Why GUCCI Has Its Own Cosmetics

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Why GUCCI Has Its Own Cosmetics
Why GUCCI Has Its Own Cosmetics

Video: Why GUCCI Has Its Own Cosmetics

Video: Why GUCCI Has Its Own Cosmetics
Video: Why is Gucci so expensive? 2023, June

At the launch party for Gucci's first makeup line, the apple had nowhere to fall. Glossy journalists from different countries, American it-girls, cult personalities of the fashion world … You shouldn't miss such an event. The brand with 110 years of history has shown the world shadows, varnishes, lipsticks, eyeliners with its logo.

The next day, a little tired, but clearly pleased with the results, Frida Giannini in black leather pants and a denim shirt with rolled up sleeves sat opposite me in her room and spoke in a low hoarse voice about why a woman needs makeup at all and why it should be Gucci Cosmetics makeup.

By inheritance

“When I came to work at Gucci, I spent a lot of time studying the history of the brand. Although, to be honest, I already knew a lot, because, as a real Italian, from my youth I was literally obsessed with everything related to this brand. But when I got access to the archives, I was shocked by how many beautiful items were created. And all of excellent quality - the best leather, the best fabrics … Gucci is not one-time items that last one season. It's a whole universe with polished details and a well thought-out concept. This is why we were in no rush to launch makeup. The idea had to mature to such a state in order to fully fit into this circle. And now “our person” can find everything necessary in the aesthetic value system close to him: clothes, accessories, shoes, fragrances, decorative cosmetics. By the way, cosmetics are the easiest way to start dating. We bought lipstickand … welcome to the world of Gucci.

Charlotte Casiraghi and Gucci Creative Director Frida Giannini

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First impression

Today the beauty market is full and it was risky to start a game. But we decided to offer something original. As a creative director, I took part in every stage of the work: I tested textures, selected shades, returned funds for revision, thought about packaging. It is worth touching the palettes and tubes of lipsticks to understand what real luxury is. And, of course, we are talking about new technologies - mascara, makeup brushes, the composition of nail polishes were developed taking into account the latest scientific discoveries. Also, our lipstick has its own signature scent - the aroma of chocolate.

Very personal

In the new line, I especially love everything about the eyes: mascara and mono shades of navy blue. These shadows are generally a stellar product for us, one might say, a symbol of the collection. And another weakness is eyeliners. You draw a contour, and if you want to shade it, then it must be done very quickly (within 30 seconds), then the pencil becomes waterproof.

When it comes to trends, it’s my job to come up with new trends. And then yours already begins. Be creative, try on different images, enjoy the game. It is not necessary to buy the entire collection, but in each you can find something for yourself.

Monoteni Eye Magnetic Color Shadow, No. 120 Iconic Ottanio

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When thinking about the color palette, we tried to use shades that are iconic for the brand. For example, you will always find gold: in the eyeshadows, in lipstick, in powder. In this story, a lot revolves around him. Because it is associated with chic, wealth. We have been looking for the right shade for so long, which would not look cheap and vulgar! And in this work we were assisted by art director Pat McGrath. After all, she has been working at Gucci shows for so many years that she knows exactly how it should be.

For inspiration, we compiled a selection of photographs with style icons from the 60s and 70s and endlessly looked at it, gathered for brainstorming sessions … It was very exciting and, frankly, incredibly similar to making clothes."

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