Olga Danka On How To Become A TV Presenter

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Olga Danka On How To Become A TV Presenter
Olga Danka On How To Become A TV Presenter

Video: Olga Danka On How To Become A TV Presenter

Video: Olga Danka On How To Become A TV Presenter
Video: Екатерина Грачева Ekaterina Gracheva Tv Presenter from Russia 2023, May

Any story starts with a dream. Since childhood, I dreamed of becoming a TV presenter, but I had no idea how to get into the coveted blue screen. And yet the feeling that one day I would find myself on the other side did not leave me.

From the age of 13 I was in the modeling agency of Slava Zaitsev, I took part in shows - it would seem that the path to fame is open! However, at the age of 16, despite a lucrative offer from the scout Georgiy Dzhikidze, who once opened Natalia Vodianova, I made a choice in favor of going to university. Of course, many will say that it is never too late to study, but I sincerely wanted to know our inner world, what we are made of and how our body functions, so I didn't want to postpone my studies at a medical university.

In my 3rd year, I heard that there was a recruitment for the Ostankino television school. I realized that this is the place where I would really like to study. For a whole year I was immersed in the Ostankino atmosphere, communicated with the luminaries of television, attended all the programs, tried myself in the frame and on the radio.

I remember how on our stream journalist Nina Zvereva, chairman of TEFI, arranged stand-up competitions. The winner was chosen by the students themselves by direct voting, and my absolutely not winning news about the Miss Ostankino competition took 3rd place only thanks to the original presentation. It gave me faith that I was not hopeless

During my practice, unlike many girls striving to get on federal channels and music programs, I decided to choose a narrow area in which I understand something: I asked for a medical program. After working for 1 month as an editor on the TDK channel, I became the host of the Your Doctor program. It was a tremendous experience as she went live! I have remembered this excitement, awe for all my life.


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If you are thinking about a TV presenter career, immediately identify the topics in which you understand and can be more competent than others.

I must say that I have never lost touch with fashion: I took part in all fashion weeks as a model. Therefore, when I heard about the casting for the role of a correspondent in a program about social events and fashion news, I immediately went there. The creators of the program quickly drew attention to me. I think it helped that I always wrote the materials myself, was ready to go to the shooting at any time, and my great desire to work and develop was obvious to everyone. So I became a VJ, kept a fashion week diary, my favorite Stylistics.

Today I can say with confidence that with my appearance in the program, the viewer began to understand what is fashionable and relevant. We have divided the issues into author's headings - "Trends", "Fashion Instruction", in order to describe from all sides what is interesting to our audience. I still write all the material myself. Yes, you have to watch hundreds of shows, study the posts of many famous bloggers, but I dreamed about it since childhood and did everything to make my dreams come true.

So to everyone who does not part with their dream of becoming a TV presenter, I can say one thing: if you really want it - go for it!

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