Happy New Year: Best Ad Campaigns Of

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Happy New Year: Best Ad Campaigns Of
Happy New Year: Best Ad Campaigns Of

Video: Happy New Year: Best Ad Campaigns Of

Video: Happy New Year: Best Ad Campaigns Of
Video: Best Advertisement ever-Winner of Best Ad 2014 2023, June


The most famous department store in London decided to please its fans with a fairy tale about little mice, Santa's helpers, who at nightfall prepare the store for the arrival of guests. There is so much to do: decorate the tree, arrange gifts, light the holiday lights. But now a small awkward mouse joins the general turmoil, literally everything from its paws falls. Frustrated by his failures, he huddles into a corner, but as befits a fairy tale, kind Santa Claus comes to the rescue, who believes in the awkward kid and entrusts him with the most important thing. Which one, you can find out in a small but so touching video.

Burberry (From London with love)

From London with love is a small story about the magic of the new year, in the center of which is a happy and carefree child, namely the 10-year-old son of the Bekhkams couple - Romeo. This is the second collaboration for the young star and Burberry. Romeo's video is the embodiment of childhood memories of an adult young man, for whom every new year is a reason to forget about your problems and let a festive mood enter your soul.

Marks & Spencer (Follow the Fairies)

The famous British brand has created a real winter wonderland in its holiday advertisement. In the center of attention are two good fairies who, on New Year's Eve, work wonders for the residents of the city, whose life is not at all like a fairy tale. In our opinion, this ad campaign deserves the title of Most Fabulous Campaign of the Year.

VictoriSecret (Dream Angels)

For the 2014 winter collection, the designers of the American lingerie brand decided to focus on soft, pastel colors. The promotional video and pictures for the lookbook fascinate with their lightness and tenderness. Models took part in the filming - Karlie Kloss, Behati Prinsloo, Lily Aldridge and Stella Maxwell. The girls, as usual, appeared in the form of angels.

H&M (Magical Holidays)

For fans of the luxury of art deco and jazz music, this video will become a holiday in itself. The leading roles are played by Lady Gaga, for whom there is simply no stylistic framework, and the American honored pop artist - Tony Bennett. The duet is really unexpected, but we really liked the result. We recommend it to all fans of The Great Gatsby. Throughout the video I just wanted to sing - "little party never kills nobody …"


The brand's New Year advertising is filled with youthful carelessness, which is not at all surprising: the face of the campaign is Cara Delevingne, who with her enthusiasm will amuse even the most indifferent to the New Year's bustle of the snob. In the video, Kara is fooling around, grimacing and having fun - in general, she does everything for which we love her.

Incanto (Burlesque. Stars shining like diamonds)

The Italian lingerie brand has pleasantly surprised this year by moving away from traditional Christmas symbols. The thing is that the brand's New Year collection is made in the burlesque style, and on this basis, the advertising concept of Incanto was built. The video turned out to be very festive, and despite the fact that there are few frankly New Year's motives in the video, the holiday atmosphere in it is created by the brightness of colors, dazzling brilliance and music, selected in the best cabaret traditions.

Tiffany & Co (Tiffany Holiday)

The video, in an unusual animation for the brand, seems to hint to all men: the best friends of girls are diamonds. And there are more than enough diamonds. And, even despite the fact that the characters in the video are drawn, the diamonds on them look quite realistic.

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