Migratory Birds: Travel Secrets Of Business Ladies

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Migratory Birds: Travel Secrets Of Business Ladies
Migratory Birds: Travel Secrets Of Business Ladies

Video: Migratory Birds: Travel Secrets Of Business Ladies

Video: Migratory Birds: Travel Secrets Of Business Ladies
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"A glass of Chablis at the bar, salmon tartare - incredible lightness of being!"

Tatiana Rogachenko, 49 years old, CEO Jean Louis David Russia:

Experience of frequent business trips - 24 years. Route per year - about 200,000 km


Ease is a priority. I hate getting ready. I overcome stress every time: perhaps this is a legacy of the past, when I spent at least a third of my working time on business trips and did not even put my suitcase in the closet. Climate change does not make life easier for travelers, so the suitcase should be large - then I take as many things as possible so as not to think about what to wear. For many years I have been traveling with Lancel suitcases (I am a Frenchwoman, I originally chose the brand for its elegance and tradition), but I plan to switch to German Rimows - their modern models are lighter, and I try to travel with the least weight.

Take things-transformers. If the trip is short, things are saved, which can "with one movement of the hand" from casual turn into smart clothes for dinner. For example, leather pants, white shirt, tuxedo jacket. This will allow you to fly away with your luggage, which you can take into the cabin. To get through security faster, I put on my flat shoes and immediately show my Love Cartier bracelets, which I never part with.

Less makeup. Always with me - Light-Expert foundation and Baume de Rose lip balm by By Terry, Diorshow Iconic mascara, Dior, and Portrait of Lady by Frederic Malle. If the trip is long, I don't put on makeup before the flight, but I do it already on the plane. I take the water spray and Valmont collagen masks to the salon. Train and car - Evian water bottle and disinfectant wipes.

Give yourself some pleasure. I do not take anti-jetlag pills, I prefer to recover without them, although business trips turn everything upside down. I love magazines on the road and airports, which have a seafood bar Caviar House & Prunier. Perhaps my favorite in Geneva is because it is a small airport in a conservative city. A glass of Chablis at the bar, salmon tartare - incredible lightness of being! And if I go to a new place for myself, then in parallel with the work program I try to visit all local must see.

Allow yourself to be frank. The road has an amazing property to reveal people and makes us more trusting, open. Locked in a train carriage or the cabin of an airplane, we suddenly indulge in revelations. We are bored, no one knows us, and there are still many hours ahead. Psychologists believe that anonymous confession on the road is akin to psychotherapy.

Be serious. In order to increase the comfort of your flight, it is useful to have a premium card. If they ask me at the front desk who I would like to sit with, I always answer with a smile: with the most charming man. Or one, since meeting with such, and not snoring, snoring or gloomy, is extremely rare. And, you know, once a girl at check-in took my joke very seriously: not finding a worthy companion, she decided to put me in the first row of business class! But in general, I am very capricious and do not hesitate to speak if I don’t like something. Remember: whoever pays calls the tune.

"Thanks to the light alarm clock simulating dawn, I forgot what jetlag is!"

Elena Salakhetdinova, 29 years old, head of Lexus marketing department:

He regularly flies on long-distance business trips. Route in a year - over 120,000 km


Enter last, sit down at the beginning. I love to travel, plus my job involves frequent flights. For example, at the beginning of last month I visited London, and literally a week later I had to go to The Hague. To quickly go through security at the airport, I always wear quick-release shoes, and I put all my gadgets on the very top of my hand luggage. I try to check-in online a day before departure and choose a seat for myself at the beginning of the cabin - it shakes less there. Usually I am not in a hurry to get on the plane - I wait until the last passengers come.

Create a microclimate. I definitely take my thermal water-based moisturizing spray with me - it's necessary because of the low air humidity on the plane. I'm using Givenchy Mist Me Gently. The bottle size (100 ml) allows you to take it to the salon. Also in flight, noise canceling headphones are indispensable. Harman Kardon is saving me. Harman, by the way, produces premium audio systems for Lexus - Mark Levinson.

Choose multifunctionality. On business trips, I often have to make presentations, and I don't have much time for makeup. I follow the innovations in the cosmetic field! My favorite now is the Erborian BB cream. The result is great: minor imperfections and traces of fatigue are hidden, the skin glows and makeup lasts for a long time.

Demand the best. It's no secret that all hotels first sell worse rooms, and only then distribute those that are better. If I don't like the number, please show me another one. When booking a room, you must register your wishes. Ask for the best conditions! Also, pay attention to newly opened hotels: they often give good rooms at no extra charge to attract customers.

Download apps. If I plan to visit museums, then I definitely download audio guide applications to my phone. I save both money and time, and besides, I do not have to use devices dirty with tourists. I also buy entrance tickets online. You can go through them ten times faster. And I highly recommend saving the necessary parts of the map in the phone memory in advance so that you can use them without (paid) access to the Internet. I am using Maps.me app.

Rebuild naturally. Recently I was presented with a Philips Wake-up Light, which simulates dawn. The gradually increasing light allows you to wake up naturally. After long flights, it really became easier to enter the usual routine.

"I take two dresses with me a day, but I fly only in sneakers!"

