Natalia Vodianova: "Communication Is Important At School, Not Just Study"

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Natalia Vodianova: "Communication Is Important At School, Not Just Study"
Natalia Vodianova: "Communication Is Important At School, Not Just Study"

Video: Natalia Vodianova: "Communication Is Important At School, Not Just Study"

Video: Natalia Vodianova: "Communication Is Important At School, Not Just Study"
Video: Natalia Vodianova Talks About the Importance of Sex Education Around the World 2023, June

At the end of October, a show of the collection created by the Naked Heart Foundation and Zarinа took place. Very impressive. How and who came up with the idea to create clothes with prints drawn by people with special needs?

It all started when Zarina approached our foundation with the idea to try to unite, at first glance, different worlds - charity and fashion. This initiative seemed great to me, so we asked the kids with special needs to make such wonderful prints for things. (Smiling, points at his T-shirt.) We called this project "Fashion with Purpose" - the proceeds from the sale of the mini-collection will go to our Foundation.

Item from the collection of ZARIN and the Naked Heart Foundation

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The mission of your foundation is to make sure that every child's life has everything that is necessary for a fulfilling and happy childhood. In your opinion, has the issue of education and socialization of children with special needs improved in recent years?

Fortunately, today we can already talk about a positive movement. The UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities was recently ratified, and there have been great changes in this regard. If four years ago, when our foundation was just starting to deal with the problems of families raising "special" children, I only heard from the specialists who work in this area, and from the parents themselves, that no one pays attention to them, that the government cannot get through, and what is being done is absolutely incomprehensible and unnecessary, today we can already talk about changes for the better. Recently, there has been a noticeable increased attention to charitable and, which is very important, non-profit organizations. Disability councils began to form around ministers and public figures. People with disabilities began to listen,and this is good news. Finally, a bridge began to be built between the public and the authorities, thanks to this changes are taking place not only in people, but also at the legislative level.

Speaking of bridges. Do you think there is still a barrier between the public and people with disabilities? After all, today this topic is no longer taboo …

It is too early to talk about the disappearance of borders, we are so at the beginning of this path. Currently, for example, only a project is being developed to integrate people with disabilities into society. There are still many issues to be resolved related to education, family assistance and socialization. So far, there is practically nothing of this. If such families receive support, then these are isolated cases, miracles that happen either thanks to very strong and courageous parents, or thanks to luck and proximity to regional centers. It is too early to talk about big changes, but nevertheless, the most important thing has happened - today there is attention, a dialogue has begun, which means that we are doing everything right and are following the right path.


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Based on your experience, what can you say about the role of parents, teachers, schools in the lives of children with special needs? What should come to the fore?

Much depends on the family and it is good if the parent is ready to be a teacher. But why do you think children must go to school? Not just because they have to learn, but because they have to socialize. Children must see other children, must communicate, learn in the game, develop, including comparing themselves with their peers. But I am worse, better, more capable, and am I this or that? What am I like? Children should ask these questions themselves and find answers to them. And if they are in isolation with their parents, then they will not be able to see and evaluate their abilities, comparing themselves with their parents, with adults, it is impossible to know the world in all its diversity. We are different, we think and act differently. This is the importance of inclusive education, there can be no unteachable children, there are only those whowho didn't get enough attention.

We still have a lot to do in order to change the situation in the world on this issue, so I would like to wish all parents, families in which a child with special needs is growing, strength, health, patience and learn to see light and love in this situation …

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