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Tibetan Horoscope For
Tibetan Horoscope For

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In Tibet, this period is associated with luck, order, financial stability and prosperity. The color green symbolizes peace and tranquility, so the year will have just such properties to a large extent. Sheep - "Yin", the most feminine of all signs. He is responsible for assistance, cooperation, compassion, patience, gullibility and trust, the desire for mutual understanding and support. Sheep are organized and social animals and rarely conflict, so this year it will be easier to organize something - the main thing is to take into account the interests of others. It is useful to unite this year - especially for a good cause. The Wood element corresponds to the Air element - it is the most changeable and mobile of all the elements. Therefore, the year will be rich in changes, travel, renewal. It is also the energy of creativity, patronizing writing, design, music,new projects, ideas, inventions. Sheep is easy-going and favors any undertakings - whether it be a new romance, a business project, renovation, or even moving to another country. And the Tree also symbolizes research. Therefore, long trips are useful during this period - especially to exotic countries and places where you have never been. Anything related to getting out of your comfort zone will bring good luck. But it is important to observe moderation - in spending, in emotions, in financial claims. The weather this year will also be moderate, without heat and severe cold, good harvests are guaranteed.where you've never been. Anything related to getting out of your comfort zone will bring good luck. But it is important to observe moderation - in spending, in emotions, in financial claims. The weather this year will also be moderate, without heat and severe cold, good harvests are guaranteed.where you've never been. Anything related to getting out of your comfort zone will bring good luck. But it is important to observe moderation - in spending, in emotions, in financial claims. The weather this year will also be moderate, without heat and severe cold, good harvests are guaranteed.

Difficulties. Many conflicts, which were rich in the previous year of the Blue Wood Horse (her energies are unbridled and impulsive), will be able to be settled. True, some of them will nevertheless become protracted. Sheep can be stubborn and often lack flexibility and diplomacy. Unexpected events are possible - not always pleasant ones, to which you will need to react quickly. Striving for profit, for a quick jackpot will not bring good luck. The energy of the Wood element is associated with justice, so this year fraud and lawlessness will not go unpunished. Be careful with loans and large spending - now is not the time for them. But believe in yourself. The sheep are not as decisive as possible, so it may be difficult for many to take bold steps in the coming months. But excessive passivity is harmful: be flexible and at the same time more persistent, do not doubt yourself and your decisions,and most importantly, believe in luck. The last in the Year of the Sheep is also very important. Pessimism and a generally negative attitude is now unnecessary and even dangerous.

Career. Nowadays it is good to be engaged in social activities - first of all, charity and volunteering. Help others - most importantly, with good intentions - and you yourself will find harmony. The qualities that are best cultivated are awareness, responsibility and compassion. Sheep supports professions related to social work and helping others: doctors, teachers, farmers, the service industry. The spheres related to technology, business, management will not be very profitable - the financial crisis that began last year has not yet lost ground. But overall, this is a good year for looking for a new job (don't be afraid to start from scratch), as well as for studies and various trainings.

A family. Sheep never live alone and are affectionate, so in 2015 love and harmony will prevail. The main thing is to give these energies the green light: to argue less with the people who are significant in your life, to make peace with those against whom you hold a grudge for a long time, and in general - to make compromises more often and forgive as much as possible. This is the year of family and partnership. The Year of New Chances: If the feelings in your marriage have cooled down, in the Year of the Sheep there will be energy to warm them up again. Also during this period it is good to get married and in general to enter into any unions. This is a great time to conceive or adopt a child. Children who are born under the sign of the Wood Sheep are unlikely to grow up to be leaders, but they will have a good heart and the ability to empathize. This is the year of returning to the roots, uniting, establishing contacts with relatives and settling the house.

Health. The Year of the Sheep is about moderation and balance. Try to follow the daily routine (Sheep love this kind of routine), avoid fatty foods and too active sports. Drink plenty of water. Monitor your vision and urinary system. Wear green, brown, sand, blue and gray colors more often.

Tibetan astrology is a very ancient and complex science, which is still practiced by lamas and doctors to this day. Recently, it has become fashionable to go to such astrologers: in particular, thanks to the actively popularizing Tibetan Buddhism, Professor Bob Thurman (dad of Uma Thurman) and Richard Gere, politicians, celebrities and representatives of big business began to turn to Tibetan gurus. These horoscopes are surprisingly accurate - even an experienced astrologer takes several days to make a full forecast - and can predict all important events up to the date of death. But all the same, it will not be 100% probability - Tibetans believe that the future is multivariate and fate largely depends on our way of thinking and behavior.

