Astrological Forecast For March 2020 By Zodiac Signs

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Astrological Forecast For March 2020 By Zodiac Signs
Astrological Forecast For March 2020 By Zodiac Signs

Video: Astrological Forecast For March 2020 By Zodiac Signs

Video: Astrological Forecast For March 2020 By Zodiac Signs
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It always gets easier in the spring, so do not fuss: since you have survived the winter, then nothing can be scary further. Follow your March instructions step by step, try not to deviate from the route, but at the same time learn to trust your inner navigator in those moments when everything seems to be lost.

Early March

The first ten days of spring will be darkened by Mercury retrograde. As long as he is with us, things will go hard and not always turn out to be good luck. Try not to start anything new or harm the current state of affairs. Don't make big purchases and check everything you sign carefully. Unfortunately, Mercury can disrupt your communication with people, so do not be surprised if you suddenly think that everyone around you has gone crazy and spoke in an incomprehensible language. Just be patient until the planet turns to its normal side, but for now take the chance to close the old gestalts. During these ten days, you may well make peace with someone from the distant past or return to your former job, renew relations with one of the ex-partners, if you, of course, still need it.

On March 4, Mercury will roll backwards into the sign of Aquarius. On this day, you should not schedule important telephone conversations and check in your suitcase. If possible, sit at home that day and keep your documents in plain sight.

On March 5th, Venus will transition into Taurus. And it's time to remind everyone who owes you money that it's time to return it. Such Venus is tuned in to stabilize a shaken relationship, so feel free to call the one with whom you are in a quarrel and try to fix everything.

Venus will conjunct Uranus on March 8, making it a day full of unprecedented opportunities for lonely people. If you are in their camp, feel free to get out of the house and go towards your future: on this day there is a chance to meet love, which will make spring 2020 the best romantic period in your life.

The full moon on March 9 will come when the Sun is in Pisces and the Moon is in Virgo. And even if the day before you didn’t go too far with the sparkling wine, on this day everything can be spinning in earnest - both inside you and outside. The best option would be if you minimize contact with others. Try to stay at home and only open the door to the healthy food delivery man. The fact is that it is on this day that you should seriously worry about the pancreas, digestive system and liver. If you feel a rush of melancholy and depressive thoughts, try to distract yourself with meditation or lie down in the bathroom until everything calms down inside and out.

Mercury will begin to turn into motion on March 10, and this day will be difficult. Be prepared for drastic changes. Starting today, projects that were frozen in mid-February will begin to thaw, and financial flows that are stuck will break through these stupid dams and begin to flow in the direction they should be.

For the whole month Mars will continue its movement in the sign of Capricorn, and he loves order and clarity. Therefore, pull yourself together and imagine that you are drawing your future life with a compass, taking into account every millimeter. Do not leave blind spots - let everything be painted very specifically and in detail.


Do not plan to travel between March 13 and 15. These days, be careful when driving, buckle up even in the back seat and hold on tightly to the handrail on public transport.

The accumulation of planets in the sign of Capricorn and the transition of Saturn to the sign of Aquarius in the second half of the month can drag you into a large-scale project. Do not be afraid of business trips and try to replace your inner introvert with a sociable and diplomatic person for at least two weeks. The freer you feel, the better your business will go.

An important parting word: try to think more often about ecology, conscious consumption and healthy eating - the easier you start to live, the easier it will be to achieve your plans.

Mid march

On March 16, Mercury will transition into Pisces. If you have important negotiations scheduled for this day, try to make sure that you are understood correctly on each point of the discussion. After any meeting, ask to formalize the agreement in an official document.

On March 21, a new natural cycle will begin. From that day on, everything will finally begin to climb out of hibernation, so you start to move more actively. It can be helpful to take a critical look at your daily routine and think about what is missing. Maybe it’s time to start going to yoga or English.

Saturn will enter Aquarius on March 22nd. From this day on, it would be good to devote some of the time to creativity. Do not forget that in addition to tram scrapes, help from 2-NDFL and quarrelsome colleagues in the office, there is something more. Try to loosen up with dancing, painting, floristry, or throat singing. Do something you've always dreamed of but were afraid to start.

The new moon in Aries will come on March 24th. Try not to pretend to yourself that which is not actually happening. You should not look for double meanings in the words of your partner, and try to keep emotions under control in important negotiations. Stay boring and double-check your email or report five times in a row before hitting the send button. Seek advice from someone less emotional if you are offered cooperation.

End of March

On March 30, Mars will enter the sign of Aquarius. At the same time, a four-bar dance will be formed between Mars, Saturn and Uranus. Be careful with electrical appliances, check before leaving the house if you turned off the iron and unplugged the iron from the outlet. Be more careful when crossing the road and remember to wear seat belts.

Pluto will go retrograde in Capricorn in April, so take a breath and get ready. Stay true to yourself and move in the same rhythm with the Universe without fear of mistakes. As a safety net, always keep this manual with you so that you can refer to it like a map if your internal navigator gets knocked down. Remember that this is absolutely normal, because spring has come.

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