Changing Destiny: How To Make The Best Of Your Life

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Changing Destiny: How To Make The Best Of Your Life
Changing Destiny: How To Make The Best Of Your Life

Video: Changing Destiny: How To Make The Best Of Your Life

Video: Changing Destiny: How To Make The Best Of Your Life
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For thousands of years, people have been trying to comprehend the inevitability of fate, fate, or, as they say in Asia, kismet. How do you change what is meant? Do I need to resist the will of the stars and higher powers? Can we pluck at least a thread from the fabric of Destiny? Famous tragedies and myths of the past repeat over and over again: you will not change anything, Oedipus, and any of your attempts to escape will be just the next step on the way to an inevitable goal for you.

This method is suitable even for people who are tuned in only to redecorate their destiny.

But astrologers have always known that our world is always in motion, that the stars illuminate not a piece of ice frozen in eternity, but a stormy sea of life with an endlessly changing pattern. We are not sent orders, but beacons, not prohibitions - but warnings, and it is in our power to understand these signs and draw the correct conclusions from them.

The coming year is extremely favorable for decisive turns. If you feel that the everyday situation has reached an impasse, that you are dissatisfied with yourself and your life, that everything around and inside you is not right and wrong, then right now you can try to replay a lot.

This method is also suitable for people who are not tuned in to global changes, but, let's say, to redecorate their fate, but in this case it will be especially important to formulate desires with extreme precision - the finer and more delicate changes are required, the more carefully you need to act.


The whole process takes 12 days exactly

Of course, it will be successful to guess its end on New Year's Eve - at the same time there will be no unnecessary trouble with a thanksgiving feast, but if you do not have time, then you can slightly shift the dates, for example, by determining the end point - February 1st.

20TH OF DECEMBER. Make a three-column list. In the first, indicate your desire. In the second, the sacrifice that you will make for the sake of fulfilling this desire (the more serious and complex the desire, the more significant the sacrifice should be for you). In the third, name what you want to get rid of in the coming year. There can be as many points as you like, but keep in mind that the more desires you have, the weaker their implementation will be. Ideally, it's best to limit yourself to one or three. If there are a lot of desires, stop at seven, nine, in extreme cases, twelve. It is very dangerous to make 4, 8 or 13 wishes.


Wish for the new year:

Leave in the past:

I will memorize the Song of Hiawatha and I will not smoke a single cigarette in a year. I want to keep seven kilograms of weight last year.
I want real love. I promise to visit Aunt Lyuba twice a month for a whole year and listen carefully to her story about her sciatica. I want to leave the pencil-biting habit last year.
I want my son to stop diathesis. Throw my favorite necklace off the bridge. I want to leave last year the constant lack of money.

21 DECEMBER. We pay off debts to friends (not only real, but also emotional, we ask for forgiveness if offended, we keep promises, etc.).

DECEMBER 22. We pay debts to people associated with your career.

DECEMBER 23. We pay debts to teachers.

DECEMBER 24. We repay debts to sexual partners and spouses.

DECEMBER 25. We pay debts to relatives.

DECEMBER 26. We pay debts to subordinates and colleagues at work.

DECEMBER 27TH. We repay debts to children.

DECEMBER 28TH. We repay debts to parents.

DECEMBER 29TH. We pay debts to neighbors and acquaintances.

DECEMBER 30TH. We make a special opening sacrifice to Saturn. There are two planets that bring happiness and unhappiness - Jupiter (luck) and Saturn (problems, limitations). On this day, you need to give, donate or throw away what is dear to you.

On New Year's Eve …


Cut off and burn the part of the list that lists what you want to keep in the old year. Ashes need to be scattered through the air, given to clean water or buried in the ground - at least in a flower pot. We arrange a thanksgiving feast and try to distribute some of the food to those in need. (No hungry people - birds will do too)

We put the list with desires and sacrifices under the pillow and sleep on it for 12 nights, each time rereading it before bed.

We begin to bring victims from the list from January 1, 2018 until your wish comes true. If there are one-time victims (for example, transfer a certain amount of money to a fund to help children), then it is better to fulfill them not all at once, but one per day.

Ardent desire and will - by themselves, change Fate. Sacrifices are needed, first of all, for you to enhance the significance of the conceived and to establish in your consciousness your right to it.

In 2018, Saturn will be in the sign of Sagittarius. To reduce its negative impact - pass on knowledge, learn foreign languages, do charity work. And Jupiter will be in the sign of Scorpio, so passion, excitement and strong desires will bring good luck this year.

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Olga Korepina is an astrologer, psychologist, consultant in the field of astropsychology, leading women's trainings.

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