Top 10 Fall Trends According To Topbrands

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Top 10 Fall Trends According To Topbrands
Top 10 Fall Trends According To Topbrands

Video: Top 10 Fall Trends According To Topbrands

Video: Top 10 Fall Trends According To Topbrands
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The dandy style has gained serious popularity. A strict trouser suit, a tweed coat and a minimum of accessories will help you look like a needle. Pumps with heels will make your look elegant and sexy.

How to wear: Combine suits in a cage and a strip with basic blouses, turtlenecks in bright colors. Classic black jacket - with jeans and a white T-shirt.


The main prints of autumn are inspired by the creations of the abstract artists. Cubism and Suprematism are also experiencing unprecedented popularity in fashion.

How to wear: Pair patterned dresses with simple, solid colors. For a boho chic look, pair a bright blouse with a miniskirt and a long coat.


Sporty chic is not going to leave the world catwalks, and the must-have list includes at least two items in a sporty style: a silk bomber jacket and a sweatshirt with a print.

How to wear: Enjoy the comfort - try on a dress with sneakers, if only for sports interest. Sweatshirts have gone beyond everyday wardrobe, feel free to add them to your evening look.


The most provocative trend this fall. A dress with bare shoulders or back looks so seductive that it is almost impossible to resist.

How to wear: lace will make your look truly solemn. To keep the outfit from looking vulgar, pay attention to the balance of transparent and opaque fabrics.


Coco Chanel also noticed that fashion is a fairy tale for adults. This season, designers took her words literally and flooded the catwalk with outfits worthy of the best theatrical performances.

How to wear: clothes with an abundance of embroidery and decorative elements are suitable only for special occasions. Pay attention to the large art deco gold jewelry: they add drama to the image.

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Animal print makes the list of fashion trends almost every season. The know-how of this fall is prints that cannot be found in the wild: blue leopard and monochrome giraffe, for example.

How to wear: To keep the animal print from looking too active, neutralize it with simple things in soothing colors.


This fall knitwear not only warms you up and gives you comfort, but also automatically makes you the most fashionable! Pay attention to voluminous jumpers with an interesting texture and knitted dresses with a high neck.

How to wear: Chunky sweaters and oversized cardigans work equally well with miniskirts and maxi lengths.


Forget the fairy tale about the gray mouse. In the new season, all shades of gray are an unconditional must-have! Wear gray with pastel-colored accessories for a more feminine look.

How to wear: The main advantage of gray is its neutrality, so it is easy to combine with most colors. So that a solid color bow does not look boring, combine things of different fabrics and textures.


The times when the floral print was adorned exclusively on things from the spring-summer collections are over. In the new season, bouquets of peonies, lilies and chrysanthemums have blossomed on woolen dresses and even down jackets.

How to wear: Floral print is moody and works best with classic winter colors - black and gray.


The strict laws of geometry are no longer in control: the plans for the new season include complex coats, slanting dresses and skirts with an uneven hem.

How to wear: The asymmetrical cut looks especially chic in evening dresses. However, be careful: an asymmetrical dress can visually change the silhouette.

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