Victoria Solovieva - On The Shooting Of The Film "Sunstroke"

Victoria Solovieva - On The Shooting Of The Film "Sunstroke"
Victoria Solovieva - On The Shooting Of The Film "Sunstroke"

Video: Victoria Solovieva - On The Shooting Of The Film "Sunstroke"

Video: Victoria Solovieva - On The Shooting Of The Film "Sunstroke"
Video: "Victoria" shoot out scene, Kreuzberg, Berlin, seen from my window 2023, June

This is your first film role, and right away - with Nikita Mikhalkov. What was it like working with him?

Working with Nikita Sergeevich is a dream. During the filming, I got a great school, not a single university, not a single course will teach what he can teach. On set, I could completely trust him. For example, earlier I could have refused the role in which I was to be naked, but then I understood that it was impossible to do otherwise, that the scene could not be different, but most importantly, I understood that Nikita Sergeevich would not allow anything indecent. If the director knows exactly what he wants, I'm ready to trust him. And most importantly, he trusted me no less.

How did you cope with your role? "Sunstroke" is a tiny work by Bunin, and your heroine even takes up a smaller part of it. Nothing is known about her. How, then, to convey a character that does not exist?

Initially, we went from external characteristics. All that Bunin tells about his heroine - she boarded a ship in Anapa and returned home. The rest had to be invented on their own. We created the image to the smallest detail, literally by the millimeter. Even the way she sits, doing nothing, how she behaves with children, is also a reflection of her inner world. It has a lot of facets, but there is no one bright feature. She can be imposing or arrogant, but she is always alive, she is not afraid of her emotions and does not care what others think of her while she has fun with her children. I don't know why, but I had no difficulty understanding this role. I knew immediately what I had to do.

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You are so inspired to talk about your heroine. But for sure the shooting was not so easy and carefree. Can you remember what was the hardest part?

There were no difficulties in terms of the game, but technical ones, of course, appeared. Firstly, it is quite difficult to spend the whole shift in a corset, heavy dress, make-up, especially in the heat. Moreover, the work did not go non-stop, sometimes it was necessary to wait for several hours. By the way, here's another technical point that not everyone knows about - when Mikhalkov works, he sometimes gives unexpected tasks during the shooting that were not specified during the rehearsal. This provokes improvisation right in the frame during shooting. That is, you need to be on the alert all the time - and interact with your partner and listen to instructions without leaving the image.

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This time you got the role of a romantic stranger. What heroines would you like to play in the future?

I'm interested in complex roles, ambiguous characters. I would not want to get stuck in one role. I like, for example, the heroine Marillon Cotillard in the movie "Life in Pink". Playing life - from adolescence to death - is fun. Something new and modern would also be interesting to try. Yes, I'm still interested in everything!

Are you waiting for the premiere?

Oh no, I don't want her, to be honest! I don’t want it to end. I have been living in anticipation for almost two years (filming ended in early 2013 - ed.), But the film will be released - and what to expect? It's always scary to start something new, to move into the unknown.

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