Natalya Revyakina - How To Create An Online Store

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Natalya Revyakina - How To Create An Online Store
Natalya Revyakina - How To Create An Online Store

Video: Natalya Revyakina - How To Create An Online Store

Video: Natalya Revyakina - How To Create An Online Store
Video: How To Build An Online Store (E-Commerce Tutorial!) 2023, June

The idea to launch a service for moms and babies came about by chance. My girlfriends and I drank coffee and fantasized. We all worked in the financial sector then, but dreamed of starting our own business. Such that it was useful and pleasant at the same time. They began to analyze the market - what is it that modern women lack? At first we were drawn to the field of healthy eating, but this niche seemed to be already occupied. So we came up with a service for busy mothers (although out of five people in our startup, only two have children) - to sell educational kits for children from two to seven years old via the Internet. All of this somehow immediately ignited.

Our service works by subscription - you register on the site, conclude an agreement for a specific period and receive a thematic box every month. For example, "Robots", "Safari", "Human body", "Trains". The kit usually includes an instruction in the form of a learning fairy tale with pictures, a good book (usually from novelties), a small DIY kit, an original toy, a set of educational cards with pictures, applications, coloring pages. All available materials such as thread and glue are also included. This stuff is enough for about 8-10 lessons, and then, when the kid gets bored, a new set comes with a new topic.

In the US, online shopping for moms by subscription is in high demand - we checked it out. Such a service is also gaining momentum with us - for example, cosmetic kits by subscription are very popular. And we decided that there will be demand for our service. Many women combine work and parenting, and our kits save time - you don't need to go to the store, rack your brains, what else to keep your child busy. Each item has been tested by child psychologists, educators and parents. And the toys themselves, as a rule, are unique - they are not in stores, because we work with small suppliers.

We launched two years ago and for the first year we did not leave our banks - we were afraid. We worked on the startup at night and on weekends. But when you work for an "uncle" - this is one thing, and when for yourself - quite another, it is never a burden. We quickly put together a team, in a hurry, ourselves, using free online constructors, of which there are a million on the Internet (,,,,, made a simple website - By the way, he served us for over a year. We created groups on all social networks, including Odnoklassniki, Twitter and, of course, Instagram. We found the top 10 popular mom bloggers and sent them, as well as all their friends, our sets as a gift. Asked to write honest reviews. Some people liked it. The first orders came - at first we delivered them ourselves. People found out about us by chance, through word of mouth. At first, we didn’t disdain “guerrilla marketing” either: we went to stores selling laptops and tablets and loaded our website.

After a year, sales grew so much that we all decided to quit our main job. How cool it was! True, now the border between work and personal life has disappeared. But other incentives and excitement appeared. You understand why you are trying. And there is much more satisfaction, although we earn less than in the bank. And we work more, although the schedule is more or less free. But before I wanted to take a vacation to the fullest, but now it's a pity to spend it. I would like to invest almost all my time in the project.

The first year we did not look for investments, but invested our own funds - only about $ 20,000. If you divide this amount by five, you get very little money, especially if you split it over a whole year. The fact that we all have an economic education (Moscow State University, Higher School of Economics) and the fact that there was a very strong Internet marketer in the team (he is the only man among us, and he has a child) also helped a lot. A year later, we won a start-up competition and ended up in a business incubator (these are funds that support promising start-ups - with money, premises, training). Now we are in another business incubator, we were given an office on Krasny Oktyabr, for which we also do not pay. We are actively expanding, improving the site and investing in marketing.

Starting a startup alone is difficult. You need a team that you trust - this is very important. I had no idea how many people are ready to help me. The main thing is not to be afraid to ask.

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