Horoscope For Fall 2020 For The Signs Of The Zodiac: Checking The Stars

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Horoscope For Fall 2020 For The Signs Of The Zodiac: Checking The Stars
Horoscope For Fall 2020 For The Signs Of The Zodiac: Checking The Stars

Video: Horoscope For Fall 2020 For The Signs Of The Zodiac: Checking The Stars

Video: Horoscope For Fall 2020 For The Signs Of The Zodiac: Checking The Stars
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Autumn 2020 is a time filled with a variety of events. On the one hand, each of us has to find something new for ourselves, somehow look at our life differently with the passing of summer. On the other hand, emotions will periodically distract us from business and personal life. With all this, the stars advise us to remain empathetic and try to deal with all internal worries before the beginning of winter. In a sense, Fall 2020 is a period of purification.


From September 5, Mercury will be in the sign of Libra. This is a favorable time for business travel, commercial ventures, and business partnerships. Also, the period is, in principle, good for any partnership. Now you can renew lost ties, make peace, make important proposals.

On the 13th, Jupiter will begin direct movement in the sign of Capricorn. Business during this period will require special intellectual efforts from us. The best solution is not to improvise, but to develop in advance all possible strategies that you can use to solve various issues.

On September 25-28, the Mars-Saturn square will require special restraint from us, since the period promises to be very emotional. Now there is a great risk of doing wrong because of wrong impressions. It is important to maintain your sanity and not go crazy.


Pluto will return to Capricorn on October 4th. This astrological maneuver promises global changes in the world. But, as we understand, economics and politics directly affect the life of every person, so that the changes that are taking place will affect all of us. Whether they will be positive or negative is difficult to say. Most likely, the transformations will affect only the formal side of life - its general direction will remain the same.

On October 22nd the Sun will be in the sign of Scorpio. This is the moment when autumn does not yet flow into winter, but we already feel changes at the level of physiology. During this period, our body will need significant support, therefore sports, healthy eating, disease prevention will come in handy.


Life will provoke emotions. Perhaps some aspirations will not be realized. This can put you out of good spirits, but it's best to try to be cold about everything. In mid-November, a turning point awaits us when Mars will go straight forward in Aries.

At the end of November, Neptune will become straight. For many of us, this maneuver promises success in spiritual practices, self-development, the search for the deep sides of our inner self. A great time for philosophers, esotericists and simply creative people who trust their intuition.



Work and Career: Your professional success will not reach the bar you set for yourself. If you do not want to put up with this, you will have to refine and adjust the work already done. Ideally, you can achieve even more than you originally thought.

Health and Beauty: Favorable time for dental procedures. Removal of dental calculus, installation of braces, etc. will now be extremely effective. In this case, one should be especially vigilant in relation to allergic reactions to drugs intended for anesthesia.


Work and career: Not the most favorable period for active work. Try not to demand too much of yourself. Get more rest and remember to relax. Stress is not your way this fall. Do what you can, but don't overburden yourself with the tasks.

Beauty and health: Hairdressing procedures in early September will provide you with a great mood for the entire autumn period. But in mid-October, it is better not to touch your hair. At the same time, throughout the season, the stars are not advised to resort to coloring. This can negatively impact your quality of life.


Work and career: In terms of the professional sphere, the autumn period promises stability and the absence of both downs and ups. Use this period as you calmly gain experience and develop the skills you need. Breakthroughs are only being planned, and they need to be approached fully armed.

Beauty and health: Manicure and pedicure will bring positive changes into your life. Think about which color you associate with wealth, health, success and romance. Use your favorite shade on your nails - and the necessary will definitely appear in your life.



Work and Career: Nowadays it is better not to listen to other people's opinions. You have a lot of ideas that you can implement right now. Believe me, it is your fresh perspective on work tasks that will bring a lot of benefit to the people around you.

Beauty and health: Any procedure to remove unwanted body hair, corns, calluses, moles will help you feel freer. Get rid of everything that burdens your body and soul. Now it is in your power.

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Work and Career: We 'll have to push through. This is the time when you need to show strength in order to outflank the competition. However, the stars have no doubts about your success. You will get your way. The main thing is to believe and not back down after you take action.

Health and Beauty: Pay attention to your emotional background. It is he who will determine how you will feel. Don't let your emotions take over your life.


Work and Career: Celestial bodies promise success to diligent virgins who are busy with hard work. Through their efforts, they will receive many awards, and also move up the career ladder.

Health and Beauty: Hair removal procedures will not affect your life in any way now, but hair care will be an extremely useful enterprise. Eyebrows, eyelashes - any little things in appearance should be brought to perfection. This will give you a harmonious inner state, useful for subsequent achievements.


Work and Career: This is a great time to think about a career change. The stars recommend striving in areas where you can directly benefit people or the world around you.

Health and Wellness: Nutrition will be fundamental to you this season. If you want to feel great and keep your figure in good shape - eat healthy plant foods. Also, do not forget about the golden rule: spend more, eat less.


Work and Career: Business scorpions will not miss the stars from the sky. For them, autumn 2020 is a time of monotonous but understandable work. But creative people will be in great demand. For them, success and breakthroughs are highly likely.

Beauty and health: While it is undesirable to resort to cardinal beauty transformations. If you do this, you can lose an important part of your identity, and the search for a new “me” can result in an emotional crisis. Now all this is useless to you.



Work and career: Chances are high that during this period you will significantly improve your financial situation. But chance is not a guarantee yet. You have to work hard to get financial rewards. Career growth is unlikely.

Health and Beauty: Clothes will play a decisive role in your image. At the same time, it is not at all necessary to give preference to something catchy, bright and expensive. Try to stick to your taste for things and wear what you like, rather than what seems more trendy.


Work and career: Take your time to change something in the professional field. Now there is a great risk of various "pitfalls". Examine the situation inside and out before moving on to decisive action.

Health and Beauty: Nature will have an important impact on your well-being. A walk through the forest, floor, river bank - all this will be very useful for you. And if you dare to plunge, you can count on strengthening your immunity.


Work and Career: You may need the help of a stranger. Feel free to ask for it if the success of the enterprise depends on it. But don't be too demanding on your helpers. They will only do what is within their capabilities.

Beauty and health: All three months promise you a beautiful appearance and perfect well-being. All that is required of you is to preserve and increase what you already have.


Work and Career: You have every chance of climbing up the career ladder. Your merits will finally be celebrated and tried to reward significant achievements. Don't be shy, but at the same time don't seem like an upstart.

Health and Beauty: Peels and other cleansing procedures will be especially effective. If you wish, you can use the most unusual of them to get new emotions and please yourself.

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