How To Wear Fur This Season

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How To Wear Fur This Season
How To Wear Fur This Season

Video: How To Wear Fur This Season

Video: How To Wear Fur This Season

The luxury life has two fetishes - diamonds and furs. But if jewelry houses treat precious stones with respect, then clothing designers treat fur unceremoniously - they pluck, dye and shear, trim shoes and bags with it. New funny fur coats are not made to be worn with an evening dress to the theater. Jeans and knitwear will be their best companions. No hairpins! Sneakers, men's boots with laces or slip-ons, at best, high boots with massive heels - that's what is supposed to be worn with such fur. Fluffy accessories are also modest in desires - they are worn with calm monochromatic clothes made of thick wool, woven or knitted. By the way, about diamonds. Leave the combination of fur and girls best friends for your grandma.


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Little things

Celine has a wide fur belt and muff, while Fendi has boots that can only be walked on the first snow.

Affectionately and tenderly

Fur details on sandals and bags warm only the soul

Below the belt

Mink shorts are certainly not for everyone. But the same Dolce & Gabban showed short jackets with three-quarter sleeves that suit absolutely everyone.

Large volume

Short, very shaggy jackets are suitable for those who are tall enough for such things.

Bag, Fendi, price on request

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