How To Quickly Get Rid Of Extra Centimeters In The Waist

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How To Quickly Get Rid Of Extra Centimeters In The Waist
How To Quickly Get Rid Of Extra Centimeters In The Waist

Video: How To Quickly Get Rid Of Extra Centimeters In The Waist

Video: How To Quickly Get Rid Of Extra Centimeters In The Waist


If you need to quickly lose weight in the waist area and not only there, we advise you to do lymphatic drainage on the Lympha-Tron cavitation apparatus. It is a smart machine of the latest generation that fights cellulite and gets rid of excess fat. The process is as follows: a doctor uses a device to apply low-frequency ultrasound to those places that spoil your mood. As a result, bubbles appear there, which are able to liquefy fat and displace it from adipocytes (cells that mainly consist of adipose tissue). As a result of a number of rather complex and intricate processes, a large number of decay products are released, 90% of which are gradually excreted from the body through the lymphatic system. This gives a guaranteed instant effect of weight loss: in one session, it takes from three to five centimeters of the waist. And this is not the limit.

Where: EMC Aesthetic Clinic; Moscow, Spiridonevsky per., 5, p. 1; tel.: +7 (495) 933-6654, 967-2002; price: 259 euros


The Zeltiq cryolipolysis technique was developed by doctors from the Harvard University School of Medicine. Now it is one of the most effective beauty technologies in the field of body shaping and the fight against cellulite. The action of the Zeltiq apparatus is to gradually cool the fat cells, which, once completely frozen, simply die. At the same time, there is no extreme: cooling occurs gradually and evenly, and the minimum temperature does not reach minus marks. The result is weight loss and a decrease in body fat. Today, several zones can be treated at once in one procedure. In one session, the thickness of the fat fold can be reduced by 40%. The first changes usually become visible after two to three weeks, and the maximum effect is achieved after a month and a half.

Where: Clinic "Time of Beauty"; Moscow, Nikitsky per., 2;

tel.: +7 (495) 988-7557, 629-7286, 629-7293;

price: from 20,000 rubles


In one painless procedure, you can eliminate body defects, remove fat, do lifting and improve tissue texture - this is the result of the ART-Slimming non-invasive liposculpture system. This hardware technology combines bipolar radio frequencies to boost metabolism and eliminate wrinkles, vacuum massage to improve lymph drainage, and photodynamic therapy to optimize results. All this, however, can be done separately, but in bulk faster. After the first session, muscle tone increases, the volume of problem areas decreases, cellulite is smoothed out, the skin becomes smooth and taut.

Where: "Art Clinic"; Moscow, 1st Tverskoy-Yamskaya per., 13/5, Institute of Neurosurgery named after N. N. Burdenko, bldg. 1st, 3rd floor;

tel.: +7 (495) 223-2373;

price depending on the zone: from 5000-7000 rubles

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