Actors In Autumn Advertising Campaigns

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Actors In Autumn Advertising Campaigns
Actors In Autumn Advertising Campaigns

Video: Actors In Autumn Advertising Campaigns

Video: Actors In Autumn Advertising Campaigns
Video: Prada men fall winter 2012 2023, June

Fashion and Hollywood are as inseparable as bread and butter. They exist side by side and seem to get along pretty well. We know that such companies bring good royalties to the actors, and we can only guess how fashion houses benefit from such cooperation. We propose to look at just a few, but the most striking, in our opinion, advertising campaigns with the participation of famous actors and actresses.

Michelle Williams and Louis Vuitton

This is the third time we have seen the result of the collaboration between Golden Globe winner Michelle Williams and the Louis Vuitton fashion house. This time the famous American woman presents an updated line of bags. Together with photographer Peter Lindberg, Michelle has created a romantic image of a girl from the 60s: a delicate A-line dress and nude makeup.

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Louis Vuitton advertising campaign

Lupita Nyong'o, Elle Fanning, Bella Heathcote, Elizabeth Olsen and Miu Miu

Miu Miu decided not to waste time on trifles and immediately called the four stars from the world of cinema who shone this year to take part in the advertising of new sunglasses. In the video, the gorgeous foursome is twisting and fooling around in front of the camera lens, forgetting about all the Oscars and red carpets. Laughter, smiles, bright clothes, beautiful girls and perky music - what else is needed for a successful campaign?

Amy Adams and Max Mara

American Scam star red-haired Amy Adams has recently become the new face of Max Mara. The actress became the second celebrity that the brand allowed to advertise its products. Captured Amy for the Italian brand Mario Sorrenti, primarily known for "nude" photo shoots with leading models. Therefore, it is worth noting that on the posters, surprising as it may be, the actress is dressed.

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Max Mara advertising campaign

James McAvoy and Prada

Briton James McAvoy was chosen as the main character of this season Prad. Famous Annie Leibovitz took charismatic images for the campaign. The stern McAvoy strolls against the backdrop of the grim industrial landscape of the British coast, the lack of color in the photographs further enhances the impression of the frames. Excellent work, you won’t say anything.

Prad advertising campaign

A photo:

Kristen Stewart and Chanel

It would seem that the idol of youth Kristen Stewart and the legendary fashion house Chanel, which has a very indirect relationship to the serene youth, have in common. However, the great Karl Lagerfeld decided that there was no need to put stamps and connected only seemingly incompatible things, because the American became the face of a collection dedicated to the relationship between Chanel and the United States, namely Dallas.

Chanel advertising campaign

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Winona Ryder, Michael Pitt and Rag & Bone

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