The Eclipse Corridor: What To Prepare For, And How To Survive It For The Signs Of The Zodiac

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The Eclipse Corridor: What To Prepare For, And How To Survive It For The Signs Of The Zodiac
The Eclipse Corridor: What To Prepare For, And How To Survive It For The Signs Of The Zodiac

Video: The Eclipse Corridor: What To Prepare For, And How To Survive It For The Signs Of The Zodiac

Video: The Eclipse Corridor: What To Prepare For, And How To Survive It For The Signs Of The Zodiac
Video: AQUARIUS Weekly Horoscope | 06 September to 12 September 2021 | Tarot Readings 2023, June

It's worth starting with the fact that you definitely don't need to panic. Eclipses periodically occur in our lives, and many of them are experienced by people, not even knowing that these very eclipses have occurred. In addition, eclipse and eclipse are different. Each of them has its own characteristics. There are simple eclipses, there are more complex ones.

The 2020 summer eclipse corridor is tough and needs to be resigned to. We should all be prepared for the fact that some plans will not be realized, things will go awry, and in general, a lot will depend on the will of unpredictable circumstances.

All of this is on the one hand discouraging, but on the other gives reason to seek - and find - new ways to cope with familiar tasks. This is a great reason to take a fresh look at routine circumstances, become better, more successful, more persistent.

But back to our starry sky. What else can it surprise us with?


And here's what. There are plenty of retrograde planets in June. See for yourself: Saturn, Pluto, Jupiter, as well as at certain periods, Venus and Mercury will make a very harsh astrological combination (see also: Retrograde Venus: is it worth it to be afraid, and what to expect for the signs of the zodiac). Add to this the stationary Neptune, which will almost certainly confuse thoughts for many of us. The result is that the situation is very, very difficult.

In this regard, it is better not to take risks, not experiment, not start something important. You will have time yet. A month of rest, rest, routine, and doing something pleasant is not so difficult. The main thing is not to complicate things, not to demand any fundamental changes in life from yourself right now.

Of course, some changes in our lives may occur. You can't do without it. However, all this will happen not at the initiative of specific people, but according to the global design of our Universe. In other words, changes, if any, are only external, “from above”.

Particular attention should be paid to stationary Neptune. Thanks to this planet, which affects our consciousness, from 10 to 30 June we will be as if in an intoxicated state, to perform such actions that at other times would be considered unacceptable for ourselves. Yes, and our judgments during this period may later seem strange to us.

It remains only to accept this and not to separate such events as a tragedy. All will pass. It is simply important not to demand from oneself excessive rationalism, pragmatism and common sense. These qualities will return - but only in July.


With all this, the corridor of eclipses continues astrological transformations, which can be traced back to January. Jupiter and Pluto meet each other, and this promises a renewal of our world. But what will it look like? Perhaps right now, in June, we will be able to see the first hints of this. The political and economic spheres will be restructured. As before, it won't be. Conservatives may be upset about this. But don't be discouraged. Everything that you have valued can be preserved. And the bad, on the contrary, go away. The main thing is to look to the future with optimism. As for those who have not been happy with the current state of affairs in the world or even in the country for a long time, apparently, June will give them the first reasons for joy and bring long-awaited changes.

Even oil and the dollar will remain volatile. Of course, we will also have significant changes, reshuffles, and powerful dynamics in our workplaces.

But what about the personal? Whose life and moods will be most strongly affected by the corridor of eclipses? The list is impressive: Aries, Gemini, Cancer, Virgo, Libra, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Pisces. However, this is not a verdict, but just one more appeal not to take rash risks.

Again, do not forget about Venus, which will be retrograde until June 25. During this period, adverse events in the romantic sphere are possible. The most sensitive in this regard will be Taurus and Libra.

Troubles are possible in the friendly and professional areas. Retrograde Venus will greatly complicate communication between people. You can cope with its influence, if you do not demand too much from others, switch to the positive, and generally not cling to old grievances. An old love partner may return to someone's life, but you should not flatter yourself about this. This is not the influence of real feelings, but astrology. The period of retrograde Venus will pass - and everything will fall into place.


Aries should be prepared for problems in communication with others.

Taurus should consider spending difficult emotional moments in solitude.

Gemini will have a pretty easy month. Peace and prosperity await them.

Cancers should delve less into their past.

Lions will live a calm month. But you shouldn't trust unverified people.

It is important for Virgo to rely on their rational mind.

Libra will face many difficulties, but friends and family will help them out.

Scorpios need to be especially careful with emotions. There may be conflicts with the second half.

Sagittarius should carefully look at new romantic partners, and in general, the period will be calm.

Capricorns will lose their romantic ardor.

Aquarius are waiting for new meetings. But you should be careful with strangers.

It is better for Pisces to focus on communicating with those closest, otherwise unforeseen troubles are possible.

What positive will the next month bring us? The most important thing is the opportunity to work on oneself, develop creative, spiritual and professional skills. This chance should definitely be seized, since it will definitely be given to us.

The influence of the corridor of eclipses will not end clearly on 5 July. Some inertia can and should be expected from such serious astrological events. This means that although the corridor itself will actually end, its energy will still be present in the world for some time.

At least a week after it, you should be careful not to go into conflicts, not to take risks, try to restrain your emotions, not make large purchases, not rush to assess people and not trust important secrets to anyone.

Despite the fact that such recommendations are universal for most eclipses, in June they will be especially relevant, since the current corridor has many astrological complications. Let's live it with the utmost care and try to get the most out of this situation.

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