Organic Lady: Daria Lisichenko About Proper Fast Food, Healthy Lifestyle And Not Only

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Organic Lady: Daria Lisichenko About Proper Fast Food, Healthy Lifestyle And Not Only
Organic Lady: Daria Lisichenko About Proper Fast Food, Healthy Lifestyle And Not Only

Video: Organic Lady: Daria Lisichenko About Proper Fast Food, Healthy Lifestyle And Not Only

Video: Organic Lady: Daria Lisichenko About Proper Fast Food, Healthy Lifestyle And Not Only
Video: What Happens When You Stop Eating Fast Food for 7 Days 2023, June

Age: 40

Education: MGIMO, Faculty of International Law

Family: husband, Stanislav Lisichenko, successful restaurateur, author of the Chinese News network; two children, Gleb and Elena

Hobbies: running, yoga

Favorite brand: StellMcCartney and Dries van Noten

Favorite city: Moscow

Favorite food: tofu and quinoa

About young startups

I have long thought about the fact that healthy lifestyle - a popular trend in America and Europe - comes to Russia very slowly, but this is a promising business. Ten years ago, when I was selecting farmers and food in my market, I decided that it would be great to have a supermarket, where, for example, the right groceries could be sold, a healthy lifestyle and food promoted - something like Whole Foods in the United States. She negotiated with stores, tried to instill this idea in them, but, apparently, too early. Five years ago I became a shareholder of Fitoguru. With functional drinks, I have already entered almost all large chains and, using this example, I realized that in large Moscow supermarkets, the attitude to the right products is cool. Networks do not consider this trend to be systemically important.

At the same time, in my market in Konkovo, I allocated a place where I invited young startups working in the field of culinary - the guys made excellent granola, chocolate, puddings, raw desserts or sold organic cosmetics. For a nominal fee, but practically free of charge, it gave them the opportunity to work on weekends. I wanted them to attract young fashion buyers to the market. At some point, I discovered that I already had a supplier base for my own medium-sized store.


About the right fast food

We opened the first "Garden City" in Bolshoi Patriarshy Lane. First, during the crisis, rent became more affordable. Secondly, there is nowhere to buy food in the center of Moscow, there are catastrophically few decent stores. Thirdly, we are doing well with restaurants, but there are practically no establishments with the concept of correct and healthy fast food - everywhere they offer salads with mayonnaise, potatoes with butter and other not very simple food. I came up with a store that would combine trends (absolutely everything from the line of organically certified products, the right gluten-free, whole grains, all types of slow carbohydrates, cereals plus farm cottage cheese, chicken, meat, pates, sausages), and also made a line for cooking (you can buy breakfast, lunch or dinner from us, you can take food with you or have a snack on the spot). Tasty and healthy.

What is one bread from small family bakeries - delicious, does not get stale in the evening, as from an ordinary supermarket. The flour in it is of a completely different quality - the bakers are literally shaking over its choice; there is no such amount of baking powder in the composition and this bread is not stored in a warehouse frozen, it first "reaches" for several days, then it is baked in a large wood-burning oven. Piece goods. Art.

Or superfoods: you probably won't find such a choice anywhere else. There are dietary supplements, vitamins, even live chlorella in bottles (unicellular green algae, removes heavy metal salts from the body, detoxifies). Chlorella most often comes to Russia from China in the form of powder or compressed into tablets. But we cannot know for sure under what conditions it was mined. Our chlorella is grown in Russia in a special small reservoir under sterile conditions. It is a fact.

On the reputation of farmers

I can spend hours talking about my suppliers. With almost every product I have a “special affair” (of course, Fitoguru stands apart, since it is my brainchild). When building partnerships, I prefer an individual approach. Of course, I myself do not visit all the farmers. I know someone personally, someone is recommended to me - this circle is not as wide as it seems. And here word of mouth works great for the reputation. For example, at one time we had a meat supplier - the owner of a large art gallery, we have known each other for a hundred years, and I had no doubt: you can definitely trust here. Or here's a story with a goat supplier. A fantastic person. At one time he earned a lot of money in another business, but now he bought himself land for the soul, raised goats. During the tasting I was amazed: the cottage cheese, the cheeses produced by his farm do not smell at all!“Smells why? He explained. - Because the udder of a goat during a walk drags along the ground under the weight of milk. The slightest wound is immediately inflammation. In mass production, no one pays attention to this. And we have a person checking for every ten goats. I noticed the wound - that's it, this milk is not used for production. " Is it possible not to trust this approach ?!


About saving time

Different people come to us. Including those who have no idea about healthy eating. One may ask, "Do you have Heinz ketchup?" and be very surprised that he is not on the shelf. Of course, we are not imposing anything. But I believe that nurturing the habit of eating right is a matter of time, since a healthy lifestyle is a fashion for a long time. And it's not expensive at all. There are tons of products available. Our prices are comparable to those of Green Crossroads. Of course, we cannot compete with discounters. It would be weird. But, you see, 100-200 rubles for a pack of gluten-free pasta is a good price. My favorites, by the way, are of three types of flour: quinoa, buckwheat and corn - absolutely slow carbohydrates, after which sugar in the blood does not "jump". As a result, after such a dinner does not get sleepy,what happened to me almost always after eating high-calorie and fast-carbohydrate foods. Believe me: I don't sit in the Gorod-Sad cookery after lunch for half an hour with coffee to recover, but immediately start to work fully. There is an economy in this - I gain in strength and in time.

About family meals

The time for free meals and a carefree stay in a warm office, where you can get paid and not think about anything, is over. Now the salary is not enough for anyone. People have become more active, they take on additional freelance projects. At the same time, they value time. And they don't actually cook at home. I am like that too. Alas, I'd rather do something at work than spend three hours preparing an exquisite dinner, even though I like the process itself. On weekends, yes, my husband and I prepare, for example, a grand dinner and invite guests. But only on weekends. Although there are many things to do on Saturday and Sunday: I participate in the activities of my ORBI foundation, which helps people who have suffered a stroke and their families; Garden City often conducts master classes. Sometimes my husband and I go to restaurants, but this is rare. And on weekdays you just need to eat well, quality food,and it should be affordable. My family does just that.

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