8 Examples Of The Perfect Business Style

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8 Examples Of The Perfect Business Style
8 Examples Of The Perfect Business Style

Video: 8 Examples Of The Perfect Business Style

Video: 8 Examples Of The Perfect Business Style
Video: Business Casual for Men: Everything You Need to Know (Shoes, Jeans, History, DOs and DON'Ts) 2023, June

Arina Slynko

Vice President of the Russian holding "BTK Group"


DRESS CODE. I have been in big business for many years, where a business dress code is adopted: things of a straight cut, restrained colors. You can emphasize femininity with fabrics of different textures and interesting accessories. I buy classic Valentino suits - they are perfect cut. And VictoriBeckham sheath dresses are of good length, made of dense fabric. You can go anywhere in them. I have a lot of basic things, I can afford to wear a Vince T-shirt in a neutral color under the suit.

SEXY. At work, I'm mostly surrounded by men - very charismatic. They wear suits, which makes them even more masculine.

FOR STATUS. In our industry, status is determined by professionalism, not by how expensive or fashionable a person is dressed.

MY SAMOPIAR. I have both Facebook and Instagram accounts, but I hardly do them, I don't have enough time. Sometimes I share my personal travel experiences and sporting achievements.

ALL DAY ON LEGS. In classic Valentino, Saint Laurent or Christian Louboutin pumps, I can spend the whole day as in slippers. The color is neutral, but you can also bright, turquoise. Louboutin has a very beautiful model Iriza. Black lacquer is certainly not suitable for my work, so I wear beige.

MY VOICE. I am a gentle leader. If I make a request, I start with the words "Prepare, please" or "Do it, please."

Louis Vuitton SS18

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Eileen Suntey

First Vice President of Gazprombank OJSC


DRESS CODE. The bank assumes a conservative style, but I love fashion, and I would call my style fashion elegance. Instead of business suits, I wear dresses from Chanel, StellMcCartney, Lanvin, Saint Laurent. With them - necklaces, bracelets. And bags!

SMALL TALK. At parties, my colleagues and I first discuss business, but women quickly switch to “What a beautiful dress! where did you buy it?”and it all ends with talking about travel.

SAMOPIAR. I do not write anything on the Internet, I save time for my husband and children. But I read blogs and check net-a-porter.com and Browns London for new items.

SEXY. Before Gazprombank I worked in Europe, where women wear pantsuits. In Russia, you can afford to look feminine and elegant.

MY VOICE. I have three principles of communication at work: a little formality, always politeness and, finally, accuracy. I say, “Please, can you do this? You need to finish by some time. " I noticed that in Russia people always want to know when the deadline is, and I support this need.

ALL DAY ON LEGS. I am not very tall, so I always wear heels - Prada, Sergio Rossi, Christian Louboutin. For the evening I have boats decorated with rhinestones.

Miu Miu SS18

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Anna Vikhareva

Owner of Principe PR Prive agency


DRESS CODE. I have it free, according to the mix & match principle. On ordinary days I wear Guess jeans, Gucci mules with heels, I keep Gucci pumps in the car in reserve if I have to go to an important event after work. If I need to wear an evening dress, then I always have something from Cavalli or Dolce & Gabbana, their styles fit me like a glove. But if I have a friendly meeting, I can come in what I wear for groceries. And if I have a bad hair day, the Bogner cap saves.

SEXY. In our line of business, dress is fashionable and sexuality is considered vulgar. You can only afford it on a date in Mario. But they try not to forget about femininity.

FOR STATUS. Mind and reputation are more important. The Birkin bag is almost indecent with us. As well as the main must-haves of the season: in the fashion industry, people are conservative in their own way, do not follow our favorite fashion on the occasion, dress in their own style.

ALL DAY ON LEGS. If sneakers, then extraordinary: instead of New Balance in Milan, I definitely go to Porsche Design. I wear them with a skirt to the floor. From the fact that with heels, I love Gucci and 12-centimeter Louboutans. For the evening I bought Miu Miu ankle boots.

SMALL TALK. At parties (not friendly, but workers) we discuss the news: who entered the Russian market, who went where. We gossip about journalists, wash bones. We are not talking about politics.

MY VOICE. I usually start conversations with employees with the words: "So, so!" Joke! In fact, I say: "We must do it." Or less often, "Please do it."

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Katrin Borisov

Art director of the RuArts gallery


DRESS CODE. My style is minimalistic, restrained. It has a name - "gallery". I wear mostly black and white plus red lipstick. Shirts, laconic tops with pipe trousers (blue or black in winter, white in summer). I love jewelry very much, and recently I fell in love with jewelry: a large jewelry on the neck, something small in the ears. And bracelets. My clothes are mostly from Cos (cheaper) and Jil Sander (more expensive).

MY VOICE. If I appeal to the whole team, then I write a letter: "Dear colleagues, please pay attention to this …".

PEOPLE AROUND ME. Artists, art critics … There are very different images, but more often smart casual with a touch of artistry. They wear bright prints and they do it in a highly artistic way. I welcome the “work like a holiday” approach.

ALL DAY ON LEGS. Shoes are my passion. I have Trippen platform boots with strange lacing, similar to traditional Japanese shoes - this is a gift and I loved it. But I myself buy studs from Fratelli Rossetti, Sergio Rossi and Jimmy Choo.

