Olga Slutsker: "Having Achieved Success, You Need To Continue To Set Goals For Yourself And Develop"

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Olga Slutsker: "Having Achieved Success, You Need To Continue To Set Goals For Yourself And Develop"
Olga Slutsker: "Having Achieved Success, You Need To Continue To Set Goals For Yourself And Develop"

Video: Olga Slutsker: "Having Achieved Success, You Need To Continue To Set Goals For Yourself And Develop"

Video: Olga Slutsker: "Having Achieved Success, You Need To Continue To Set Goals For Yourself And Develop"
Video: Кайдзен планирование как основа счастливой жизни 2023, June

Marie Claire: Judging by the fact that we work on weekends, with work & life balance everything is not as perfect as we would like. In general, how is the schedule arranged?

Olga Slutsker: When you do business, in principle, there are no days off. Rather, you yourself decide when to be. I have worked for myself all my unsportsmanlike life, and I don’t know the traditional Saturday-Sunday. We need to free Wednesday - please, but then I will most likely come to the office on Sunday. And I'm not worried about it. For many, many years of hard work, I have earned the opportunity to form the schedule myself, and I am not required to be in the office from nine to seven.

Unless you yourself require it

When I was engaged in operational activities every day, I was essentially living at work. There was a case that I still remember. I have created World Class for 15 years and was its CEO. And once on a weekday, one of my friends invited me to have lunch, probably it was Svetlana Bondarchuk. I, with a pang of conscience, came to this dinner. And how well we sat, talked, even drank a glass of champagne. And the world didn't collapse without me at work! I remember thinking: “My God! For 15 years I didn’t allow myself to leave the office during the day”. She dined at the workplace, did not want to waste time. By the way, I don’t like business lunches even now.

That is why that champagne at work noon is so remembered

Exactly. As for the schedule, I get up around 8 in the morning, go to cardio. I wash and dress. I don't have breakfast now. I made myself a new food system - two meals a day.

Unexpectedly, healthy lifestyle hacks went. Tell us

My trainer moved me to a new trend - to eat once or twice a day. You choose when. I gave up breakfast in favor of lunches and dinners. But at lunchtime I can eat normally.

In general, my genetics are dangerous - I gain weight very quickly. I love sweet and starchy foods. Therefore, for many years I have limited myself in everything. And with such a system I can afford more pranks.

Okay, so you don't have breakfast and …

… then I can go to meetings. Or I'm going somewhere with my children. I have three small children. You know, in ordinary life, eight hours behind the eyes is enough to complete the entire business routine. I say this and understand that I didn’t use my working time correctly before.

How did you learn this?

First, I realized that time should be appreciated.

Did the appearance of children suggest?

Yes, and the elders, Misha and Ani, when they were just born. Due to our youth, we do not consider time a treasure at all. It seems endless. And now I say: “I will not rush this half an hour. Let them have weight, let them last. " But what really matters is how we spend our time in a single life. By the way, in this sense, I consider a sane boss to be a great luck, who appreciates the time of each employee. And if the manager does not respect his own or other people's time, then the team always works until night and seven days a week. Fatigue accumulates, dissatisfaction with life arises. So what? That's right, depression.

Have you been on vacation this year?

I haven't been there yet, but I'll go in a couple of weeks. Vacation is sacred. It's funny to remember how two decades ago, having just become the owner of the business and performing every day “the feat of the Stakhanovites”, I was gloomy from another application for vacation: “How can a person think about rest at such a time ?!” Years and experience have leveled everything. Work for a person, not a person for work.

Well, that's the perfect design …

… to strive for.


For example, I change something in myself every day and I think it is wrong when people say: "I cannot be changed." If a person does not understand that it is in his power to change what he does not like in himself and in his life, he himself drives himself into a dead end.

When in the nineties I began to often fly on business trips to the States, I was surprised that people in adulthood are not afraid to change their profession. She was an engineer - she opened a small fitness club. Because she likes it, it fascinates her. It seems to me that having achieved success, it is necessary to continue to set goals for yourself and develop, even, perhaps, in something new. In my opinion, it is easier to build, to open a new club, but it is much more difficult to keep the bar high and be “number one” for several decades.

As a team player I will add that it is probably very important who is next to you and whether you can trust these people. How did you assemble the team?

