What The Chefs Eat: Kamchatka Crab With Champagne Sauce

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What The Chefs Eat: Kamchatka Crab With Champagne Sauce
What The Chefs Eat: Kamchatka Crab With Champagne Sauce

Video: What The Chefs Eat: Kamchatka Crab With Champagne Sauce

Video: What The Chefs Eat: Kamchatka Crab With Champagne Sauce
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How many times a day and what do you eat yourself?

I eat 5-6 times a day and each meal is light and small in size. I do not like heavy food, especially for breakfast, it burdens me. I start the morning with a cup of tea or coffee, yogurt and some kind of fruit. I prefer steamed vegetables with as little fat as possible. I love chicken and fish, especially young river fish - perch or trout. And any local river fish. I allow myself beef twice a week.

I practically don't eat fast carbohydrates. Sugar is kept to a minimum, and if it gets into my diet, then only that which is cane or brown. I do not accept any sugar substitutes. Salt is also a minimum. But again, if I do use it, I prefer certain types, in particular the pink Himalayan.

Did you have to go on a diet?

Yes, one day I suddenly saw in the mirror a man who made me think and change my lifestyle and nutrition. Now my diet has become a nutritional system. For me, it's about choosing pure organic food.

How do you feel about GMO foods, fat-free foods, fortified with vitamins - is this a marketing ploy or does it make sense?

I have a strictly negative attitude to such products. Unfortunately, we will never know the whole truth about GMO products, they often have the names of well-known large companies behind them. The meaning is, perhaps, only in products with a low fat content, for example, milk, cottage cheese, kefir. This I welcome. And GMOs contain only corporate gain.


What products do you think are undeservedly forgotten?

Quinoa, spelled and other grains, flaxseed, seaweed.

Who would you like to feed?

I would really like to set the table for those who stand above the presidents and look into their eyes. I would cover part of the table with organic dishes, and on the other I would put GMO dishes from corporate giants. These are the scales of life!

What would you like to try yourself?

I would like to get in touch with many unknown cultures in different parts of the world. Taste Icelandic fish and lamb grown without chemicals or injections. Anything from Australian natural products. Something simple, no exotic.

What is your favorite food?

I love the dishes of our restaurant "Caviar Bar" with a minimum of heat treatment and spices. For example, "Egg in Egg" is a chicken egg with egg gruel, black caviar and truffle. And "Romanov style crab", where the taste of natural crab is not interrupted by anything.

Steam Kamchatka crab in Romanov style


Ingredients: for salad (360 g of crab meat, 50 ml of Champagne sauce (recipe below), 10 g of red caviar, 7 g of fresh dill), for sauce (500 ml of Soviet Champagne, 119 g of onions, 132 g of leeks, 64 g fresh garlic, 1 g fresh thyme, 60 g shallot, 400 ml fish broth, 1600 ml culinary cream, 20 g salt, 20 ml olive oil)

  1. Prepare fish broth. Pour the processed bones (510 g) with cold water (510 ml) and quickly bring to a boil. Remove foam and fat, add vegetables (20 g parsley, 22 g celery root, 13 g onions, 16 g carrots), reduce heat and cook for 50-60 minutes at a slow boil. At the end of cooking add prepared white wine (80 ml), salt (10 g). Strain the finished broth.
  2. Fry vegetables in olive oil, add champagne and evaporate until the volume is reduced to 100 g. Add fish broth, evaporate. Add cream and evaporate, add salt.
  3. Peel and cook the crab meat for 5-7 minutes. Rinse and chop the dill.
  4. Put the crab on a plate. Drizzle with Champagne sauce, garnish with dill and red caviar.
  5. You can try the crab in the restaurants "Europe" and "Caviar bar". The latter, by the way, has recently undergone renovation and now, in addition to classic Russian cuisine and a dozen types of caviar, it also presents guests with an alternative gastronomic pair - caviar and champagne - in collaboration with the famous Dom Perignon. A new reason to look.

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