Astrological Forecast For April 2020 By Zodiac Signs

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Astrological Forecast For April 2020 By Zodiac Signs
Astrological Forecast For April 2020 By Zodiac Signs

Video: Astrological Forecast For April 2020 By Zodiac Signs

Video: Astrological Forecast For April 2020 By Zodiac Signs
Video: April 2020 horoscope for every zodiac sign | Esoterics for You #StayHome and share #WithMe 2023, June

To quote the great Russian poet, winters are ending - this is the essence of change. It's time to thaw and wake up. Act according to your astrological tip for a month, so as not to confuse anything and move towards summer with a positive attitude.

This month, Pluto will reverse its motion, and Mars will be in the constellation Aquarius until mid-May. This will help those who have long wanted to become self-employed. Get ready to drastically change your life and feel like a free Dobby elf. Do not be afraid: the planets will provide the necessary support if you suddenly stumble. When, if not now?

The beginning of the month

On the first day of April, the influence of the planets Lilith and Selena will tell you where to go to make an important acquaintance. On this day, the planets can play a very pleasant joke with you.

On April 3, Venus will move into Gemini, and on this day, you definitely shouldn't meet new people. All meetings are more likely to have a double bottom. Do not open doors to strangers, do not pick up the phone if they call you from an unknown number, and in no case open the three-digit code printed on the back of your bank card by phone.

On April 5, the duo of Jupiter and Pluto will try to bring chaos to everything related to your financial affairs. If suddenly you are related to large corporations or banks, postpone important transactions for later - get on a tram, take a seat by the window and watch how life goes on.

On April 8, the Full Moon will come in Libra. The already troubling time will be exacerbated by the trinity of Mars, Saturn and Venus. Try to be vigilant: cross the road in the proper place, transfer the confused grandmother there, fasten on any seat and hold on to the handrails. If you have a chance to walk to work, then take a walk. Be careful with irons and irons. Do not drink handfuls of dietary supplements - first, it is better to consult a doctor.

On April 11, Mercury will transfer to Aries. From now on, try not to fall for the bait of scammers. Do not rush to settle for adventurous projects that promise easy money. Do not use online casinos and try not to get involved with financial pyramids.

Middle of the month


April 17 is a great day to do something for the soul: write a song, record your first TikTok, or start a blog on Instagram. This is a good time to buy a new chair or comfortable orthopedic sofa. Do not spare money on something strong and durable, and if your apartment itself already looks like a Thousand Little Things store, go to the bookstore for a cleaning textbook from Marie Kondo. Try to get rid of the junk and leave only those things that really bring you joy.

On April 23, the New Moon will come in Taurus and conjunction with Uranus. During this period, pay attention to accidentally thrown similar phrases, look around - something can throw you a cool idea, which in the future will develop into a project and bring you money. Do not be afraid to follow your own path that has not been trodden before you.

The end of the month

Pluto will turn its back on Capricorn on April 25, and then it will be a great time to rebuild a long-broken relationship. In fact, everything will turn out differently than it was, but probably even better.

On April 27 and 28, Mercury will go to Taurus. This is a great reason to get into a convertible and go somewhere where there is no coronavirus and you can get distracted from your familiar environment. If you don't have a chance to get out of the country, then at least buy a train ticket and leave to wander through the woods or wallow with a book at your dacha.

Recommendations for the signs of the zodiac:

Aries should forget that there are competitors around. Do not push others with your elbows, but go to the goal without turning.

Taurus, who are in search of the meaning of life, should look at a meditation or yoga class. If the fear of tomorrow arises, do not plunge headlong into exciting sensations and try to look at the state of affairs from a different perspective.

The twins will be able to lead some party or go to acting classes. Look for those who are at the same time with you, climb onto the captain's bridge and lead everyone forward - into a bright future.

Cancers in April should pursue a career. Now you can build a comfortable springboard to jump over your head and even do somersaults.

Lions should react to events unfolding around them faster than a cat hearing the sound of uncorked canned tuna. The planets will give you a lot of chances. The main thing is to have time to use them.


Virgos need to compromise more often and stop thinking that in any incomprehensible situation only they are right.

It would be good for Libra to go to another country: in April, the planets will in every possible way increase your attraction with people living far away. But if the pandemic leaves you without this great opportunity, try not to get upset and try to renew communication with old acquaintances and colleagues.

Scorpios will be overwhelmed with ambition. Try not to bury yourself in household nonsense, because in April you have a chance to do something grandiose.

Sagittarians were lucky. You can just sit in a comfortable position and watch how you get everything you deserve. If you behaved well in the past year, then your salary may be increased. Well, if you were so-so, then the gifts from the planets will be appropriate.

It would be good for Capricorns to do repairs in the house. Think family first this month. Build relationships if they suddenly fail.

Aquarius shouldn't give up additional work responsibilities. In addition to experience, your overtime work can lead to higher wages.

Pisces need to look both ways: somewhere a new source of income may await you. If you already have a significant amount set aside, then try to dispose of it like an adult and reasonable person. Buy something that can then be resold at a much higher price.

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