New Year's Holidays: Where And How To Buy Cheap Flights

New Year's Holidays: Where And How To Buy Cheap Flights
New Year's Holidays: Where And How To Buy Cheap Flights

According to numerous studies, it is best to book tickets eight weeks before departure. Unfortunately, these studies do not take into account particularly hot dates such as New Years or any other national holidays.

This year, all Russians will have a long New Year's holidays, namely from January 1 to January 11, 2015. Prices for air tickets for this time began to rise exactly at the moment when the exact dates became known. Every day the cost of the trip will increase by several thousand, and there are fewer and fewer available seats. In order to still catch not the last train, but an excellent plane on tickets with a reasonable price, you need to book a trip now. However, before you start your search, read a few rules that will help you find your dream tickets and save several thousand.

Clear cookies

Cookies are information that websites store on your computer for faster loading. They can contain a fairly wide range of information, including personal data and website browsing history. So it is these cookies that are used by various sites - flight search engines, to find out how often you check for updates. Today the price of a flight may cost a conditional 100 rubles, tomorrow - 150, and in two hours - all 240. It will seem to you that the price is increasing due to growing demand or for some other reason, but in fact everything depends only on you … The more often you search for similar offers, the faster their price rises. In order not to fall for this trick, clear cookies before each session, you can do this in your browser settings.

Remember: flights departing on Saturday or in the middle of the week are cheaper, and it is better to look for them early in the morning, before the start of the working day.

Comparison is the key to success

Do not be lazy and look through all the sites with air tickets that you only know. The more you look, the more likely you are to find the perfect flight at the right price. Having found a suitable ticket on intermediary sites, do not rush to redeem it immediately. Go to the website of the airline offering the flight. Perhaps it will be even cheaper there.

Use a flexible search schedule

Don't limit yourself to dates, if possible. It often turns out that the cost of tickets for neighboring dates can be several times lower than the one you have chosen. Everything happens due to excessive demand at one time or another. Also use the "price map" - a table in which prices are indicated for the dates adjacent to your chosen one. This way you will be able to track when prices rise or fall and select the best tickets.

The cheapest tickets are usually non-refundable

Stay tuned for special offers

Try to subscribe to the e-mail newsletter of tour operators, airlines or any other agency selling tickets. There is a great chance that at some point one of them will organize a special offer for your direction.

Use transfers

If you have expertly organized more than one independent trip, then it will not be a problem for you to organize a connecting flight on your own. For example, if there is no convenient flight Moscow - New York, but there are two very cheap tickets Moscow - Milan and Milan - New York, why not organize your own connecting flight? This method often provides huge cost savings.

Book directly on carriers' websites

So, you can often save money by buying a ticket on the airline's website. First, you avoid the service fees that aggregator sites can add to the cost. Secondly, carriers often offer various bonuses when booking or buying directly from them.


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