Anastasia Panibratova: If You Were Born In The Desert, You Are Less Likely To Have Taste

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Anastasia Panibratova: If You Were Born In The Desert, You Are Less Likely To Have Taste
Anastasia Panibratova: If You Were Born In The Desert, You Are Less Likely To Have Taste

Video: Anastasia Panibratova: If You Were Born In The Desert, You Are Less Likely To Have Taste

Video: Anastasia Panibratova: If You Were Born In The Desert, You Are Less Likely To Have Taste
Video: Sheldoncole – Anastasia 2023, June

EDUCATION: Architectural class of the St. Petersburg State Academic Art Lyceum. B. V. Ioganson of the Russian Academy of Arts and the Faculty of Architecture of the Russian Academy of Arts named after I. E. Repina

PORTFOLIO: More than 50 restaurants, public and private facilities in St. Petersburg, Moscow, London, including the grand cafe “Dr. Zhivago”and other projects of the restaurateur A. Rappoport; the office of the marketing agency IQ marketing, which is among the ten best offices in Russia; design of VIP-zones of the International Economic Forum in St. Petersburg (from 2009 to the present); registration of admission in Geneva on the occasion of Russia's accession to the WTO (2011). Included in the ratings of the best interior designers in Russia.

Who is in the first place - a designer or an architect?

Still an architect. Although most of my projects are design. My path has always been independent, I have not worked for a day, have not been a member of any architectural bureau. Who will entrust a student or yesterday's student with some big projects at once? But I grew up with my own projects.

And where did you start?

Well, my first project was a round house for a plasticine kitty, which I made out of an empty Viola can. Remember those small round jars of Viol processed cheese in our childhood? I loved the fairy tale "Cat's House" very much. It was tiny, but with small chairs and tables - just a whole house. And in the matchbox there was a mouse house.

So what is next?

I studied in the architecture class at the school at the Repin Academy of Arts and then entered the architectural department there. And from the third year I began to build something, took orders. For example, the Saigon nightclub on Nevsky, projects for Tinkov's companies, some apartments, the first office of the IQ marketing agency.

How did you find your first clients?

Mainly through friends, someone periodically recommended me - "but there is a girl, she will definitely handle it." And with my first apartment, a funny story happened. They have already developed a layout, paid an advance payment to my teacher, a professional and highly demanded architect. By the way, she is a teacher of genius, I owe all the best in myself to this person. So, I made an offer for the layout, and it so happened that it satisfied customers more. They say: “Listen, how did it happen? The same number of meters, more rooms, more area - what's the catch? " And I just cleaned the corridors, made a different logistics system, came up with a different scenario for moving around the apartment. And in the end, oddly enough, they chose my option.

Did you have financial backers?

No, I even bought my first computer myself. Although I'm lying: a young man bought me a triangle with an interchangeable angle for crazy money for us then - 100 euros. As a diploma work, I did a project for a museum of modern art. I needed an angle of 27 degrees - you can't draw that with a regular triangle. (For her diploma, Anastasia received several prizes and awards, and the project itself was exhibited at the Weimar University Bauhaus. - approx. MC.)

Is there such a thing as taste - is it born with it or can it be developed?

If you were born in the desert, then you are less likely to have taste than when you were born and raised in a rich cultural environment. I believe that taste is, first of all, family. In my profession, the visual experience that parents gave in childhood is very important. In our case, these were trips to the Hermitage, visits to the conservatory, joint trips throughout the country. Taste is the people you talk to, the books you read, the movies you watch. It all shapes your thinking. Therefore, I think that it is possible to educate him.


Is it necessary to study a lot to become a successful designer?

Many people call themselves interior designers because they have built their own apartment or advised someone. I've been studying this for ten years.

And if you are already over thirty or more, but have a dream - to become an interior designer?

Then at least find a two-year version of a school where you will be taught to work with materials, teach compositions, teach you to fantasize. In Moscow, for example, there is the British School of Design. I myself would love to learn somewhere in the West: in London at Central Saint Martins or in Italy. In general, I really like the idea of several higher educations.

What did you spend your first earnings on?

I went to rest in the Baltics. I was very young, I went to school. My friends and I came to draw sketches on Krestovsky Island. There are very beautiful mansions, and one was occupied by the Swiss consulate. Suddenly some guys in suits came out of the mansion, looked, walked around, then approached me and my friend and said: "Finish, please come over there." Well, they pointed to that building. It turned out to be the consul of Switzerland - he wanted to buy my watercolor. Then at school we went to Germany, we had exhibitions there, we sold our works. At the university, I also drew something to someone all the time, made watercolor copies, painted nesting dolls. And then, when she had already graduated from the institute and was about to go to graduate school, she unexpectedly won the tender for Megafon. They had a public launch back then,and my colleagues and I designed and built an exhibition stand for them. And I earned money for the car.

