Druid Horoscope: Oak, Birch, Olive, Beech

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Druid Horoscope: Oak, Birch, Olive, Beech
Druid Horoscope: Oak, Birch, Olive, Beech

Video: Druid Horoscope: Oak, Birch, Olive, Beech

Video: Druid Horoscope: Oak, Birch, Olive, Beech
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Oak (Spring Equinox: March 21)

The oak is incredibly majestic. His unhurried movements, full of hidden meaning, captivate everyone around him. He seems strong, courageous and unshakable, but in reality this is not entirely true. There are many doubts and insoluble contradictions hidden behind the royal appearance. Oak is fearful by nature, but, as a rule, no one has time to guess about it - it warns all unpleasant situations, thus remaining a hero in the eyes of friends and relatives. Oak does not tolerate any restrictions, so it is absolutely useless to forbid him anything, meanwhile, he still respects the desires and personal space of others.

If the oak decides to marry, then it happens once and for life, because the representatives of this sign, as if growing roots into the soil, absolutely do not tolerate change. Blowing conservative and selfish. Other people's problems are of little interest to him, absorb his specific deeds, thinks clearly and in a businesslike manner, is a man of action, is not devoid of intuition.

Refers to the number of people who, regardless of the circumstances, always remain in their own interests. Usually he provides his loved ones with a life in full prosperity.

Traits inherent in oak: decisiveness, accuracy in actions, practical mind, realism, observation, organizational skills.


Birch (Summer Equinox: July 24)

Birch is a refined nature, does not like rudeness and vulgarity. However, she herself has rather free morals and therefore does not tolerate any moralizing, preferring to live with her own mind, which, by the way, she succeeds with success. Representatives of this sign love to live in nature, preferring to appear less in the metropolis. In general, birch, if it is impossible to live in a village, it may well get used to any place. The main thing is not to be disturbed. Despite the fact that he can engage in any kind of activity, he achieves the greatest success in the field of art. She is uncommunicative, and this is her only drawback. Secular life, contacts with influential people do not attract her.

In love, he also prefers calmness and solitude. Scandals and useless clarifications are alien to Birch. Sometimes she is loyal and faithful, knows how to create an atmosphere of comfort and home happiness at home. It happens that he enters into marital relations somewhat rashly, but never regrets his choice.

Birch features: softness of character, synthesis, intuition, fantasy.

Olive (autumnal equinox: September 23)

The olive tree completely and absolutely lacks aggression - representatives of this sign do not like conflicts, partly due to the ability to control themselves, but primarily because it considers it senseless to upset the nervous system. Has the ability to convey his state of peace and serenity to others. Despite the kindness, the olive, however, has intelligence and prudence, so it is almost impossible to inspire her with anything.

Differs in an innate sense of justice. She understands everything, knows how to enter someone else's position, and her inherent impartiality makes her forget about herself. She knows about it and puts up with it in advance. Therefore, she is loved and appreciated, although she herself does nothing in order to impress others.

Features inherent in an olive tree: fidelity of judgments, analytical mind, the ability to deduce and reflect.


Beech (Winter Solstice: December 21/22)

Beech does not age. Excellent representatives of this sign are distinguished by longevity, but at the same time they are able to preserve the qualities inherent in youth until the end of life. If he finds himself in favorable conditions, then he manages to achieve success in any area. Shows agility and resourcefulness in any situation. He is full of various plans that he can successfully implement. Doesn't let you be led astray. He knows how to organize his life well.

It happens to him to be generous, although usually he is prudent and accurately organizes his budget. He does not really like to share his property, he spends it sparingly. BUK is a decent creature, has many solid qualities, always weighs all pros and cons, never relies on chance.

In love, he lacks imagination. The ideal husband or wife. She strives to have children, roughly organize her home, have a good vacation. In adulthood, one or two adventures may happen to him, and even then more from the desire to show himself and others that he remained young, attractive and cheerful.

Beech traits: thoughtfulness, accuracy, organizational skills, realism.

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