5 facts you need to know to understand the Tibetan horoscope by year of birth:

  • The basis of the Tibetan calendar, unlike the Gregorian, is not the Sun, but the Moon and its phases. It is believed that the phases of the rising and falling of the moon affect the inner and outer world, alternating energies that are more or less favorable for certain actions.
  • The three constituents of the Tibetan astrological system: 12 animals, five elements, and nine numbers. Animals (this system is similar to the Chinese horoscope) - Mouse, Ox, Tiger, Hare, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Sheep, Monkey, Bird, Dog, Pig - always combined with five elements (Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, Water), each of which is repeated for two consecutive years. So they form a 60-year cycle called Metreng. In each Metrenge, 12 animals are repeated five times - each time in combination with another element.
  • An even year is considered male, and an odd year is considered female. Male energy is associated with action, lunar energy, and also with cold. Has a nature of stability and tranquility. Feminine energy, emotional and unstable, is associated with wisdom, solar energy, warmth.
  • Each element symbolizes a specific color: Wood - green, Fire - red, Earth - yellow, Metal - white, Water - blue.
  • In Tibetan astrology, it is believed that each of us was born under the influence of a certain combination - an animal sign, a certain element and a special Meva number (from 1 to 9). This combination is repeated exactly once every 180 years. But, of course, the date and time of birth and other factors are of great importance.

1956 Fire monkey (male sign). People born in the year of the fire monkey have a powerful intellect and are able to exert a strong influence on others. They have a lot of energy to achieve their goals. It happens that they quickly lose interest, not really understanding what they really want. Also, fire monkeys love to dress beautifully, beautiful jewelry. During their life they will own property, they will not face poverty.

1957 Firebird (female sign). These people are workaholics and all their lives strive for knowledge, for improving the spirit. They have a deep mind, oratorical ability, exceptional observation and a good sense of time. Those around them trust such people.

1958 Earth Dog (male sign). Those born under the sign of an earthen dog are loyal in character, but have an explosive temperament. They are sociable, sincere and always have a lot of thoughts in their heads. They like to make plans and are very affectionate. They enjoy playing sports and walking a lot.

1959 Earth pig (female sign). Those who were born this year are serious, noble, extremely polite - and financially secure. Friends and relatives treat them well. These people tend to diet frequently and do not neglect physical activity. The meaning of life for them is love. Lucky colors are yellow, gray and gold.

1960 Metal mouse (male sign). People born in the year of the metal mouse tend to have a good physique and close contact with their five senses. They love to spend money, but the wealth does not leave them. They have many talents, are honest by nature, jealous, full of ideas, believe in higher powers. They help others a lot.

1961 Metal bull (female sign). Such people are hardworking, active, smart, and have great physical strength. They always have a lot to do, their friends love them - they are able to inspire others. They have a talent for art and they usually get sick a little and have no enemies.

1962 Water Tiger (male sign). Those born in the year of the water tiger are aggressive, but at the same time brave, they like to tell the truth. These people are sensitive, have a strong sexual appetite, are interested in politics and love to travel. They are wealthy, but the presence of wealth in their lives is unstable.

1963 Water Hare (female sign). Born in the year of the water hare, they are gifted people who are able to clearly and beautifully express their thoughts. Soft by nature, others like them. They are principled at heart, but at the same time they are able to adapt to different life circumstances, but they do not always stand their ground. Life for them is a reason for laughter, not for tears.

1964 Wooden dragon (male sign). Those born under this sign are eccentric, charming, speak beautifully. They are very passionate by nature and have good health. They are very sociable - they will have many friends. They have a flexible, open mind and aptitude for art.

1965 Wooden snake (female sign). Such people are social, they like to work. Of all the types of Snakes, they are perhaps the best friends. They have talents, intelligence, and are proud by nature. They don't like it when others give them advice. We are ready to make many sacrifices for the sake of the family.

