Beauty Cocktail: Emotions And Traditions

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Beauty Cocktail: Emotions And Traditions
Beauty Cocktail: Emotions And Traditions

Video: Beauty Cocktail: Emotions And Traditions

Video: Beauty Cocktail: Emotions And Traditions
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Marie Claire: The name of your company stands for “Beauty and only beauty will save the world” - in fact, you are engaged in marketing communications in the field of beauty. Why this particular area? What attracts you so much?

Olga Miroshnichenko: I am convinced that the world is filled with love to a much greater extent than evil and aggression. Beauty is love. First of all, the beauty of the inner world, the beauty of the human soul. It is no coincidence that Dostoevsky voiced this fundamental thesis in the novel The Idiot. We, dealing with beauty brands, are confident that by bringing particles of external beauty into this world, we motivate people to work on internal beauty.

MS: BBOSW has been on the market for eight years. How have your priorities changed during this time, ideas about what is most important and promising for you?

OM: In fact, they haven't changed in any way. BBOSW is primarily a brand with a strong cultural and philosophical base. At the end of 2015, we celebrated the 100th anniversary of the birth of my grandfather, Anatoly Alekseevich Eliseev. It was he who, as a child, instilled in me a love of the world, nature, people. The collection of emotions of the BBOSW brand is, in fact, the traditions and emotions of many generations of my family. And the BBOSW company itself is one big family. Therefore, the most important priority is precisely to remember and maintain traditions and create new ones.

MS: So what is successful communication?

ОМ: In a broad sense, successful communication is a clear understanding of all participants about its goals and objectives. The main thing is that everyone is talking about the same thing without changing the subject. Problems begin when people talk about the same thing, but everyone means completely different things to themselves. And if we talk about marketing communications, then it is important here that the brand understands the consumer, his psychology. For me, marketing communications in the field of beauty is the art of understanding the world around us, the essence of physical and mental beauty. Professional communication is akin to consulting a psychologist, who is obliged to meet correctly, listen to, ask correct questions and tactfully direct in one direction or another. And, of course, it is important to observe politeness and the principles of diplomacy.

MS: How would you describe the spirit of BBOSW?

OM: Love for the world: nature, people. Constant formation of a positive mood around.

MS: What is your main achievement for today?

ОМ: At first we positioned BBOSW as an analytical, expert company serving clients in the beauty industry. Actually, the way it is. We successfully work with almost all A and B category clients in the field of perfumery, cosmetics and fashion. We are sincerely grateful to all our clients for such a unique opportunity. But now BBOSW is verbally and visually registered as a trademark, and we are gradually entering the market with the products of our own beauty brand - with our own history and philosophy. Having at the same time all the necessary resources for marketing promotion within the company, and this is a very extraordinary case in the global market.


MS: I heard that in the fall you are launching your own clothing line. Tell us about the concept, the designers you work with. Who are your potential clients?

OM: I don’t really like to talk about what has not happened yet, but yes, there are such plans. In general, we have always sewed clothes for our clients, intended for some kind of advertising campaigns. And about two years ago we opened our own creative workshop on Tsvetnoy Boulevard - in the same place where our office is located. It is led by the most talented person Alla Kraevskaya, the leading designer of the BBOSW brand. At the first stages, we received orders from employees of companies that are our customers, who were convinced of the quality of our products more than once. Our dresses, which we sew to individual orders, are already worn in France and Italy, in Austria and America. At first, no one even believes that they were created by a Moscow designer. In addition to the women's line, we are also developing men's clothing, and this is a very promising area today.

MS: What is the ideal vacation for you?

OM: I rest when my soul is calm. It is not at all necessary to go somewhere - although I love changing parallels and meridians, as they say, changing pictures. I like to communicate with different people and just enjoy nature - there is even such a direction, "landscape therapy". I need it from time to time. But the best rest is when loved ones are nearby and everyone is doing well.

MS: You probably have your favorite beauty treatments. What kind?

OM: In this regard, everything is simple for me. Manicure-pedicure in four hands, so as not to waste time and at the same time have time to watch some film that I will not watch anywhere else, except in the salon. Massage. Anyone, it doesn't matter, in a beauty salon or a medical center. And sometimes moisturizing facials. Perhaps that's all. AND! The main thing! Good mood, smile and good deeds!

MS: What's always in your makeup bag?

OM: Not much: mascara, a couple of shades of lip gloss. I think that it is always better not before than before.

MS: I am sure that among our readers there are many who want to join your team. How can I do that?

ОМ.: We are always glad to have good people and strong professionals. Moreover, there is a lot of work. And all the coordinates are on the company's website. If there is a desire to talk to me personally, it is extremely easy to do it.

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