13 Parenting Tips From Angelina Jolie And Brad Pitt

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13 Parenting Tips From Angelina Jolie And Brad Pitt
13 Parenting Tips From Angelina Jolie And Brad Pitt

Video: 13 Parenting Tips From Angelina Jolie And Brad Pitt

Video: 13 Parenting Tips From Angelina Jolie And Brad Pitt
Video: Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt Discuss Marriage, New Film, Cancer Fight | TODAY 2023, June

Angelina's recommendations


Teachers need to be paid well

I am ashamed that the United States - one of the richest countries on the planet - pays such scanty money to teachers and educators, those who are forming a new generation. This is just absurd! Brad and I don't bargain with private teachers, because if we didn't value the work of educators, we would devalue our future.

My home is where my children are

It's not a problem for me to move. Americans are generally light on this - we all have mixed origins. German and Czech blood flows in the veins of my Dutch father (actor John Voight). Mother's ancestors (actress Marcheline Bertrand) are the Iroquois Indians. Now you understand why I am like this.

Children are not stars

Believe me, when I need to fill the refrigerator with food, I don't have time to walk around the supermarket and sniff melons for hours. We have to do everything very quickly until the paparazzi noticed us. Because Zakhara hates being photographed. She shouldn't love it - she's not an actress, not a celebrity. And these types - they don't even try to be tactful! - scare my kids with a flash in the face. If they want to take a picture so much, why not use telephoto lenses? Sometimes it seems to me that we are being provoked on purpose.


Having children is a reason to forgive parents

Perhaps there is something Freudian in this, but when you were raised by your father, who for one reason or another is far from ideal, it affects your relationship with children (Angelina did not talk to her father for 10 years due to the fact that he left her mother - approx. MC). Having children gives you the opportunity to come to terms with your parents. This is the perfect moment to forgive. The absurd mistakes my father made help me become a better mother for my children.

Ideal father

This is the one who knows how to act in a critical situation, and knows how to control himself. Someone who prefers diplomacy to force. Someone who knows how to deal with their children.

We quarrel without witnesses

Brad cannot be brought out of his Zen state. He is a person with a logical mindset, and I am impulsive and do everything at the last minute. And with a bunch of children in my arms! But when it comes to upbringing, here Brad and I are on the same page. He never argues with my decisions. I'm with him too. I think there is nothing worse than when parents with children question the correctness of each other. In case of disagreement, we swear so that the children do not hear. So when I tell Maddox that he won't ride a motorcycle with Daddy, it wouldn't even occur to him to go and complain to Brad in hopes of lifting the ban. True, this does not prevent him from returning from baseball in mud-stained pants and torn to pieces of sneakers. Then I discuss it with Brad - in very raised voices. But she could not have worked - they are both boys!

Brad's recommendations


Choice of profession

As a child, I was a fan of Travolta. When I was a boy, I wanted to become a reporter. Then came the "disco" period. I dreamed of being like John Travolta and dancing like he did in Saturday Night Fever. I wanted his suit very badly. Then I became interested in photography. I shot everything that got into the lens of my camera. Love for architecture came later. How can I get my kids to be consistent in their career path?

We do not impose our faith on children

Angie and I have children of different nationalities and religions, and we are not going to impose our religion on them. For example, I was raised by Baptists (this is one of the branches of Protestantism - approx. MC), but I never felt the desire to pray as earnestly as my parents, deeply religious people, do. In the town of Springfield where I grew up, I was taught to respect those who live by faith. But to be honest, at that time I was more interested in the pretty girls that could be found in the churchyard than in the sermons. This was a big mistake. Because, once again noticing my interest, the pastor made me read aloud to the flock the entire closing prayer. Nightmare. I was incredibly shy then!


I don't want to be a monument

Vanity is not appreciated in the Pitt family. I became a star even before I had to become a father to this crowd. Now my priority is children, although they take all the energy. See the bruises under your eyes? If the girls who meditate on my posters knew how I look in the morning, they would be disappointed.

Children don't pray to us

They don't care about the fact that Angie and I are celebrities! The only thing that interests them is whether we will stay at home to be with them. Recently one of the boys returned from school and said to Angie: "Mom, did you know that your photo is on the cover of a magazine?" Angelina replied, “I'm on the cover of the magazine because it's part of my job. It's called advertising. " In my opinion, no film is worth sacrificing the happiness of your children for this. When you become a parent, real life comes to the fore. The simplest, basic things become important. What is good about children is that they perceive you as a person, regardless of your social status.

"Having become a father, I said goodbye to illusions about my chosenness" Brad Pitt


Fatherhood tames the ego

Having become a father, I said goodbye to illusions about my chosenness. Earlier, during the filming of "Seven Years in Tibet", Buddhist monks explained the same to me. They said that in order to achieve enlightenment, one should forget the concepts of "beauty", "fame" and "wealth", convert them into some symbols. Unless, of course, I want to develop as a person, despite my starting position in this world - not the most advantageous one. But only the appearance of children made me really take up my ego, pacify it. Of course, I like my job - filming and producing films, but even more I like spending time with children. Before, leaving home, I thought: "What are my plans for today?" Now I think more often: "When will I finish work today?" Do you feel the difference?

We make no distinction between them

We gave birth to some, adopted others - they shouldn't feel the difference. 10 million children on the planet have lost their parents to AIDS. And this figure will be even higher. Adopt an orphan, give hope to the affected kids - consider that this is our mission!

I have parental ambitions

Children give a lot - peace of mind, joy of life, desire to develop as a person. I love to take them out into nature, I go out of my way, coming up with new games for them. Trust me, it takes a lot of effort. The only thing my kids hate is routine! Like all parents, I have ambitions, plans for them. I hope they will find their place in life and my name will not interfere with them. I know many sad stories of those who inherited a large fortune, and I understand very well what a risk it is. Well, yes, all the best in the world is available to my children. Compared to others, they have huge advantages - I hope they are aware of this. When I was a teenager, I didn't have 25 pairs of sneakers, my parents were waiting for the old ones to wear out. I can only insist that the children respect their teachers and behave well in class,recognized the authority of adults, and achieved good academic results. What else to add? That each of them is an integral part of my life. Forever and ever.

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