1966 Fire horse (male sign). Fire Horses are very lucky, but sometimes they are hampered by their explosive nature. They love to be in the spotlight, even if this environment is a source of constant conflict. Those born under this sign usually have a very interesting life, full of love, financial and career ups and downs.

1967 Fire sheep (female sign). Those who come into the world in the year of the Fire Sheep are often well built, with a pleasant voice and good looks. These people have a big heart - they sincerely thank those who help them. In life, they most often manage to realize their desires. They tend to become strongly attached to their property and are often cold, so they need warmth.

1968 Earth Monkey (male sign). Those born under this sign are sociable and generally have a good character. Their minds are rather slow, but they speak fluently. They usually fulfill their desires and dreams, and without the participation of a strong ego. The people around them treat such people with respect. They also shine wealth, and they tend to treat their health with reverence, eating right and playing sports regularly.

1969 Earthbird (female sign). Those born this year have a flexible and clear mind. They are loving, but the nervous system of these people is not very stable, and their temperament is quite explosive. Proud by nature and ambitious.

1970 Metal dog (male sign). Such people have a decisive character, a sober mind and a generally good disposition and not without creative abilities. They are principled and willing to fight for their beliefs, passionate and not afraid of public speaking. Compared to those who were also born in the Year of the Dog, but under the influence of other elements, the energy of Metal helps to be very organized, and also promotes logical thinking and the ability to think structurally.

1971 Metal pig (female sign). Those who were born this year are given a clear mind, good disposition and courage. It is good for these people to choose the profession of a doctor, social worker or recruiter, as well as a teacher, or anything related to writing. The people around them will treat them with respect throughout their lives.

1972 Water mouse (male sign). Those who came to the world under this sign, as a rule, have a very effective appearance, by nature they are wise, patient and rather conservative, and they also love to talk. The mind of such people is extremely resourceful, and their sexual temperament is tireless. Their finances are not stable.

1973 Water Ox (female sign). These people most often have self-esteem, hard work, perseverance, ambition, observation and the ability to withstand difficulties. They have a keen sense of justice. Turquoise will bring good luck to those born in the year of the Water Ox.

1974 Wooden Tiger (male sign). It happens that the Wood Tigers are distinguished by increased nervous excitability, selfishness and ferocity. They are proprietors and sometimes have a penchant for fraud. Moreover, these people have a high opinion of themselves and are capable students. They like to work and like to fight. Life often sends them wealth and great possessions.

1975 Wood Hare (female sign). Those born this year really like the opposite sex, as well as acting, singing, dancing. By nature, they are soft, friendly, wise, able to easily adapt to different circumstances, but sometimes they are not very strong will and lack of principles.

1976 Fire dragon (male sign). Fire Dragons are impartial, always ready to fight for the truth at any cost, and humane towards others. They have enviable charisma and, thanks to this quality, are able to lead the masses. Those born under this sign often became emperors and supreme legislators. Fate is destined for them wealth.

1977 Fire snake (female sign). Those born this year are irritable by nature, but in general they have a good heart. Such people usually look at the world with optimism and love novelty. Well built, rarely get sick. Those around them respect them. The Fire Serpents have good creativity, primarily for writing, as well as a talent for delving into and interpreting religious doctrines.

1978 Earth Horse (male sign). These people are naturally brave and sociable. People around them are always ready to help them, to consult. Their merits will not go unnoticed. Recommended professional areas - business, law, medicine or research.

1979 Earth Sheep (female sign). Those who were born this year will experience everything in life - both great happiness and significant difficulties. By nature, they are patient, honest, kind and fair. They have sensuality and delicate taste - mainly a weakness in relation to beautiful things.


1980 Metal monkey (male sign). Those born in the year of the Metal Monkey have a happy aura - and those around them will feel it. Many representatives of this sign are outwardly attractive, even beautiful. Many also achieve success in various fields, primarily in business. Some do not disdain physical labor - and even enjoy it. Yellow and gold are the colors that bring good luck.

1981 Metal bird (female sign). These people are destined for strength, wealth and prosperity. Those born this year have the ability to think clearly and pay attention to detail. They are characterized by high sexual desire. Their mission is to learn to love and cultivate love throughout life.

1982 Water Dog (male sign). Water Dogs are sociable, socially active and naturally wise. They have heightened sensitivity and good intuition, as well as very developed logic. Those born under this sign are able to see the causes and especially the consequences of actions - their own and those around them.

