A Vacation For The Mind: What To Learn This Summer

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A Vacation For The Mind: What To Learn This Summer
A Vacation For The Mind: What To Learn This Summer

Video: A Vacation For The Mind: What To Learn This Summer

Video: A Vacation For The Mind: What To Learn This Summer
Video: My Summer Vacation 2023, June

Fashion theory in the Czech Republic

Narrow specialization - the last century. Today, successful professionals are constantly expanding the scope of their competencies and interests, which at one point may lay the foundation for a new project or business. The organizers of the Smart Vacation project, which will take place on July 20-27 at the comfortable four-star EChateau Hotel Sychrov, in the Czech Sudetes, offer to combine active recreation with no less energetic education. The program includes lectures on fashion theory, psychology and genetics, which, among others, will be read by writer Linor Goralik and Elena Gelfand from the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard Center for Genomic Research. In the afternoon, you will have intensive math classes that will allow you not only to put things in order in your head, but also to discover new possibilities for creative thinking. In your free time, you can indulge in pleasant spa treatments at the hotel, go rafting, mountain biking or play golf at the nearby Ypsilon Golf Resort, free for guests of EChateau Hotel Sychrov.

Cost: € 1300 for single occupancy, € 1950 for two in one room (accommodation, breakfast, training) marabou.club/smart_vacation

Yachting in Barcelona

The skill of navigating a ship, with its seeming optionality, is extremely useful: unusual conditions outside the comfort zone, the need to quickly navigate and respond to a constantly changing situation - all this will be useful to you in the profession. Barcelon Sailing School offers several courses for both beginners and those familiar with the basics of management. For five days and six nights on board, depending on your level of training, you will have time to acquire basic skills or hone existing ones, as well as try yourself as a skipper over relatively long distances and at night. Upon completion of the course, a corresponding certificate is issued. The school is open all year round, classes start on Mondays. The routes of the training yachts pass both in the Mediterranean Sea in the immediate vicinity of Barcelona and in the Strait of Gibraltar.

Cost: £ 495 for a five-day practical course and £ 995 for a ten-day combining theory and practice barcelonasailingschool.com


Urbanism in Massachusetts

Massachusetts Institute of Technology, one of the most prestigious technical schools in the United States and the world, offers a wide range of short-term summer programs in the most relevant fields, from biotechnology and robotics to crisis management and urbanism. You can choose the course you are interested in on the Institute's website using the thematic filter. The duration of the programs is from one to five days, the shortest will cost $ 900. But it's worth it: classes are taught by the largest researchers and professionals in their fields - and, by the way, most of the cycles are read only once a year as part of the summer program. This year's courses include: "Smart Cities: Development Ways" (sounds especially tempting), "Applied Cybersecurity", "Effective Communication in a Global Environment". We advise you to pay special attention to the program "Technological Innovation: Understand and Anticipate", which will not only teach you how to navigate in the field of high technologies, but also invest correctly in promising projects.

Cost: $ 900-5600 depending on the professional.mit.edu course

Orientalism in Paris

Small talk is one of the key skills in all professional fields today. Do you want to impress colleagues and partners with your outlook and good taste? Don't miss the opportunity to listen to the art history lectures of the annual Louvre School in Paris, which run in five-day cycles, from Monday to Friday, in June and July. Classes conducted by curators and researchers of the museum include "field research" - visits to various art institutions and monuments in Paris and the Ile-de-France region. So, among the July courses appear: "Surrealism and plastic arts", "The history of color in Western art", as well as "Gardens of the East as a cultural heritage of the future" (Orientalism is back in fashion!). All comers are accepted, the only limitation is knowledge of French. To register, you must submit a paid check to the Directorate.

Cost: € 100-200 depending on the course, € 60 for students under 28 ecoledulouvre.fr


Sculpture in California

Creativity is one of the best ways to relieve office fatigue and city bustle. Two hours from Los Angeles and San Diego in the town of Idyllwild, surrounded by the San Bernandino National Forest, picturesque mountains and lakes, is one of America's most famous art schools, Idyllwild Arts Academy. Oriented to a professional audience, in summer it opens its doors to everyone, offering a variety of summer programs for adults and children: ceramic and glass workshops, jewelry design, painting, sculpture, photography. Even if you have never held clay in your hands, and brushes and paints were abandoned at school, under the guidance of professionals you can also feel like a real artist.

Cost: $ 500-3000 depending on the course idyllwildarts.org

Jewelry Craftsmanship in Dublin

In addition to the general passion for haute cuisine and gastronomy in Europe, jewelry is becoming more and more popular. Summer courses at the Dublin School of Jewelry, which will be held this year from 8 to 12 August, are designed for beginners and those who have just begun to master the art of creating precious jewelry. Intensive hands-on sessions last from 10 am to 5:30 pm. The cost of training includes tools, supplies and a daily home lunch. A pleasant result of this program will be a self-made bronze or silver jewelry (bronze is included in the package, silver can be purchased if desired). It is also possible to sign up for a one-day workshop on creating your own wedding ring.

Cost: weekly course - € 525, one day - € 145-165 theschoolofjewellery.ie


Online Science

  1. Chemicals and Health: American Johns Hopkins University course on the mechanisms of action of chemicals and their effect on the human body. (сoursera.org / learn / chemicals-health /)
  2. DatAnalysis: Analyzing large amounts of information is a key skill these days. The Delft University of Technology course introduces techniques for visualizing, organizing and storing big data. (edx.org/course/data-analysis-take-it-max-delftx-ex101x-0)
  3. Community Journalism and Social Media: A course from Cardiff University will show you how to create a niche website, organize it and communicate with your audience, and use it as a business tool. (futurelearn.com/courses/community-journalism)

Mobile applications

  • Luminosity.com: mind games to develop cognitive skills;
  • Spreeder.com: we increase the speed of reading and the efficiency of working with text information;
  • Duolingo.com: Learn languages when it's convenient for us.

Reading on vacation

Arthur Dumchev. Remember everything. A practical guide to developing memory. “Mann, Ivanov and Ferber”, 2014.

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