Valeria: "Over The Years In Show Business, I Made One Really Important Conclusion "

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Valeria: "Over The Years In Show Business, I Made One Really Important Conclusion "
Valeria: "Over The Years In Show Business, I Made One Really Important Conclusion "

Valeria: I kept a diary for many years, wrote by hand. Alas, I have abandoned this story for six years already. Yesterday I was flipping through old notes. Lord, this is not life - some kind of hell! I read and don't believe: “We got up at six in the morning, moved to another city, the time difference crushes, managed to sleep for three hours - and went on stage. Moving again. I learned French on the way. In the morning we arrived in a new city, in the evening we performed - and in Moscow. Without stopping home, we rushed to the shooting …”On whatever page you open, everything is running, worn out. My "glossy" life. One that people don't see. You won't notice a routine behind a photo on Instagram. But thanks to social networks, people at least roughly understand that I can cover hundreds of kilometers in 24 hours.

Marie Claire: This innuendo is one of the reasons why we are meeting, Valeria. Most often at MC @ work we talk with women who run banks, IT companies - structures that are considered to be serious business. You work and live in another world, the rules of the game are interesting to learn

Show business, of course, is not a banking sector, but no less complex organism. And by the way, he is very sensitive to the economic situation in the country.

Well, here we are looking at the Forbes ratings. The highest paid singer in the world is Beyoncé. Her income last year was $ 105 million. In a similar rating, the earnings of top Russian stars are 100 million less …

In general, all these numbers are taken from the ceiling.

Forbes justifies its math, but there is no other data anyway. If we talk about the “pie” of income, then the same Beyoncé has a large part of the royalties for the Formation World Tour and the release of the Lemonade album

Ours, of course, is different.

Speaking of aggression: what do you think of the fashionable battles now?

This is a public humiliation of each other. In theory, an interesting genre is improvisation. It is a talent to convey thoughts in rhymes, without having time to prepare, from the wheels. But when you have nothing to say and you insert obscene words - especially against your opponent and to score the broadcast - I don't understand that. The time of the shape-shifters must pass. There is nowhere further, all the vices are exposed. They persuaded themselves that any person who is, is interesting. Who cares about your emptiness? Become a human first, and then boast.

It seems to me that it is social networks that pedal the theme “everyone is a value”, “everyone is his own media”. And then someone is rich in what. Someone creates original things, and someone is gaining an audience with duck lips

I hope that only little girls are mesmerized: "Oh, I want to be the same, to have such eyelashes, such clothes, such legs." Although the legs will no longer grow.

The picture can

By the way, my boys often repeat: “There is no point in flipping through the girl's Instagram. All the same, the realities are different."

If I understand correctly, Lisa, the daughter of Joseph Prigogine, your husband and producer, is also a blogger. I met her in January in Geneva at the SIHH watch salon

Well, yes, she is a beginner blogger, she has not been able to write much yet. Lisa is now focused on her studies, wants to connect life with television, become a producer, make films.

How do you want to develop yourself?

I would love to paint, I have a good hand.

Do you think you can make money on this?

Did not think. There has to be a creative start for the soul, and if the idea starts to give money, it is doubly wonderful. My new business was also born - in tandem with Emin Agalarov - the delivery of premium dietary food. It was in April that we launched our NoSecret brand onto the market. The moment has come when I'm ready to try something else besides music. I am a good organizer and I am 100% devoted to the cause.


So, let's start in order, how did it all start, where did the idea of Valeria's dietary business come from?

There are a lot of rations of all kinds with home delivery. I am for a healthy lifestyle and have tried almost everything. But she could not be on any food for more than two weeks. Restrictions, lack of gastronomic impressions and emotions are bored. And I realized that only by inviting the best chef, a tough nutritionist and taking excellent products, you can guarantee delicious weight loss. Finding the right business partner was important. The Agalarov family inspires me with absolute confidence - both in terms of human qualities and professionalism. On occasion, I shared an idea with Emin. He says: “I understood everything. Interesting! Putting together a team. " And now, after a couple of days we are sitting in his office at Crocus. “Meet Kirill Berger, project manager, brand chef of Crocus Group restaurants, and our future colleagues. Let's see the business plan. " Instantly everything started spinning. They invited a young promising nutritionist Yulia Pigareva. We sat down at the menu. It was important for us to give the maximum service and choice. The program will include food for 900, 1200, 1500 and 3000 calories, the latter for gaining body weight. And for different styles of life: both lactose-free and gluten-free.

