Operation "Fermentation": 3 Recipes For Healthy Meals That Will "restart" The Body

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Operation "Fermentation": 3 Recipes For Healthy Meals That Will "restart" The Body
Operation "Fermentation": 3 Recipes For Healthy Meals That Will "restart" The Body

Video: Operation "Fermentation": 3 Recipes For Healthy Meals That Will "restart" The Body

Video: Operation "Fermentation": 3 Recipes For Healthy Meals That Will "restart" The Body
Video: Brew Strong | Stuck Fermentation 2023, May

The chef, the best healthy lifestyle influencer according to the Live Organic Awards - 2019 and the author of the books “Food as a holiday” and “Healthy cooking” Sergey Leonov told us about the rich world of fermented foods.

Simply put, fermentation is fermentation, we only need to start the process and control it, the rest of the miracle will happen without our help. Yes, yes, a real miracle, because we take seemingly simple products, add a pinch of spices, and as a result we get an elixir of youth and health, a superfood that fills us with antioxidants, strengthens the immune system and prevents the penetration of infections into the body.

There is only one condition: to cook them yourself, and not to buy them in supermarkets, because in store products there is usually sugar in the composition, which nullifies all the useful properties.

I have not heard about the benefits of probiotics, probably only a deaf person, but they do not stay here for a long time, so there will be little sense from using them on great holidays, but if you make it a good habit, you will quickly feel the effect. Calm down: there is no need to have breakfast, lunch and dinner with cabbage.

Fermented products are not only sauerkraut, but also sauces (mustard, tomato salsa, avocado mayonnaise with the addition of probiotic cabbage juice), sour milk (water kefir, maybe not so well-known, but it is great friends with baked goods, replacing the sourdough there, yeast, sugar). And the drinks! If you want - make homemade lemonade, if you want - fashionable kombucha (a drink made from kombucha).

If you care what will happen tomorrow, start the operation "Fermentation", and we are sure: the body will thank you.


Korean-German cabbage with beets and caraway seeds

Spicy spicy cabbage to support the liver, intestines and eliminate toxins. Slimness and complete disappearance of edema is a nice bonus!

  • White cabbage - 500 gr
  • Beets - 100 gr
  • Carrots - 100 gr
  • Radish - 60 gr
  • Daikon - 100 gr
  • Kohlrabi - 100 gr
  • Garlic - 10 gr
  • Ginger - 10 gr
  • Paprika flakes - 2 g
  • Wakame seaweed - 5 g
  • Cumin - 3 gr
  • Green onions - 10 gr
  • Salt - 20 gr

The yield is 1 kg.

Cooking scheme (one for three recipes):

Cut all ingredients into thin strips. Peel the pineapple, remove the hard core, cut the pulp into small 1 × 1 cm cubes. Grate the garlic and ginger on a fine grater.

Add spices, knead the salad until a large amount of juice appears and tamp it into a jar.

Ferment for three days at room temperature. Then try it, if you already like the taste, put it in the refrigerator. If not, then wait another day.


Pineapple cabbage

A salad that will make you an "electric broom"! It is an energy booster and fat burner in one bottle.

  • White cabbage - 700 g
  • Turmeric - 5 g
  • Pineapple - 200 g
  • Apple - 90 g
  • Garlic - 5 g
  • Salt - 20 g

The yield is 1 kg.


Red cabbage with ginger and lime

Long live a keen eye, a sea of energy and vigor all day!

  • Red cabbage - 930 gr
  • Ginger - 15 gr
  • Garlic - 15 gr
  • Hot paprika flakes - 5 gr
  • Sweet paprika with flakes - 5 gr
  • Lime - 1 piece
  • Salt - 20 gr

The yield is 1 kg.

Sergey Leonov
Sergey Leonov

Sergey Leonov

Photo: Getty Images, author's archives

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