Kim Protasov's Diet: Pros, Cons And Pitfalls

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Kim Protasov's Diet: Pros, Cons And Pitfalls
Kim Protasov's Diet: Pros, Cons And Pitfalls

Video: Kim Protasov's Diet: Pros, Cons And Pitfalls

Video: Kim Protasov's Diet: Pros, Cons And Pitfalls
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You can eat when you really want it, which means that no feats will be required from you and life will not disturb its smooth flow. The diet lasts five weeks and requires a competent "exit", which takes the same amount of time. The secret of Protasov's technique is to limit carbohydrates with a high glycemic index, which normalizes the functioning of the pancreas, leads to weight loss and fundamentally suppresses cravings for sweets. At the same time, thanks to a sufficient amount of natural dairy products and eggs, the body receives the required amount of protein, as well as calcium and lactose. And this allows you not only to maintain, but also to build up muscle mass.

First and second weeks

Every day, you can eat in any quantity and at any time of the day only raw vegetables, cottage cheese (cheese) and yogurt with a minimum fat content. Speaking about dairy products, you need to understand that any additives, as well as sugar and starch in their composition, are against the rules. For happiness, one boiled egg and three green apples are allowed per day.

Third week

It's time to add 300 grams of meat (poultry, fish) per day to vegetables and cottage cheese, and reduce the volume of cheese and yogurt somewhat.


Fourth and fifth weeks

Vegetables, cottage cheese, meat, eggs and apples, plus the obligatory two liters of water every day. Tea and coffee - as much as you like, but without sugar. Better still, green tea.

To exit the diet, you need to adhere to some rules:

  • buy dairy products only with a low percentage of fat (0.5 - 1%)
  • limit the amount of vegetable oil
  • count fats: the daily norm is no more than 30-35 grams in all foods consumed
  • eat fewer fruits, and don't buy bananas, mangoes, grapes and dried fruits at all
  • meat (chicken, turkey) must be free of skin and fat

Diet result

Active weight loss occurs in the fourth and fifth weeks. You can lose (so they promise!) Up to eight kilograms! For 10 weeks of the full course, the body is rebuilt to proper nutrition, the love for sweets disappears on its own and forever.

Vyacheslav Rolko, Ph. D., specialist in anti-aging medicine, chief physician of the Klazko group of clinics, author of one of the most professional and popular detox programs


For the first time not devoid of humor, Kim Protasov's note “Don't make a cult out of food. A thin cow is not a gazelle yet”with a description of the diet appeared in May 1999 in the newspaper“Russian Israeli”, and then became widespread on the Internet. It is simple, but it has logic and physiology - the diet has its own "entrance" and "exit". Which, of course, can be attributed to the indisputable advantages of the method.

But as a way of life, such a nutritional system is useless - it's just a diet that deprives the body of many essential substances. Therefore, the author calculated it only for a certain period. But in order to make the initial leap and get rid of cravings for fatty and sweet, Protasov's scheme may well fit.

The basic rule for those who want to go on a strict diet is the need to get everything (proteins, fats, carbohydrates, water, and an additional vitamin and mineral complex). Just don't take unnecessarily large doses of vitamins and other nutritional supplements. Despite the fact that they are not drugs, such drugs should be prescribed individually by a doctor who will proceed from the characteristics of your body.

You need to eat in small portions and chew food thoroughly, five to six times a day, and two or three servings of them should be vegetables and fruits, especially yellow and dark green foods, whole grains, legumes. They are high in dietary fiber, which enhances satiety, normalize bowel function, and remove undigested digestive products.

And it is also necessary to increase energy costs due to dosed physical activity (two to three hours a week are enough). The union of diet and sport gives the fastest possible results - you will not only lose fat mass, but also increase muscle activity.

At the same time, I will have to remind you that any diet is a matter of self-discipline, and if you start to abuse exceptions and little tricks, then nothing will work.

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