In Sochi, At Home Or As A Gastronomic Guide For The Sophisticated Metropolitan Service

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In Sochi, At Home Or As A Gastronomic Guide For The Sophisticated Metropolitan Service
In Sochi, At Home Or As A Gastronomic Guide For The Sophisticated Metropolitan Service

Video: In Sochi, At Home Or As A Gastronomic Guide For The Sophisticated Metropolitan Service

Video: In Sochi, At Home Or As A Gastronomic Guide For The Sophisticated Metropolitan Service
Video: МАЛЬДИВЫ, которые в самое сердце. Большой выпуск. 4K 2023, May

Nine out of ten people permanently residing in Sochi claim that they get to soak up the Black Sea coast no more than three times over the summer. An indicator that is easy to achieve without changing your permanent address, thanks to the low-cost airlines that appeared in Russia a few years ago. You can swim in the sea from May to October. On other days, you can just have a good time among tropical greenery, in the gentle sun, enjoying delicious local food.

And so that you will definitely feel at ease in Sochi, we have prepared an overview of the most fashionable gastronomic places in the city, where no one will be surprised at your request to cook a match with almond milk.

Gastropub "Like in Moscow"

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“Like in Moscow” is the quintessence of friendly and high-quality service, inventive but not pretentious food, a well-thought-out bar list and a recognizable interior. Elegant casserole, chia seeds with passionfruit mousse, granola with the most delicate lavender sauce - the cafe menu really pleases with its variety and intricacy. Just what is nitro coffee - a refreshing tonic drink that is prepared without hot processing with the addition of liquid nitrogen. The barista claims that such a drink retains all the health benefits of coffee beans.

Kurortny prospect, 50 V

Khmeli & Suneli

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A homely cozy place where you can meet with equal success with a large noisy company of friends and nicely sit with your family. Children are especially welcome here. The menu includes the best dishes of Caucasian cuisine. Every morning the chef personally chooses the most ripe local vegetables and fruits, the most delicate cheese, fish - always keeping in mind the seasonality and local traditions. By the way, the vaunted Sochi red mullet is also best tasted here.

st. Roz, 57, microdistrict Central


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In the center of old Sochi, on the embankment, there is a stylish restaurant, the terrace of which goes right into the sea. The menu contains dishes for every taste: from the usual sushi sets to dietary apple and avocado salad. The section "Black Sea mussels" is worth special attention - the choice promises to be difficult. On a cozy veranda, enjoying the sea breeze and cool lemonades (there are a great many of them here), you can quietly while away the day and wait for the most picturesque sunset.

st. Primorskaya, 17


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For refined exoticism, we go to Barcelonetta - a two-story restaurant opened on the site of the popular London club. Today Spain is in vogue: tapas, classic paella and delicious traditional bruschetta with tomato (such a delicious appetizer that you risk not getting to the main course). For dessert, the Spanish-born churros dessert, and for those looking for more sophisticated flavor combinations - a pear stewed in Peral Vino wine or a light Catalana Cream, a dessert made from airy vanilla cream with sorbet and nut cookies under a sugar crust …

A couple of glasses of sangria, gentle enveloping southern air - and you already find it hard to believe that you are not in Barcelona, Valencia or at least Madrid. Every day, from early morning until 16:00, the most hearty and authentic Sochi breakfasts are served here, the menu includes Spanish scrambled eggs with mini-octopuses, Barcelonet's signature omelet, and over forty other items to start a great day.

Nesebrskaya st., 6, Central microdistrict, Sochi (BC Evropeyskiy, floor 1)


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A luxurious restaurant with a discreet, refined interior, panoramic windows overlooking the sea and an open terrace in the heart of Adler is a bright final chord in our gastronomic range. You should start your day on the coast at a leisurely pace, enjoying the panoramic view, sea breeze and a gastronomic journey for breakfast - do not refuse the "Tsar's breakfast" with oysters, caviar and, of course, a bottle of sparkling wine.

Fans of gourmet cuisine will be surprised by the variety of oysters: from Japanese babies to Crimean beauties … They are accompanied by a skillfully selected chef-sommelier of the restaurant group with sparkling wine, which, by the way, will tell you how easy it is to navigate among Russian wines. Here you will also find differently prepared mussels, which are served gracefully in deep saucepans. The idea spied on by the founder of the London Restaurant Group in France has taken root in Sochi. And not casual. Increasingly, local regions are compared to the Cote d'Azur. It is really no less azure, and over time it becomes no less tasty.

st. Uritskogo, 18A, the village of Nizhneimeretinskaya Bukhta

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