What Your "personal Number Of The Year" Prepares For You: Numerological Forecast For

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What Your "personal Number Of The Year" Prepares For You: Numerological Forecast For
What Your "personal Number Of The Year" Prepares For You: Numerological Forecast For

Video: What Your "personal Number Of The Year" Prepares For You: Numerological Forecast For

Video: What Your "personal Number Of The Year" Prepares For You: Numerological Forecast For
Video: Numerology Forecast 2019 based on your Personal Year Number ( in English) 2023, June

For thousands of years we have been trying to unravel the secrets of the structure of the Universe in order to understand what laws its wonderful world obeys and how it affects us. We have achieved great success in this. It has long been known that a person does not exist by himself, but is an integral part of being, which means that all processes occurring in the Universe directly affect the person himself. Numerology can tell about one of the influences using the “Personal number of the year” method. What is its essence? Human life passes through nine-year cycles, each year of which has its own numerical value and energy vibration. Knowing in what cycle and under the influence of what energy you are, you can plan and even predict your life. To do this, you need to calculate the personal number of the year.

How many vibration will 2019 carry?

To answer this question, you need to make the following calculation: write down the date of birth (day, month and year in full), replace the year of birth with the next calendar year (2019) and add all the numbers. Important: the numbers that eventually make up a two-digit sum are added again to get one number.

For example, let's take a fictitious date ─ for example, 1990-18-05. We replace the year of birth with 2019 ─ it turns out 2019-18-05. We add all the numbers according to the following scheme: 1 + 8 + 0 + 5 + 2 + 0 + 1 + 9 = 35 = 3 + 5 = 8. It turns out that the stage of the life cycle and the vibration under which the year will pass is 8. Now calculate your personal number of the year and read its description. Find out what the coming year has in store for you!


1 ─ new beginnings and ideas

Time for perspectives and changes. This is an active and full of energy period in which all new beginnings are realized. Use it to implement your plans, ideas, goals and objectives. Do not be afraid to take responsibility, show leadership qualities and initiative ─ they will contribute to the success of the activity. Don't miss the opportunity to make your ideas and dreams come true ─ act! This year you can conclude a profitable deal, sign an interesting contract and successfully negotiate. Try to compliment others more often, and if they ask for advice, go ahead. Conflicts and clarifications should be avoided ─ this can lead to unpleasant consequences.

Personal life: this year you can get to know someone who is interesting to you from all points of view.

2 ─ diplomacy and cooperation

Period of improvement and active promotion of what has been started. Use it to put things in order in current affairs, make adjustments to them, add the necessary details. Do not fuss and do not rush, be measured and balanced. The year as a whole is aimed at relationships and cooperation. Try not to conflict with others, use diplomacy and healthy competition to get around sharp corners. Harmonize everything around you! Build relationships with business partners, communicate more with friends, spend time with loved ones and family, surrounding them with care and attention.

Personal life: during this period you can get to know a person, a relationship with whom implies a perspective for life.

3 ─ creativity and creation

Time for social life and creative expression. Gaining new knowledge, honing the ability to find and correctly use the necessary information ─ all this will help you to easily implement ideas and projects not only at work. Try to interact more with others in order to make more useful contacts. This year you will feel a surge of energy and a desire to show your talents ─ make the most of this time. Now your inspiration can turn any hobby into a thing of the future: thanks to your enthusiasm, people will be drawn to you.

Personal life: you will arouse genuine interest in the opposite sex, and the person with whom, perhaps, acquaintance will develop into something more, will be active and artistic.


4 ─ working hours and realization of opportunities

A period of active work and personal discipline. Try not to change anything in your life and be ready to fully devote yourself to your work or business. Concentrate on solving business issues and tasks, close stuck projects and put things in order in documents. To increase efficiency in organizing processes, use the knowledge of time management (now they will be very useful) ─ time will require you to be practical, thoughtful and decisive. Financial distress may arise this year, and although these are temporary difficulties, do your best to ensure that it does not turn out to be a ruin. The period is also good for solving family and household issues. Spend time with family members, meet friends, or finish renovating or improving your home.

Personal life: the person you meet this year will be a professional and financially independent.

5 ─ changes and new opportunities

A year of maximum energy, change and intellectual communication. You will be torn apart by the desire to actively live, develop and travel. Use it to gain new knowledge or skills that will be useful to you in the future. The year will be dynamic and will provide many opportunities, proposals and non-standard solutions - feel free to use them to implement your plans. You also have to make decisions and make choices, so try to react quickly to external changes, showing flexibility and balance so as not to miss a chance. With the emergence of new acquaintances and prospects, you may find in yourself a desire to change jobs, occupations and even place of residence.

Personal life: If you meet someone for a serious relationship during this time, they will most likely be windy, freedom-loving and loving to spend time on the road, so don't count on too much.

6 ─ burden of responsibility

This year your vitality will decline and you will feel more calm and relaxed. Pay attention to family and partners in general, be it personal relationships or business. In the business sphere, be friendly and organize processes in such a way that people are cozy and comfortable with you. Be welcoming, friendly, and welcoming with loved ones, friends, and colleagues. This is an opportune time for building and strengthening existing relationships or completing those that have already become obsolete. Take care of your health, travel more often to nature, visit museums and theaters, allocate time and money to improve comfort and coziness in the house. This year you can close long-term deals, and new business contacts promise to be very strong. Despite the general positive attitude of the period, be careful about the environment ─ deception and betrayal are possible.

Personal life: This is the perfect time for personal acquaintances - the people you meet will be romantic and reliable.


7 ─ awareness of life and its place in it

A time of introspection, experience and deep thoughts. This year, you will immerse yourself in philosophical reflections on your destiny, decisions made once, and how they have influenced your life. Now you are able to analyze well, think logically and assimilate information ─ use this to gain new knowledge. Sign up for refresher courses or personal growth training, share your knowledge and new experiences with others. Try not to take active steps to promote yourself and postpone financial transactions (be especially careful when signing documents). The most profitable investment this month is investing in a new education.

Personal life: the person you meet this year will be outgoing, interesting and “deep”.

8 ─ gaining confidence in what has been achieved and financial stability

This year, you will be able to improve your financial situation without making a lot of efforts to find a source of income. But you should be on the lookout: the attractiveness of easy money can drag you into dubious adventures. Difficulties in communication and conflict situations are possible, especially with partners ─ try to restrain emotions. In general, the period will give confidence in their abilities, open up new opportunities and ways to implement the plan. Now you are active, full of determination and enthusiasm, so you can prove yourself in any field ─ take up your career growth! Also, the time is good for unresolved legal issues or issues related to contracts and paperwork.

Personal life: the person you meet this year will be a sage who reflects on beauty and harmony.

9 ─ final stage and preparation for a new cycle

You are implementing plans related only to those things that are close to completion, while everything started at this time will remain unfulfilled. Don't plan anything new and spend the year calm and reflecting on your experiences. Whenever possible, help others and show concern (especially for the older generation). This is a good time to do spiritual practices and meditation, study the cultures of other countries, and also to go on a journey. If you lose or lose something, try to look at it philosophically ─ it means that in the future you will no longer need it. Get ready for the next round of the life cycle ─ new beginnings, goals and objectives.

Personal life: The person you meet this year will be very strong in character.

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