1983 Water pig (female sign). Representatives of this sign are extremely trusting - they are easy to influence. At the same time, these people are able to influence others and achieve what they want. They are successful academically, their minds are strong and stable. They are also extremely social and love to have a good time.

1984 Wooden mouse (male sign). Those who come into the world under the sign of the Wood Mouse are exceptionally smart, diligent, active and capable of developing many skills. They treat others with understanding. Eating green vegetables more often is helpful.

1985 Wooden bull (female sign). Those born in the year of the Wood Ox are strict and sometimes stubborn. But in fact, most of them have a kind and patient heart. Prosperity is destined for many.

1986 Fire Tiger (male sign). Fire Tigers are well educated and strive for self-expression in every possible way, which many of them succeed in. They are often given good physical strength, but at the same time an explosive temperament. Representatives of this sign should monitor the health of the heart and eyes, and blood circulation in general.

1987 Fire Hare (female sign). People born under this sign do not hesitate to use strong words, they have a quick reaction and are soft and sensitive at the same time. Many strive to get a good education and easily come to wealth.

1988 Earth Dragon (male sign). By nature, Dragons, influenced by the Earth element, are passionate, enjoy life and often change partners. They have enviable health, but at the same time they are lazy. The colors that bring good luck are yellow and brown.

1989 Earth snake (female sign). Access to many vital resources and wealth - most representatives of this sign will be able to realize these opportunities during their life. Earth Snakes are usually showy, wise, and quite passionate.

1990 Metal horse (male sign). People of this sign have dignity, increased perception, value family and tend to be in a cheerful frame of mind. They have many talents and find jobs easily. Life's purpose is to learn to truly love. The path of love moves your thoughts, speech and actions.

1991 Metal Sheep (female sign). Those born under this sign are easy-going, organized, obligatory and peaceful. It is good for them to wear brown and white clothes, and also eat green vegetables more often.

1992 Water Monkey (male sign). These people are highly intelligent, highly motivated, talented, and quite sensitive. They have good protection from trouble, they are destined to own serious property.

1993 Water bird (female sign). Those who were born in the year of the Waterbird are romantics by nature, love to dream, travel. They have many friends and a sense of their own worth. Such people readily accept the challenges of fate and do not avoid contradictions.

1994 Wooden Dog (male sign). Dogs under the influence of the Wood element are restless by nature, sensitive, have an excellent memory and attractive appearance. They are often lucky. They often hold government posts. The mission is to learn to accept help, first of all, from loved ones. It is important to be attentive to the digestive tract.

1995 Wooden pig (female sign). The energy of the Wood element gives those born this year vitality, activity, perseverance, sometimes turning into aggressiveness. These people, however, can be easily misled - both friends and loved ones. But thoroughness and diligence will help them diplomatically resolve situations.

1996 Fire mouse (male sign). Under the influence of the element Fire, people born this year are sensitive and value life very much. They like to think, they have a great memory. Recommendations - try to monitor your diet and move as much as possible.

1997 Fire bull (female sign). Representatives of this sign, thanks to the element of Fire, are active, do not like to miss opportunities, especially when it comes to the well-being of the family. They are born leaders - these passionate natures easily energize those around them. Green brings good luck.

1998 Earth Tiger (male sign). Those who came into the world in the year of the Earth Tiger are quick-tempered by nature, but at the same time loyal, believe in higher powers, love consistency and justice, and also eat well. They have very good writing and speaking skills. Areas in which these people can excel are finance, legislation.

1999 Earth Hare (female sign). Under the influence of the Earth element, one of the qualities of those born this year is fearfulness. These people are talkative, very intelligent, it is easy for them to comprehend philosophy and scientific texts in general. They should stay away from casinos and sweepstakes - this sign has a tough time keeping money.

2000 Metal dragon (male sign). The energy of the Metal gives those born in the Year of the Metal Dragon strength and pride, as well as the possession of considerable wealth. By nature, these people are very confident in themselves (but they do not always make the right choice in life), rarely change their minds, they are good at public speaking. Pay attention to your lungs - breathing exercises will be beneficial.

2001 Metal snake (female sign). Those who were born this year have a sharp tongue - they love to criticize others, and also an explosive temperament. They have great creativity and generally have no financial problems. The task in life is to strive for calmness and pacification.

