How To Care For Your Skin After Forty

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How To Care For Your Skin After Forty
How To Care For Your Skin After Forty

Video: How To Care For Your Skin After Forty

Video: How To Care For Your Skin After Forty
Video: Skin Care Routine for the 40s By Dr Nina Madnani || Skin Diaries 2023, June

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Wrinkles become deeper, the contour of the face gradually loses its former clarity, the corners of the eyes and mouth go down - all these are the consequences of the gradual destruction of collagen and elastin. In addition to this, the skin begins to increasingly experience oxygen and nutritional hunger.


Now in skin care everything should be serious and thorough. The universal formula for success sounds like this: deep peeling, deep lifting, deep hydration and intense nutrition. No half-measures and dubious experiments.



The word "lifting" now defines virtually all steps associated with the struggle for youth. Fortunately, there are enough devices that, up to a certain point, can effectively solve this problem: Plazmolift (, Thermage (, SolerTitan (www. For a successful fight against wrinkles, age spots, skin irregularities, the arsenal of doctors is also very impressive: Fraxel (, SmartXide DOT (, UltherSystem (

Operational facelift

“The aging process for everyone proceeds individually and has a different effect on the appearance,” explains Vladlena Valerievna Khmara, Candidate of Medical Sciences, plastic surgeon at Art Clinic. - After 40 years, first of all, changes in the area around the eyes become noticeable: the eyelids hang over the eyes, it is difficult to apply makeup, the look changes. Usually, the thought of blepharoplasty immediately arises, but this is not always the only right decision. With age-related changes in the upper third (and middle third) of the face, endoscopic lifting has proven itself very well, when the surgeon tightens the tissues through three to five micro-punctures using special equipment. This allows you to solve several problems at once - to raise the forehead tissue, get rid of wrinkles, raise the upper eyelids, model the shape of the eyebrows and open the eyes. A comprehensive solution is always the most effective. For example, volumetric facial rejuvenation is very popular at the Art Clinic. Modeling a flawless oval, removing nasolabial folds, forever forgetting about such an urgent problem of our time as a “haggard face” can be done not only with the help of injections of various fillers, but also by moving your own tissues and injecting your own fat into problem areas."

“An amazing rejuvenating effect is provided by the combination of endoscopic lifting and our know-how -“Art-lifting”, - continues the doctor of medical sciences, professor, general director of“Art-clinic”Alexander Ivanovich Nerobeev. - If over the years the oval of the face has changed a lot, the cheeks, chin, corners of the lips - everything has gone down, but your schedule does not allow you to drop out of active life for a long time, and the aesthetic feeling denies any, even the smallest, visible seams, then Art-lifting - a good way out. Of course, this operation is more complicated for the surgeon, but at the same time it is less traumatic and completely traceless. We make small incisions in the area of the earlobe and inside the ear, then using the endoscope, the tissue is moved vertically upward. As a result, the nasolabial folds are smoothed out, the cheeks and lowered corners of the mouth are lifted, and a clear chin line is outlined. After three days, we remove the bandage, and after eight to ten days the patient returns to work. It is very convenient for modern life!"

WHERE: Moscow, clinic "Art Clinic", 1st Tverskoy-Yamskaya per., 13/5 (Institute of Neurosurgery named after N. N. Burdenko, 1st building), tel.: (495) 223-2373;

Minimally invasive lifting techniques

“Any science, including medicine, is in constant development. Aesthetic medicine is developing at a particularly fast pace, - says Alexey Yuryevich Anisimov, plastic surgeon of the Klazko group of clinics. - One of the latest trends in the field of rejuvenation is minimally invasive techniques, when surgical intervention is very delicate, and the result looks as natural as possible. Today most people are not ready to radically change their appearance; more often they want to preserve their individuality. Moreover, not everyone agrees to advertise the very fact of contacting a plastic surgeon. For them, minimally invasive, non-traumatic techniques are the most suitable way to rejuvenate the face.

Facelift with Endotine fixators is one of the latest aesthetic surgery know-how. This is an auxiliary structure for reliable fixation of tissues, which, which is especially important, is completely absorbed in the body over time. Endotine fixators come in different shapes and are designed to solve different tasks: for lifting the eyebrows and forehead, lifting the middle and lower third of the face … But their purpose is always the same - to firmly hold the tissue in a new position until the healing process is complete. Thus, several months after the operation, absolutely no foreign bodies remain in the tissues. It is rather difficult to accurately answer the question of how long the lifting effect will last, but the minimum expected period of fixation of tissues moved in this way is from five to ten years."

WHERE: Moscow, clinic "Klazko", st. Serafimovich, 2; tel.: (495) 959-3069;

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