Pythagoras Square: What It Can Tell About You, And How To Calculate It Yourself

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Pythagoras Square: What It Can Tell About You, And How To Calculate It Yourself
Pythagoras Square: What It Can Tell About You, And How To Calculate It Yourself

Video: Pythagoras Square: What It Can Tell About You, And How To Calculate It Yourself

Video: Pythagoras Square: What It Can Tell About You, And How To Calculate It Yourself
Video: Pythagorean Square || Introduction & Calculation 2023, June

Have you ever heard of the Pythagorean psychomatrix? Have you tried to find out more about yourself and your friends by adding the digits of the date of birth? If not, it's time to take a break from pressing problems and start counting. For fun, and to check if it works or not. A practicing numerologist, international coach of ICF, Alena Anisimkova will help us to understand the nuances of the Pythagorean square.

Pythagoras is not only a famous mathematician from the distant past. Numbers attracted him both as a scientist and as a numerologist. The Egyptians told Pythagoras about the mysterious influence of numbers on the fate of man. The scientist combined the knowledge gained and made a table, later it was called the Pythagorean psychomatrix or, more simply, the Pythagorean square.

It is not difficult to draw up a "square", which is the key to unraveling the personality. You just need to know the date of birth of a person, and then make simple mathematical calculations. Let's take October 17, 1991 as an example.

We write numbers without zeros. In our case, this is: 1711991. Then we add all the numbers: 1 + 7 + 1 + 1 + 9 + 9 + 1, we get 29 - this is the first number. To calculate the second number, add the digits of the first number. In our case, it is 2 + 9, we get 11. Next - the calculation of the third number. We take the first digit from point 1 (general date of birth) and multiply it by 2 (we have it 1x2). Next, subtract the resulting figure from the sum of point two. 29-2 = 27. And finally, the calculation of the fourth number. To do this, add the digits of the third number (point 4). In our example, this is 2 + 7, we get 9.

We got all the numbers we needed. For convenience, we will write them out on a separate line. 1711991, 29, 11, 27, 9. Next, we draw up a table, thanks to which it will be seen how many ones, twos, triples we have, and so on.


What does the number of digits mean?

Number 1 is a person's character, his ability to defend his interests, as well as the degree of desire to rule.

  • No number 1. Occurs only in people born after 2000. He believes that the world revolves around him and everyone owes him something. It is important, even in early childhood, to rid him of the feeling of his uniqueness and peculiarity, it is preferable to be educated in a team
  • 1. Before us is a typical egoist. He puts his interests above all else
  • 11. Close to the typical egoist. Self-righteousness and self-praise
  • 111. The golden mean. Balanced person
  • 1111. Strong character. Decisiveness and efficiency
  • 11111. Dictator
  • 111111. Rough enough, complex character. But he is able to perform a noble deed

Number 2 is human energy. His activity in society: in the family, at work, in society.

  • No number 2. These are energy vampires in a good sense of the word. They are open to communication, are fed from others with new ideas and impressions.
  • 2. Sufficient energy, but exercise is recommended to maintain balance
  • 22. The golden mean. Balance and harmony. He gladly shares his energy with others
  • 222. A good psychic can turn out of him. It makes sense to develop intuition
  • 2222. It is popular with the opposite sex due to its activity and spontaneity. Especially attractive to people with three sixes squared

Number 3 speaks of a person's interest in science. And above all, we are talking about the exact sciences or passion for technology. Also, by the top three you can judge decency.

  • No number 3. He is punctual and loves cleanliness.
  • 3. Cleaning according to the mood. He can have both perfect order and chaos. And both in the house and in the head
  • 33. Before us is a scientist. Or the one who definitely could become. Exact sciences are interesting and easy
  • 333. There is a desire, but there are few opportunities. As much as I would not like to delve into the study of formulas, it does not work

Number 4 is our health.