2002 Water horse (male sign). These people are impressively smart and endowed with beauty, prefer independence, are successful in creativity, love to craft with their own hands. They have an innate awareness, are respectable and able to objectively notice the shortcomings of others. Anger and cunning are not their path.

2003 Water Sheep (female sign). Representatives of this sign love to travel and, in principle, are often overwhelmed by a large number of desires. Usually they have money (although it is not worth spending it randomly, as wealth can begin to diminish over time). They are calm by nature, ways to think clearly, sometimes stubborn.

2004 Wood Monkey (male sign). Under the influence of the tree element, those born in this year are cheerful, social, active, have a sharp mind and are able to understand others well. They have a chance to achieve success in many areas - only unwillingness to compromise can prevent this.

2005 Wood bird (female sign). Those ruled by this sign have good health, great erudition, wealth, are liked by others, are active, sociable and love to compete with others. They value order and neatness, love to travel and, in general, always be in business.

2006 Fire dog (male sign). Representatives of this sign are naturally very patient and generally very beneficent. They are characterized by confidence, not without some impulsiveness, as well as a sense of responsibility. The color red brings good luck - it is worth using it in clothes and more often eating red foods.

2007 Fire pig (female sign). These people are indefatigable (the impact of the energy of Fire) until they achieve their goal. At the same time, it is unusual for them to rush, they are able to remain calm and understand other people well. They love to eat well and prefer yoga.

2008 Earth mouse (male sign). Those born this year are polite and courteous, but at the same time they never forget about their own benefit. By nature, they are restrained, honest and modest, they have a quick reaction, they prefer a versatile social circle.

2009 Earth Bull (female sign). The qualities of this sign are pride, prudence, a sense of responsibility. Such people are workaholics, so they should remember to rest and eat. Don't change partners often.

2010 Metal tiger (male sign). Under the influence of the energy of Metal, representatives of this sign are active, hardy, brave, love to compete. They are prone to harsh judgments and value self-expression. It is useful for them to learn meditation - this will help to establish communication with others.

2011 Metal hare (female sign). Those born under this sign have an open, sharp mind. They love to learn, they are ambitious, hardy and generous. In general, these people have a good disposition, thanks to which they quite easily turn enemies into friends.

2012 Water dragon (male sign). Dragons ruled by the element Water are energetic, mobile, love sports, nature, travel. They are persistent, predictable, sociable, financially sound, socially active. They have good public speaking skills.

2013 Water snake (female sign). Representatives of this sign quickly fall into anger, are independent - they prefer to achieve everything themselves. They love travel, politics. Often these people are given great wealth.

2014 Wooden horse (male sign). Those born this year will be endowed with good health, external beauty, good luck. These people are sentimental, energetic, straightforward, irritable, have a rich imagination and the ability for deep analysis. They are born leaders - they love to manage and make decisions on their own, rather than obey.

2015 Wooden Sheep (female sign). The qualities of this sign are good manners, friendliness, calmness, shyness, stability, the ability to compassion. These people have a sharp mind and sense of style, but sometimes they are characterized by pessimism and mood swings. They benefit from fresh air and sun, as well as fresh vegetables.


Astrologer Monk Geshe-Lharamba Lobsang Namkha was born in Tibet in the Amdo region to a nomad family. At a young age, he entered Tharchul Monastery, where he studied Tibetan Buddhism, Buddhist philosophy and Tibetan astrology. Then at Labrang Monastery, he continued his in-depth study of astrology and astronomy, as well as Tibetan medicine, the Tibetan language, Sanskrit and poetry. As a result, he received the highest degree in Buddhist philosophy - Geshe-Lharamba. Since 1994, Lobsang Namkha has been visiting India, where he teaches Tibetan astronomy, astrology and Sanskrit to the teachers of the Kirti monastery college, as well as at the Tsechokling monastery in Dharamsala. He is the author of numerous scientific publications and poetry in Tibetan and English. Namkha currently resides in New York and teaches Tibetan astrology at the Shang Shung International Institute for Tibetan Studies (shangshunginstitute.org), as well as personal counseling.

More information about Tibetan astrology and medicine can be found in the Russian branch of the Shang Shung Institute

shangshunginstitute.ru, [email protected], +7 (926) 589-9148.

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