Cutting calories all the time can freeze your metabolism and make you fat from a bunch of grass.

Well, that won't surprise Moscow

I agree, but our trick is that every meal will be gastronomic. For this, the chef of Crocus Group restaurants (and this is Nobu, Rose Bar, and Forte Bello) in the team personally sets the menu. I am especially proud of the vegan - super creative and crazy delicious!

Not only hands are important, but also the quality of the products

Yes, we work with the same suppliers that supply Crocus Group restaurants. That is, everything is freshest. I didn’t even know about the existence of some products. For example, amaranth groats. It has a lot of high quality protein and we use it. My goal is for those residents of the megalopolis who monitor their health and nutrition to feel comfortable and stay with us for a long time. Our company is not about a short distance race. I am in favor of a multi-stage system: a couple of weeks on low-calorie dishes, then they returned to normal calorie content so that the metabolism does not slow down. Cutting calories all the time can freeze your metabolism and make you fat from a bunch of grass. At the same time, here and there we eat right, healthy food. And delicious - the chef prepares for you! Then they went back to the reduced calorie content.


I myself can regulate how many weeks it costs to sit on lowered calories, and how much to eat as standard?

You will be supervised by a nutritionist. Through the site you can talk to a specialist, give him all your input - weight, height, age, diet history, health restrictions, rhythm of life, taste preferences, etc. The nutritionist will develop a program strictly for you. Starting a marathon, you will find yourself under the constant tutelage of a nutritionist.

Who did you decide to test your diet on?

Has entrusted 30 friends and family. They send their advice, ideas and comments directly to me. So many nuances! The advertising prints were already printed, but during the trial weeks there were corrections, so we threw away the first batch of flyers. I am a perfectionist, I am responsible for the result. With Julia, our nutritionist, I am in correspondence without a break. For me, this is also an important indicator: speed of response, availability 24/7. You know, my husband likes to call an employee in the middle of the night and have him answer him without hesitation. Of course, I don’t do that, but sometimes I write to Yulia in WhatsApp and at night, until the thought is gone. I think: "In the morning he will answer." She answers in a couple of minutes. I like our creative duet and Yulino's desire to become the best.

The team knows - I am a benevolent person, but scary in anger


What is the hardest part?

Nutrition for gaining mass is not easy - 3,000 calories. It was tested by the only person - my son Arseny. He lives separately, goes to the gym, wants to gain muscle mass, eat right and tasty.

There were protein shakes on the menu. The son says: “Listen, I want food. I'll dilute the powder myself. " It is logical. We removed them. Or here's another: “Men don't like sophisticated dishes. We need a lot of simple tasty food, not broccoli with grated celery."

Would you like to strengthen or change something in yourself?

I could use a little more interest in numbers. The financial sphere has never interested me too much, and this is important. I am considering looking for an online course to better understand accounting.

You are in charge of a large collective: a musical, and now a separate business. What are the requirements for people? And how do you manage them?

In the musical group, many have been with us for fifteen, ten years. It is more comfortable when you have known a person for a long time, his pros and cons - there are fewer surprises. But fresh blood is good too. Competition invigorates. In general, over the years in show business, I have made one really important conclusion. At the beginning of my career, I had a different team, and we were friends, friends. And then one day, when I had to demand something, I heard in response: "Come on, what are you?" So you shouldn't cross the line between a manager and a subordinate. Now I'm on "you" with everyone.

For what can you dismiss?

We do not have alcoholic beverages. For this I can fire, or give a powerful warning. The team knows that I am a benevolent person, but scary in anger (laughs).

And when you hire people, what are the key indicators for you?

I accept it for professional reasons. Even if the heart does not lie, if the person is difficult, but, say, a great pianist, I will take it. In general, I am a non-conflict person, compassionate and I lend when asked, and decent sums - someone has a mortgage, another has a loan. Birthday gifts are a must. Recently they decided: there is no better gift than money. I think we give people a choice, and this, you see, is nice.

Photo: Ilya Vartanyan, Instagram

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