  • No number 4. Weak, prone to disease, especially if there are many twos in the matrix
  • 4. The health of the average person. Sick, but not often
  • 44. Die hard. He will not catch a cold in a draft, and any ailment will quickly pass. Health reserves affect sexual performance
  • 444. The third four is an additional bonus to everything that we have written about in the previous paragraph

Number 5 is our logic and intuition. The ability to make plans, analyze the situation, draw the right conclusions.

  • No number 5. His brain is always at work. He invents something, proves something, including to himself. By trial and error, it achieves its goal
  • 5. Intuition is developed. Everything in life comes easy
  • 55. Good intuition. The main thing is to listen to her. Often, the owners of two fives make competent investigators and lawyers
  • 555. It is rare for them to make a mistake, because they are almost clairvoyant. Fate constantly sends them signs from above. And they skillfully use prompts
  • 5555. These people have every chance to make extrasensory perception their profession. They are able to see the future. They have prophetic dreams, and also quickly receive answers to questions of interest.

Number 6 is a person's propensity for physical labor.

  • No number 6. The purpose of a person is physical labor. Often they say about such "golden hands". They make good artisans, carpenters, painters. The only thing is that physical labor does not always bring them pleasure.
  • 6. The owner of one six needs to do something with his own hands, but he is given the opportunity to find himself in another field of activity
  • 66. In this case, it is not necessary to engage in physical labor, but the owners of two sixes like to make something with their own hands. However, in this case, it is more a hobby than a profession.
  • 666. You can count on them. Do their job conscientiously. But they need recharge. Most often, energy is taken from a partner with a large number of twos in the matrix
  • 6666. A real hard worker. It is difficult for him to sit around. I always have to do something, while getting great pleasure from it. If there are also nines in the square, it makes sense to get a higher education, balancing excessive activity

Number 7 is luck and luck.

  • There is no number seven. Life will be difficult, you will have to achieve everything with your own labor, learn from your mistakes. Detachment from worldly life and departure to religion is not excluded
  • 7. Life is easy. But you should not expect its bright manifestations and sharp turns in fate
  • 77. They are talented. There is an opportunity to become a famous artist or musician. However, if you do not develop in the profession or creativity, plus can easily change to minus. After all, these people are easily given not only good, but also bad
  • 777. Life full of bright events. They are often fond of extreme sports. Risk does not frighten them, but rather beckons. However, it makes sense to periodically slow down and give yourself a break.
  • 7777. Most often, the owners of four sevens are not adapted to life. Alas, their life path is short-lived. And even if they stay on the ground, they are constantly haunted by disease

Number 8 is a sense of duty (primarily in relation to family and friends).

  • No number 8. Do not expect donations from him. He will gladly accept help and support from the outside. But he can hardly put the interests of others above his own.
  • 8. You can rely on him. Always ready to provide support
  • 88. The feeling that the desire to help is in his genes. One has only to ask, how he will quit his business and pay attention to you.
  • 888. The owner of three eights embraces not only his relatives and friends with care, but also all those in need. Not indifferent to the suffering of the people, ready to make sacrifices to achieve justice
  • 8888. Before us is a talented psychologist who does not get tired of listening, showing care and mercy. At the same time, he has a craving for the exact sciences.

Number 9 is our memory, mind, as well as intuition and clairvoyance.

  • There is no number 9. The absence of a nine can only be found in those born after 2000. From the very birth, one must begin to develop memory and logic in order to fill the empty square by school
  • 9. Make your brain work constantly. Solve crosswords, learn poetry. If the second nine is not in the matrix, it must be worked out
  • 99. Those with two nines with mental abilities are doing well. There is all the data for successful development. But you need to constantly work, nothing is given just like that
  • 999. And here the stock of the mind is enough to make a minimum of efforts for a good study and a successful career. Everything is easy for such people.
  • 9999. The truth is revealed to them. They are almost one hundred percent protected from failure in any undertaking. Perhaps because for them everything is very simple, they are cruel, unpleasant in communication, look down on everyone and are often inadequate.
Alena Anisimkova
Alena Anisimkova

Alena Anisimkova

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