SMALL TALK. At parties, if there is an entertainment program, I dance. If we talk, then naturally, without immersion in esotericism and politics. But we are talking about the profession: whether a particular artist has outlived its usefulness or whether he still has a future, whether he was justly awarded the prize.

SAMOPIAR. I use my Facebook account for work, and on my Instagram, which is open to a small circle of people, I use photos from galleries and museums. But nothing human is alien to me, so I take a selfie. Not lifts, but large portraits - I demonstrate new hairstyles. I change them often.

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Olga Semanova

Development Director of Kirill Gusev Holding "Restaurant Syndicate"


DRESS CODE. I plan the schedule for the week - and things, accordingly, too. I have to meet with partners, with restaurateurs for 12 hours every day, so I am dressed practically, comfortably, according to the status, level of negotiations and my inner impulse of life. I have to feel at peace, so I wear Max Mar suits and Chanel jackets, they are warm and look good with trousers and light blouses. My colors are deep blue, green, blue, beige, white. I worked in New York for a long time, so I had to get used to the fact that it is customary for top management to dress very brightly in Moscow.

PEOPLE AROUND ME. I would rate the sexuality of female colleagues at two points out of five: they began to dress interestingly, the screaming sexuality is leaving Moscow. This makes me happy!

ALL DAY ON LEGS. I am tall - 175 centimeters, so I can walk in ballet shoes: VerWang, Ralph Lauren, two-tone Manolo Blahnik. If there are pumps, then the heels are no more than 5 centimeters.

SMALL TALK. At parties where people from the restaurant business gather, they discuss gossip, the names of new places and their main chips. Then we always turn to something related to food - this is professional.

MY VOICE. All orders - only by e-mail. I always use the following form: “Colleagues, please…”. I use my phrases with respect because the modern world is built on teamwork. When people feel like they are part of a whole, things are more efficient.

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Natalia Shkuleva

Publisher of Elle, Elle Decoration and Elle Girl magazines


DRESS CODE. I'm lucky to be in the fashion industry, there is no dress code as such. On the contrary, freedom of choice is welcomed. I can wear a sheath dress with boats, the next day an elegant pantsuit, the third day, pants with a jumper and lots of accessories. I wear what I feel comfortable in and what emphasizes my figure.

SEXY. My colleagues carefully monitor how they look. All images for social events are thought out in great detail. I would rate the level of our sexuality at all five plus!

SAMOPIAR. On Facebook I have a closed account - there I communicate with real friends and colleagues. I also receive news from there. And on Instagram, my account is open, and it is dedicated to my personal life. There are photos of us with my husband, Andrey Malakhov.

FOR STATUS. In any industry, the most important thing for a woman now is how her face and body looks. We are proud of our healthy lifestyle, proper nutrition, sports. In this case, expensive things fade into the background.

SMALL TALK. In our industry, we don't talk about money, cars and real estate. But they like to ask personal questions. For example, "What brand of dress do you have?" or "Tell me what you did to lose weight?"

ALL DAY ON LEGS. If I don't have meetings, I wear flat soles - ballet flats, loafers. But I put on boats for negotiations. In my opinion, these are the sexiest shoes for women.

MY VOICE. At work - neutral and polite. For example: "Could you please prepare …".

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Daria Kuzovleva

Founder of the Q'Atelier atelier


DRESS CODE. My style is more casual than the traditional office dress code. For example, today I'm wearing bright green Kenzo pants, a gray top, and bronze Gianvito Rossi boats with a metal toe. And on another day I can put on rough shoes, I can afford it. I don't have to find a compromise between dress code and what goes.

ALL DAY ON LEGS. I have Ash sneakers that I could always wear. But there are also a lot of Gianvito Rossi and Jean-Michel Cazabat boats - from python leather and burgundy suede, from beige and black patent leather, black with rivets.

MY VOICE. I am a gentle person. I usually start with the daily routine: "Today we need to do this and this …". Returning from a business trip, I demand a report with the question "How are we doing?" The work takes place in a friendly atmosphere, but I do not cross the line between business and personal relationships.

FOR STATUS. Fashionable Rolex bags and watches - they go well with casual items. And at the same time, nude makeup is a hallmark of girls from the fashion industry. From cosmetics, we only have mascara, blush and lip gloss.

SAMOPIAR. On Instagram and Facebook, I post only relaxed travel photos, although in reality these are all business trips.

Céline SS18

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Inna Fedorkova

Product Manager Samsung Russia


DRESS CODE. Basically, I wear dresses to work, it's more comfortable. My work style is feminine business casual, that is, nothing too tight, but in a way that emphasizes the dignity of my figure. I have a lot of stuff from Reiss and Massimo Dutti. I match my watch to my clothes. I even have Swatch styled in Russian.

MY VOICE. At work, you need to express your thoughts as concretely as possible, for example: "I have a request to you: you need to do this and that."

OFFICE BAG. It should be expensive and beautiful, rigid in shape. Not big and not small.

PEOPLE AROUND ME. The sexuality and femininity of what my colleagues wear to the office, I would rate average, 3-4 on a five-point scale.

SMALL TALK. At parties where professionals from our field gather, we mainly talk about work, who did what, who is great today.

ALL DAY ON LEGS. At work, I mostly wear ballet flats, but I understand that sometimes heels are needed.

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