Astrological Forecast For November 2020 By Zodiac Signs

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Astrological Forecast For November 2020 By Zodiac Signs
Astrological Forecast For November 2020 By Zodiac Signs

Video: Astrological Forecast For November 2020 By Zodiac Signs

Video: Astrological Forecast For November 2020 By Zodiac Signs
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November 2020 is a time that puts all our affairs back on a positive track. The main event of this period is the exit of Mars from retrograde motion. Why is it important? The fact is that before that, Mars brought negative energy into the world - it ruined our plans, caused aggression between people. Emotional restraint and prudence in business was a smart strategy during this period. But in the second half of November, all these adverse influences will disappear. Even without making any effort, we will see how things will gradually start to improve. And if you try hard, the month will be especially generous with achievements.

Another important event in November 2020 is the return of Neptune to direct movement, which is unlikely to somehow affect personal life, but can manifest itself in the occurrence of various weather anomalies.

This planet has to dispel the illusions that you have so far nurtured and cherished at heart. For some, this will be a disappointment, but in general it will be beneficial, as it will bring with it a sense of clarity and certainty - all that we have been sorely lacking so far.

November 2020 will mark the transition from negative to positive impacts that you will be able to observe both in your personal life and globally.

November 3, 2020 - direct Mercury in the sign of Libra, which promises a calm development of the situation in the financial, legal and professional spheres. If somewhere before that moment there was a stupor, now it will finally get off the ground. There is a chance to establish contacts with partners that have not yet been built.

November 11, 2020 - Mercury passes into the sign of Scorpio. The horoscope predicts changing weather conditions. Heavy snowfalls, frosts in the northern regions, autumn rains, showers. Emergency situation on the roads. Observe traffic safety rules.

November 14, 2020 - Mars becomes straight in Aries. This is a great time to start various endeavors. In doing so, you will have a chance to overcome any difficulties that will hinder these endeavors.


November 15, 2020 - New Moon in the sign of Scorpio. The new moon will connect with Selena. This is a great time to deal with personal emotional issues. But at the same time, you should not take initiative in relation to the surrounding world. Also, you should not interact with complex electrical devices and take risks. The period is favorable for solving small routine issues, resting and concentrating on spiritual practices.

November 21, 2020 - Sun in the sign of Sagittarius. Its representatives will be lucky. The energy of the Sun will be very useful to use for the benefit of others. For all signs, the period will be marked by the establishment of mutually beneficial partnerships in all areas.

The period is favorable for training, professional growth, forging new and time-tested partnerships - both in business and in personal spheres. An excellent time to make an important decision, determine a priority project and a direction for self-development.

November 29, 2020 - Neptune becomes straight in Pisces. Time associated with the occurrence of various weather anomalies. You should be careful on the roads, and in general, you should stay away from traffic if possible.

November 30, 2020 - Full Moon in the sign of Gemini. This is the time for adverse influences, when you need to be as careful as possible with important matters. Better not to tackle them at all. Electronics won't be friendly now. Breakage is likely. Risks should be avoided, especially if they are related to health. It is better to devote free time to rest, solving routine issues and spiritual practices.


Try not to react harshly to mistakes and mistakes. Yes, they do happen, but you shouldn't dwell on them. Do not hesitate to blame circumstances for personal failures, because sometimes it really turns out that it is not in our power to influence the current situation in any way. The calmer you are, the faster you will find the right way out. Keep in mind that this month can be a lot more positive for you than you expect from it.


In November 2020, you will be in a lot of luck. But it is unlikely that she alone will be enough in order to successfully crank up large cases. What will be really helpful for you is having a partner you can rely on. If you find someone who is trustworthy in your environment, the next month will be on the verge of success. If not, try not to play for high stakes. Be restrained in desires and pragmatic in your actions. The heavenly bodies will appreciate your foresight.


This month, the heavenly bodies call for a critical look at your life. Are you satisfied with everything? Are there any areas of life that you would like to refresh and diversify? It can be especially helpful to reevaluate your relationships with the people around you. If there are conflicts, grievances or omissions, then now is the best time to deal with them. Take the first step towards each of those people with whom you feel cold. This is important for your future.


In November 2020, Cancers should take some caution in their interactions with those around them. Your incontinence can deprive you of reliable allies. Do not throw people around: be wise enough to make concessions and admit you were wrong, if necessary. People will appreciate your compliance and self-criticism. But try to show these qualities only in those situations in which it is appropriate. It will be wrong to play in public: those around you will be very sensitive to your insincerity.

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A great time to start beautifying your home. The house is, as you know, the energy rear and the foundation of human life. Now it will be useful to patch it up and do cosmetic repairs if there is a need for it. And if not needed? In this case, do a general cleaning. Do first what you can do at the moment.


Forget about conservatism - life requires change! This month, your mood, success and luck will directly depend on the new emotions that you experience. However, this does not mean that you should abruptly break with the past. An ordinary trip or a new acquaintance can bring novelty to your life. Chopping off the shoulder is permissible, but it will be helpful not to forget about awareness.



You may be made an interesting offer. This is hardly an acceptable option for earning money, but after all, not everything in the world should be measured in money! You can discover something new for yourself if you do not reject other people's proposals. Believe me - the heavenly bodies are not in vain pushing you to this response! The world still has something to surprise you with. The main thing is not to lose a child in yourself who can be surprised.


This month will reveal the strongest charm in you, so you should not sit at home with such a wonderful advantage. Use it to connect with people who are helpful to you. Make the contacts you want. In the future, all this will have an extremely positive impact on your life.


You have a lot to reconsider in your life. Heavenly bodies urge you to pay attention to those people who surround you. It is possible that a traitor lurked among friends, and among those whom you keep away from, there are people who do not wish you anything bad. And it will be useful to reconsider your own priorities. Surely you have goals that are outdated for a long time, and it's time to forget about them. But you will have a lot of new aspirations, which will be useful to tackle with tripled zeal.


This month will require restraint from you. Try not to dive into conflict situations. Of course, you will come out the winner of them, but why do you need extra showdowns? You and so will be on a horse if you ignore other people's negative emotions launched in your address. Be calm and discreet. These qualities are, after all, inherent in your zodiac sign. It is better to devote free time to creative activities.


Great time for new initiatives. Any endeavors now will be extremely successful. The main thing is not to rely on strangers. Try to do business only with those whom you can safely call trusted people. In an extreme case, it will be wiser to act independently and not take risks by contacting someone who is not very reliable.


Family affairs will distract you from action on other "fronts." You will have to pay tribute - both time and energy - to your relatives in order to return to your personal life at least at the end of the month. It is possible that in the last week of November 2020, you will just be snapped up. Celestial bodies predict your participation in major events, where you are most likely to be the center of attention.

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