How long is your working day?

Differently. I can leave the office at three in the morning.

Is it harmful for a woman to work hard?

I believe that you have to work as much as you need to get the result. But at the same time, pretend that you never work. Look like you've just taken a break.

How is this possible?

My minimum - I go several times a week for styling, once a week for a manicure. I believe that a woman should be harmonious in everything. Just because she has a career doesn't mean she shouldn't have a personal life. And vice versa. Why can't there be two business stories in one family? They can!

You have to work as much as you need. But at the same time, look as if you are just from a vacation.


Do you really think so?

Of course I do. Because over time, the most beloved wife may become uninteresting, because another one will appear, which is faster, better, stronger, more interesting, more fun. And it's not even about age and appearance.

Do you often use attractiveness in business?

I use it, of course. I have no romance with clients, but I don't mind if they give me a coat, give me a hand. I will not refuse a glass of champagne, if it is appropriate, of course. I think this is just a must. Born a girl - be patient, you already get a lot in life. But if there are those rare moments that can be used, they should be used. The world of business, the world of architecture is still a very masculine world. There is both sexism and chauvinism. And you constantly have to prove that you are worth something. But with all this, one must remain a woman. It seems to me that a strong woman is very sexy. Great role model.

Is it your principled position not to have affairs with clients? Through bed is also a way to build a career

I have enough experience for clients to hire me because of my professional qualities. But, of course, there cannot be principled positions in a relationship. Everything related to chemistry, feelings, emotions is very difficult to control. You can control mathematical formulas and drawings, but this is impossible. But in any case, there must be chemistry between people. I try not to take objects if I don't like people. Having an affair is not my style. I prefer to be friends. The same chemistry in my life was, perhaps, only twice.

Have you ever scared off a potential boyfriend when he found out about your success?

Those who are afraid - pass by. In general, I don't have such a problem: my men are more and more interesting every time. I will never be with a weak man, because I must, first of all, be behind him, his shadow. But at the same time be independent.

When a woman like you says, "I must be his shadow," it shifts the focus a little

Why not? This is family and home. When you enter home, you leave work outside the door.

But you just made a business meeting with me for nine in the evening

Yes, because I have been free for two months now.

Are you not afraid to be alone?

I will not be left alone. As a last resort, there is always the opportunity to go through the pages of a notebook (laughs). In general, now is the time for singles. Today, unfortunately or fortunately, is a different time. Many of us have played a little with this professional story. We got on the wave when it became permissible not to be married at the age of 25.

And even at thirty, and later

And even at thirty. And then the moment of choosing a person is already coming - your requirements are growing. And the person has to you. Therefore, it all must match. And I'm not interested in anything. I am confident about the jackpot.

How did you meet restaurateur Alexander Rappoport?

We were in a common company visiting artists Totibadze. And we just saw each other many times. We have a mutual friend - he built an office for him. Alexander Leonidovich asked to recommend a designer. And that man advised me.

Are you comfortable working with him?

Yes and no. I really like that he is demanding and does not allow cheating. A person who has a position. I'm sure that with another client, a place like “Dr. Zhivago ", would hardly have worked.

That is, you agree on tastes?

Yes, he gives the hooliganism. Adventurer. Well, who in their right mind would have given a blindfold to sculptures of pioneers? A little more - and it will be kitsch. And so it's grotesque.

What are your strengths?

My fundamental education allows me to carry out projects in a variety of styles - I actively use this. I know how to make a competent layout. Spatial thinking is 100% important. I feel the space and the people I work with. I quickly understand what they want.

How to sell yourself to an employer?

At the first stages of communication with a client, I prefer personal presentations of my office. I try not to send in my portfolio (you can't even see it online - my architectural studio doesn't have a website, just a splash screen). This is a principled position - I always prefer to meet in person. A smile is very important. Charm. Charisma. Good intentions. Watchfulness. Openness to life, to changes. I never close the doors to opportunities - they can come out of the blue.

The choice of Anastasia Panibratova

Favorite perfume: Herme`s Un Jardin sur le Nil

Favorite clothing brand: David Koma, Comme des garcons, Alexander McQueen, Herme`s

Fashion fetish: shoes, swimwear

Shopping city: Cannes

Favorite vacation spot: the whole world

Car: Mercedes-Benz E-Class

Photo: Anastasia Khavzhu

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