Druid Horoscope: Ash, Hornbeam, Fig

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Druid Horoscope: Ash, Hornbeam, Fig
Druid Horoscope: Ash, Hornbeam, Fig

Video: Druid Horoscope: Ash, Hornbeam, Fig

Video: Druid Horoscope: Ash, Hornbeam, Fig
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Ash (November 22 - December 1, May 25 - June 3)

Ash is a selfish nature. He is demanding of others, because, in his opinion, those around him should only do what to take care of him. Proud in everything related to his own success and well-being. In pursuit of his own happiness, he is so selfish that he can trample everything that interferes with him on the way to the goal. Egoist, but not stingy, ready to share everything, just to arouse respect. Ash is extremely perceptive, literally sees through another person, which causes even more admiration. Also, the representative of this sign is extremely ambitious - he is able to build a career literally from emptiness, only from the firm belief that no one could do it better than him.

In a relationship, ash is capricious, often demands from a partner that he is simply not able to provide. Likes to make decisions for the whole family, in short - to rule. However, hence the colossal sense of responsibility - if something gets out of control of an ash tree, it starts to seem quite seriously that the world is on the brink of disaster. Ash also likes to take risks, but because of his love for himself, he does it prudently. Never putting your life or the lives of your loved ones in serious danger.

Ash inherent features: intelligence, desire for synthesis, intuition, fantasy.

Hornbeam (December 2 - December 11, June 4 - June 13)

Hornbeam is an esthete. He treats others with a fair amount of disregard, he knows that it is unlikely that anyone will be found smarter, more educated and more beautiful than him. Based on this fact, Grab chooses a partner for himself more in form than in content, giving himself first of all aesthetic pleasure. In addition, in a relationship, the hornbeam prefers to lead, rarely paying attention to the desires and needs of his half. He loves distinctions, dreams of awards and honors, yearns for admiration from others. Most of all, he likes to obey the established order and therefore rarely takes the initiative.

The strong-looking hornbeam is afraid to make decisions for a banal reason - he does not want to make a mistake, losing is not for him. He does not like deviations from generally accepted rules, he reluctantly leaves the straight and proven road. In love, he is distinguished by great decency. He regards feeling as a responsible matter. It makes a nice and friendly partner. But if life offers him a choice between love and duty, as a rule, he chooses the latter.

Traits inherent in a hornbeam: intellectuality, intuition, fantasy, a penchant for artistry.


Figs (December 12 - December 20, June 14 - June 23)

Representatives of the fig tree are quite impressionable, they need constant support from stronger comrades, however, if necessary, they may well find a way out of a difficult situation on their own. In unfavorable conditions for himself, he quickly loses control over the situation, in other words, fades and resignedly prepares for the worst. Figs have highly developed family feelings. Experiencing the need for constant contact with their loved ones, even if they are not able to appreciate it and justify his hopes. A person born according to this sign has a need for stability, despite the fact that he himself is not very constant in many aspects.

The character is emotional and condescending. Sometimes he pays for this with peace of mind and the joys of life, especially since he shows resistance to temptations. In family life, figs are just perfect, they always stand up for their loved ones and are always ready to help, without hesitation for a second. One misfortune is that figs are completely uncharacteristic of romance, they gravitate towards simple home comfort with a hot dinner, not at all wanting to carry coffee to anyone's bed.

Fig features: critical mind, intelligence combined with fantasy, intuition.

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