We recently celebrated the 25th anniversary of the company. There was a big celebration at Tesla Hall - for several thousand people. One of our excellent managers now, and initially the instructor of the first set of World Class, Olga Burkova suggested to me: “Olya (it's nice that for people like Burkova, I'm not Olga Sergeevna, but still Olya), do you mind if will we invite those who have worked in the company, but have already left? " I say, “Great idea! Invite those whom your heart tells you, whom you really want to see on this day. And I will be glad to everyone to whom you are glad. " And it was a great holiday. G-Gun and Timati performed with their Black Star. Celebrities, club members, our employees came. But what touched me the most was meeting people who have not worked for us for a long time. I looked at my colleagues - current and former - and saw beautifully dressed, prosperous men and women,who are confident in the future, who have a good job. And this is my main achievement. Do you understand? I am glad that it fell to me to make the life of many people and remain stable. This is the "team". When people hugged, rejoiced at the meeting, took pictures, drank champagne, filled Instagram with joint photos. For me, this is exactly what the team spirit is.

Having reached such heights in business, what goals do you set for yourself?

Find, grope for the synergy algorithm of the classic, one might say, eternal in physical education and digital technologies. To connect is not far-fetched, but true. So that technologies help a person achieve results easier and with less time. Because time is the only capital of our life, we started with exactly this.

As a first approximation, we are talking about the removal of personal parameters, their processing and analysis using artificial intelligence. As a result, we get a personal nutritional program, intake of vitamins and minerals, amino acids, training of each muscle, which is adjusted online based on the individual reaction of the body.

What do you think of virtual fitness classes?

It's fun.

That is, training with a trainer on the monitor does not work?

Of course, this is entertainment. We live in an amazing time. Gadgets have replaced man for man. You picked up the phone - found out the weather, found tickets to Paris, ordered groceries with delivery, bought panties, arranged a conference call with colleagues - and all these options are concentrated in one small device. Not surprisingly, people are enslaved to their gadgets. Here he is, our closest and inseparable friend. I try to limit myself. I want the gadget to serve me, not consume me. Why am I? Virtual life: on - off. And fitness is also about overcoming yourself, fears of not fulfilling a dream, not achieving results in training. Reach the hall, give your all, do everything and a little more. I am an athlete of Soviet training. For me, the world championship that took place in Russia is an outlet. He showed,what people want and can experience strong emotions from sports.

Because it is real. By the way, in this issue we have an article about how the championship changed us - the topic still does not let go

I'll have to read … I am for more competition in the clubs. For a gambling, courageous atmosphere. Here I have a chain of World Class clubs. How can we use the network? I say to my friends: “Guys, lessons, such as cycling, are on our schedule at the same time in most clubs, why not do online competitions? Let's say the Zhitnaya club versus Romanov. Let's start the people. So I, Olya, came to the lesson, but I'm not just Olya, but part of the group.


It's hard for me, but I have a goal not to let my bandmates down: “Come on! Twist a little more! " And I will wait for these lessons.

Great motivation

That's why I don't think that everyone will go to virtual fitness classes.

What do people expect from a club card besides entertainment, what are their requirements?

Requirements do not change over the years. And thank God. People want it to be clean. They are not indifferent to what kind of water flows in their souls. They are not indifferent to how employees smile at them: not pseudo-smile, but with a desire to help and be useful. And I haven't even gotten to fitness yet. It is important for people to be comfortable. At the same time, they do not want to pay big money, but they expect that there will be few visitors.

Yes, we are spoiled and want maximum service for a minimum investment

Yes, you customers are like that. And this has not allowed to relax for 25 years. Basically, nothing has changed. When I opened Zhitnaya, the club card cost 3 thousand dollars. We are the first to ask for such serious money for physical education. And the club became an opportunity for people to get out of the "scoop". Our first clients, who went to the club for one of the important attributes of a new life, were very demanding. I'm glad that it is.

What are the hottest workouts right now?

There is fashion, of course, but, say, people have been loving the same bike for so many years. The fashion for group classes does not recede. It would seem that they were introduced under Tsar Pea. Yes, the style, equipment, accessories are changing, but the very idea of a group lesson with music with an instructor is the heart of the club. In addition, it is traditionally included in the cost of the card. The quality must be excellent. Gym. Oh my God! This is also the foundation of the club. Take the same "Zhitnaya": a fantastic hall in the center of the metropolis. If he was in London or New York, we could charge any price for the card.

