Why A Burger Is Sometimes Better Than An Avocado

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Why A Burger Is Sometimes Better Than An Avocado
Why A Burger Is Sometimes Better Than An Avocado

Thanks to the fashion for healthy eating, we know by heart about the benefits of vegetables and fruits. Wake you up at night and ask about the calorie content of cucumbers, celery and chips, you will confidently rattle off the vitamin composition of foods and their energy value. But here's the bad luck, now we have to slightly destroy your system of the world for the perception of the benefits of food.

To begin with, not everything is as obvious as it seems. A handful of dried fruits is not always less high in calories than a bun. It's hard to believe, but 100 grams of soybeans are equal in calories to a piece of biscuit. Of course, this does not negate the fact that soy helps lower cholesterol levels, is rich in lecithin, which improves metabolism, and many scientists even argue that soy reduces the risk of cancer and dysbiosis and generally increases life expectancy. A sponge cake cannot boast of such qualities at all, but, you must admit, sometimes you really want something harmful and sweet, but our conscience does not always allow us to jump off the chosen dietary plan.

To slightly diversify your diet with "harmful" foods, we decided to find out which of the healthy foods are in no way inferior to our food taboos in terms of calorie content. We bring to your attention the results of our small study.

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