in a philosophical mood.

Theatrical season. If you could not get to the theater for a long time, and when you still found time, there were no interesting performances, then the autumn theater season will serve as a good reason for spiritual enrichment!

Warm blanket, cocoa and the film "Autumn in New York". Or any other movie you like. Autumn evenings need to while away with benefit, and watching old favorite films is also a pleasure!

You were born in the fall. Then we congratulate you! And we strongly recommend that you show your imagination this year: go on a picnic in good weather or cook mulled wine with friends closer to the New Year.


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