Test: How Your Colleagues Perceive You

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Test: How Your Colleagues Perceive You
Test: How Your Colleagues Perceive You

Video: Test: How Your Colleagues Perceive You

Video: Test: How Your Colleagues Perceive You
Video: “How Would Your Previous Work Colleagues Describe You?” (BRILLANT ANSWER to this Interview Question) 2023, May

1. At school you were a girl who:

♠ She raised her hand first.

♦ She initiated mass absenteeism.

♥ She let me write off.

2. Your parents told their friends about you something like the following:

♠ Golden child, we have no problems with her.

♦ Hmm, you won't get bored with her.

♥ It is useless to bring up her.

3. As a child, you dreamed of becoming:

♦ A teacher.

♠ Hairdresser.

♥ Ice cream saleswoman.

4. Now you say that your job:

♠ Feeds you.

♥ Brings you pleasure.

♦ Keeps you in good shape.

5. You would be glad to hear from your boss:

♠ What a fine fellow! What would we do without you?

♦ Amazing! Where did you get so much energy?

♥ How talented! And why is there so much creativity in you?

6. You hate when the boss:

♦ Contradicts you.

♠ You are interrupted.

♥ Pressing on you.

7. The gossip that colleagues exchange during lunch causes you to:

♠ Indifference.

♥ Curiosity.

♦ Irritation.


8. Asking for help if you can't cope with the work is:

♦ A smart move.

♥ Show trust.

♠ Sign of weakness.

9. If a colleague takes over your idea during a meeting, you tell yourself:

♥ She has a lot of ambitions!

♠ She is a dangerous person.

♦ She's a dishonest player.

10. If you worked in the HR department, which candidates would you prefer?

♦ Experienced.

♠ Charming.

♥ Creative.

11. How will you feel if someone from outside starts criticizing your company?

♠ Take offense.

♦ Be very offended.

♥ Be happy to keep the conversation going, tell something funny about your bosses.

12. Intense atmosphere, conflict, intrigue … What do you want to do when things are not going well in the office?

♠ Hide in the toilet and cry.

♥ Provoke a conflict to open up an abscess.

♦ Calm down colleagues, bring a cake or a couple of bottles of wine to work.

13. The boss gives you a birthday present. You regard this sign as:

♠ Promotion.

♦ Show generosity.

♥ Embarrassment, you are very embarrassed.

14. Teamwork sometimes:

♥ Limits the capabilities of each team member.

♦ It can be tedious, because everyone depends on each other.

♠ Always leads to a fight.

15. Working with a friend:

♠ It is possible, but not necessary.

♦ You can, if you are sure of it.

♥ Need and point.

Test result


Mother goose

“I can’t live without you, but you can’t go anywhere without me,” is your motto. You want to be needed and needed at work, where everyone around you recognizes your merits. But it's not just that you are a professional, you are appreciated for something else. Who, if not you, can cry out grievances, who can you ask for support? Moreover, there are always plasters, tampons and tablets for all diseases in the drawers of your desk.

Your Strength: Kind and considerate, you play the role of an office psychotherapist. You have an invaluable ability to smooth corners that helps maintain a good team atmosphere and a fighting team spirit. Where did you get all this? It's all about the inexhaustible faith in people that is peculiar to you.

Your Weakness: Being a mother hen is great. If you don't overdo it. Chicks that are already fledged may find your concern inappropriate and perceive it as an encroachment on their freedom. Others, distrustful ones, will question your good intentions. Also, do not forget that your colleagues sometimes enjoy feeling like preschoolers, but more often they want to assert themselves. Do not blame them if they do it at your expense.

A valuable thought: Be careful not to get too emotionally involved in the work process. Your ebullient energy will come in handy for building a relationship with a man. And for raising children - their own, real ones.


Independent republic

“Freedom is not begged for, it is won,” this is your credo. You do not tolerate an authoritarian leadership style and do not like to be contradicted. It is very important for you to work in an atmosphere of mutual trust and respect, otherwise there can be no question of any creative process. Compliments and congratulations baffle you and reduce your performance. If others appreciate your talent, that's fine. And if one of these unfortunates made a remark to you, let him blame himself. Are you not appreciated enough? Never mind, you will find a place where things will be different! In general, you are right. Even if you are not always confident in yourself, you know perfectly well that you are extraordinary and talented.

Your Strength: You are everyone's friend, it is pleasant to gossip, dine and smoke with you (even if you do not smoke). Colleagues appreciate you not only for being the soul of the company, but also for your creativity.

Weakness: It is a pleasure to be with you, but some people think that you are sometimes too much. You, of course, consider it necessary to defend your point of view and share ideas, thoughts, experiences. Others also want to be able to do so.

Valuable thought: If you find a compromise between being more patient and less resentful, you will break the bank. Doubt yourself less and take into account the mood of others more. After all, even the most independent needs to communicate for complete happiness.


Mind, honor and conscience

“If there is a problem, then there is a solution,” is your slogan. You are from the category of people for whom work is the main mission in life. Why did it happen? Are you a perfectionist? Or do you just like order, rules and duties so much - like in the army? Whatever is behind it, colleagues can always count on you.

Your strength: Pragmatic, reliable, involved … Your colleagues appreciate these qualities, and in the eyes of the boss you are also the ideal subordinate. You will never refuse to linger or work hard on the weekend? If it is necessary for a common cause, you will even come on Easter.

Your weakness: The excellent students are very strict with themselves and with others and argue with colleagues who are in the clouds. You hate uncertainty and lack of obligation - if you have made an appointment, you have to come on time; if you took a pen, you have to put it back. Those who are late and do not put in place may start to go crazy with you.

Valuable Thought: Even if you love your job, admit that you could be a little happier in this office. For example, if relations with colleagues were a little less formal. So fill them with emotions! Even if you are not going to go with colleagues to restaurants and clubs, even if you do not want to open up completely in front of them, allow yourself to talk a little on abstract topics at work and listen to what they say in response.

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