Like In The Army: Detox And Fasting In Austria

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Like In The Army: Detox And Fasting In Austria
Like In The Army: Detox And Fasting In Austria

Video: Like In The Army: Detox And Fasting In Austria

Video: Like In The Army: Detox And Fasting In Austria
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I learned about the Austrian clinic VivMAYR from an interview with Alber Elbaz, creative director of Lanvin. Elbaz praised some ascetic spa in which he puts himself in order. The medical center is located on the shores of Lake Wörthersee, where everything is Austrian calm, measured and discreet. I arrived at the clinic in the evening, just in time for dinner. I was immediately taken to the veranda overlooking the lake, handed a map with several dishes and uttered a mysterious phrase: "Well, while the doctor has not yet talked to you, you can choose a dish from the menu." I realized the terrible meaning of this phrase only the next evening. VivMAYR Spa is not a beauty salon with lotus flowers and incense sticks. This is a clinic in every sense of the word - white walls, staff in medical uniform and patients in bathrobes and slippers, vitamins, pills, meals and sleep on schedule. I do not like deliberate luxury, velvet and gold candelabra, but even to me the atmosphere seemed Spartan.

The clinic has a swimming pool, gym and sauna. There are group water aerobics classes and other workouts.

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My first day started at 8 am with a visit to Dr. Werner Zankolo. He questioned me in detail, weighed me (the procedure is rather humiliating) and ordered a bunch of tests and analyzes. I was instructed to check the amount of fat in my body, go for a massage, take a stress test that determines the level of my physical fitness, do a complete blood count. By the next morning, I had a complete picture of my body and a handy timetable brochure. It turned out that I had two kilos more fat than I should (I hate my thighs). Plus, I need to consume no more than 1500 calories per day. The blood was fine, but there was a lack of minerals. "Doesn't your legs come together?" - "It sometimes reduces at night …" - "This is from a lack of zinc and potassium," - explained Dr. Tsankolo and prescribed me a multivitamin complex. The most interesting thing is the food intolerance test. I was given pieces of different foods, and then they checked how my muscles react to it. It turned out that I shouldn't eat chocolate, because it would make me feel exhausted. And also French cheeses and aged red wine are not allowed. There were no complaints about coffee!

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In the clinic, I lived according to the schedule. Every morning, half an hour before meals, I drank magnesium sulfate (also called "Epsom salt"). It is a very strong laxative that acts almost instantly (and also restores salt balance and enhances the work of enzymes). The second important part of detox is special nutrition. Depending on why you came (to lose weight or cleanse), the doctor will prescribe a diet for you. The first three days I felt hungry and weak. I dreamed about candy and coca-cola. The crust of bread I was given to train my chewing reflexes (another important element of detox is the ability to chew each piece at least 30–40 times) seemed like heavenly sweetness to me. I dreamed about eating. After dinner I went to bed early so that breakfast would come as soon as possible. I wanted to cry. The doctor explained to me that this is not a normal reaction of the body, not giving up sugar. You just have to be patient. And on the fourth day I woke up in a wonderful mood! I was ready to sing and dance. And I went to a group yoga class on the pier. After breakfast I got on my bike and rode 40 kilometers around the lake. I left the clinic a week later with smooth and glowing skin, lightness in my stomach and without three kilograms. They got lost somewhere between the healing foot baths and the massage.

The clinic is located right by the lake. There are sun loungers on the lawn. If you wish, you can swim, go water skiing, rent a boat or just sunbathe. There is a restaurant, shop and cafe next to the clinic. You can, of course, go out and buy yourself some chocolate if you're completely starving. But why?

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The VivMayr Clinic is located in Maria Wörth on Lake Wörthersee. the nearest airport is in the city of klagenfurt (30 minutes by car). There is a regular flight from Vienna to Klagenfurt.

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