Lika Blank, 35 years old, general director of the Domashny and STS Love TV channels, general producer of STS Media:

Flies for work every 10 days. The route per year is about 100,000 km.


Turn on foresight. You need to fly by a company that you 100% trust. For me, this is Aeroflot - it seems to me that it is beyond competition among all Russian and European air carriers. I always check-in online in advance - this helps to save nerves, for example, if I get stuck in a traffic jam on my way to the airport. I have a lot of clothes - I run a women's channel and I think it justifies my huge baggage. I prefer Samsonite suitcases, which can hold all the dresses and shoes needed for a trip. My approximate calculation: two outfits for each day of the trip and two more spare. Like a real girl, I chose a bright red suitcase - besides, it is easy to recognize on the conveyor belt. Paradox: the larger the suitcase, the less space remains in it!

Work in the air. In addition to my passport and good mood, I always take with me a reliable external battery Power Bank, a MacBook with unread mail, and an iPad Air tablet with project scripts. If an overly annoying neighbor comes across, I have a magical argument: "I urgently need to watch a new series at work!"

Fly beautifully. You should not save on your own cosmetic bag. On the road, I use: L'Occitane hand cream, Shiseido mattifying wipes, LMer moisturizing mask, Tangle Teezer comb, Narciso Rodriguez perfume, HelenRubinstein mascara, EOS Strawberry Sorbet lip balm, Jane Iredale mineral powder, and the Givenchy Vinyl Collection Lipstick. If I travel for a short time and take my luggage into the cabin (sometimes there is no other choice if a meeting is scheduled right after arrival), I have to pour my favorite lotions and shampoos into small bottles.

Put on your sneakers. One day I went to the airport immediately after meeting at a restaurant, without having time to change. During the flight, I took off my boots, and then I could not put them on - my legs were swollen. Since then I fly exclusively in sneakers, I prefer New Balance - even transatlantic flights are not scary in them.

"Warm Japanese Kao mask and Hermes cashmere scarf are my travel must-have!"

Ekaterina Nasonova, 38 years old, founder and director of the Nasonpearl brand:

The route for the year is about 280,000 km.


Combine the necessary and the pleasant. Trips, especially long ones, have become very boring over the last five years, so I try to combine business travel and entertainment. For example, in March of this year my travels were as follows: Hong Kong - Moscow - St. Petersburg - Moscow - Hong Kong - Shenzhen - Hong Kong - Jakarta - Phuket - Hong Kong. In total, about 24 thousand kilometers by airplanes, trains, cars … and legs in compression socks - they help a lot.

Choose quality. The formula for a successful trip is careful preparation and good luck. Before leaving, I always check the ticket, passport, phone number, in large cities I use the in-town check-in service and the express train to the airport - it's incredibly convenient and simple, I recommend it to everyone. In Asia, I choose Cathay - they have the best business lounges in the region, the best planes - and Singapore Airlines. Singapore Airlines has a reputation for being silk-soft for excellent service. I also love their signature uniform and the South Korean flight attendants all wear pearl earrings.

Minimize your luggage. I pack my suitcase quickly, I spend no more than an hour on it. On a short trip, it is better to take a cabin size and not check in anything. But since you cannot carry any creams and lotions over 100 ml, I take a travel pack - good ones from Clarins. On long trips, shoes, cosmetic bags and everything heavy I put in the bottom of the suitcase, to the wheels - this helps to keep things in order. The suitcase should be light, strong, with four wheels. I have not found anything better than the German Rimows. I know the entertainment programs on board almost by heart, they are changed once a month, so a volume of Chekhov and / or a modern ironic detective story is more interesting to me. Always in paperbacks, the old fashioned way. Music is required - different and a lot! The main thing is not to forget the USB cable for charging, now there are connections almost everywhere.

Drink, but don't eat. I try not to eat on board, drink more water - it's better not to forget to take a bottle of mineral and juices with me. No alcohol, otherwise you will be dehydrated.

Keep in shape. Before the trip, I do morning exercises, put on compression knee-highs, moisturize my face with a product from the range of natural Japanese cosmetics Hinoki Clinical, do light makeup without applying mascara. I always take hand cream - preferably a small tube of L'Occitane, Shiseido lip balm (hydration is vital on a trip!), A warm Japanese Kao eye mask, a silk handkerchief or Hermes cashmere scarf. And, for good luck, I always wear my favorite pearl bracelet.


Secret weapon

Apps and services to enhance your travel experience

1. To avoid double currency conversions, take MasterCard for travel to Europe, and Visa for those countries where payments are in dollars.

2. Try tourist SIM cards - examples at simglobalsim.ru or travelsim.com. You will have a single European number for travel around the world and significant savings.

3. Check the size of hand luggage on the airline's website in advance. For example, for Air France they are 55 x 35 x 25 cm and no more than 12 kg (18 kg in business class), and for Aeroflot - up to 115 cm in the sum of three dimensions and up to 10 kg (15 kg in business -class).

You can fly without luggage at all by entrusting it to one of the luggage management services (for example, luggagefree.com or luggageconcierge.com). They will pick up your suitcases and deliver them whenever and wherever you want. You can even order ironing.

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