LIVE EY Business Women Awards Ceremony

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LIVE EY Business Women Awards Ceremony
LIVE EY Business Women Awards Ceremony

Video: LIVE EY Business Women Awards Ceremony

Video: LIVE EY Business Women Awards Ceremony
Video: Business Women of the Year Award 2018 Winners 2023, May

The winners of the Business Women competition will be determined by an independent jury consisting of successful entrepreneurs, independent experts, well-known representatives of the business and scientific community.

The general media partner of the competition, Marie Claire magazine, will choose the winner in a special nomination "Think smart, look amazing", noting not only the career achievements of the contestants, but also other components of the legendary image of the heroine Marie Claire: style, innovation, the desire for self-improvement and the ability to inspire others to create a successful future.

Business Women is a program and annual competition as part of EY's international entrepreneurship initiative. The program was created for women entrepreneurs who run businesses with great development potential. Participation in the program helps them realize this potential. Successful women entrepreneurs and senior executives of large Russian and foreign companies take part in the Business Women competition. In Russia, the program and competition "Business women"

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