Ideal Model: The Celebrities We Want To Be Like

Ideal Model: The Celebrities We Want To Be Like
Ideal Model: The Celebrities We Want To Be Like

Recently, photographer Scott Chasserot conducted an unusual photo experiment called "Original ideal". The task, which was to find out how people want to see themselves. First of all, Chasserot filmed all the project participants without cosmetics and jewelry, after which he edited the resulting images to varying degrees of proximity to the general world standard of beauty, derived scientifically and practically.

The next step was to show the participants their own heavily and not-so-heavily edited photographs. At the same time, with the help of a program for scanning the brain, which allows to catch the smallest changes in brain activity, he monitored the reaction of the subjects to the pictures. Unsurprisingly, everyone, without exception, chose the most retouched, most “perfect” shot.

According to this and many other studies, each of us is unhappy with our appearance. Looking in the mirror, we see not just a reflection, but our differences from the accepted standard of beauty: a big nose, small eyes, cheeks, and so on.

However, who creates these ideals of beauty, who influences our assessment of ourselves. There are many opinions on this matter, scientific and not very. The most popular version is that ideals are created by celebrities (actors, models, presenters), whose faces and figures we see every day from the pages of magazines, computer monitors, billboards. We have put together all the most beautiful stars according to various ratings and tops in recent years to see what the ideal girl should be like today.

The figure is like Irina Shayk's …

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