Surely on your endless trips abroad, you go to different clubs. Did you inspire any ideas?

By the way about Zhitnaya! In due time I visited Gold's Gym Venus Beach. This is, in my opinion, the most charismatic club in the world. Old, old hangar. On the walls there are portraits of Misters and Miss Olympia who trained there. There, along with modern machines, there are simulators that are more than 20 years old, those that have already been discontinued. But they are not changed because of the unique biomechanics … Venus Beach is a "prayed" hall. And Zhitnaya inherits the same traditions.

And I understand that your club is in many ways a pioneer

Yes, that's right, for example, the first 25 years ago we introduced yoga into our regular classes. Then one of the managers told me: “Oh, in our country yoga is associated with cults and religion. People may misunderstand. " But, as you can see, more and more people are practicing yoga and the fears were unfounded. We were the first to bring cycling after I tried it in Los Angeles - I spent a lot of time there when my first child was born. They brought it despite the fact that I am not a bicycle person, I can make a circle around the village with my son in a chair. But I saw the potential in cycling … I was the first to work with Les Mills. We were the first to introduce outdoor, fitness tours and much more.

Did you invite instructors from abroad?

I'll tell you a story. 1994 year. I'm walking in Manhattan. I see fitness.

Cindy Crawford and Radu are standing in one of the windows. This is a Romanian trainer, the pioneer of studio personal training. I went in: “Hello. I am such and such from Moscow. " They were very nice.

I came to his training the next day and was delighted. So many are training now, in fact it was functional training. But then no one did the functionality. I bought video materials from Radu and brought them to my own.

How do you develop yourself? Where do you get new knowledge?

You know, when you have children, you develop with them. They are still small - so there is a long way ahead. I am interested in history, philosophy, art. My friend Nastya Chukhrai makes an amazing site arzamas.academy. And during cardio - and I do it every day - I listen to audio lectures from Russian literature to the history of Christianity. Of course, I go to theaters, cinema that have become very fashionable, and I adore museums. I love reading, and I always have several books on my bedside table.


What's the last thing started?

"Children deserve it." You, a two-year-old mom, might be interested. The author is an English child psychologist, writes without edification what to do and what not to do. The task of parents is to develop the child, instill confidence in him, and not create a mini-copy of himself. Although, if a child chooses the path of parents, that's great too.

Would you like one of the children or maybe they all inherited your business?

You know, my eldest son, when he was little, used to say: "When I grow up, I will be the director of World Class." And I think to myself: "We'll have to develop, so that it is large-scale, so that the child is proud." It will please me if children are interested in the healthy lifestyle industry. If they step further. There is something to develop in this area. It’s happiness, probably, - to work in a team with your child and pass on your best practices to him.

Well, there are different points of view. The same Potanin says that children should achieve themselves and that he will give his fortune to good deeds

Thanks for the comparison, I'm pleased. Everything with me is much more modest, of course, than with Vladimir Olegovich. For some reason I remembered how I entered the university. My dad is a famous lawyer. And at home, in her native Petersburg, it was always discussed: "Maybe Olya will enter the Law Faculty of Leningrad University." Closer to the exams mom says to dad: "Seryozha, you have to go and ask." He replies: “Go to talk with a friend, the dean of the law school, so that my daughter would be accepted by pull ?! I will not disgrace myself. She must herself."

My parents raised me so that I can and must do everything myself. And I followed this. This is probably why I am so proud that my eldest son Misha entered one of the best universities in the world. In such places, there is no blat. I think: when we go to ask for our child, having an administrative or financial resource, we are doing him a disservice. Even if the child did not enter, what terrible thing happened? I think that the same Volodya Potanin or Fridman, when taking the "Oath of Giving", are talking about something else. They have such great fortunes that it can be difficult for an unprepared person. One must have a talent for operating with such money. Being very rich is not easy. And when a young person falls into the responsibility of managing a multibillion-dollar fortune or a company that employs thousands of people,then for the heir this is a huge burden and will not make him happy. And that's what they are talking about, including. You don't need millions to live a happy life.

I would really like my children to learn how to define what they like. Maybe we will argue hotly and it will not be easy for me. The main thing is that we are friends, that we have a trusting relationship. The relationship of people who are one family, where everyone has the right to their own voice, to be heard and their opinion to be heard. I have small children, but I listen to them. Listening to children is very interesting, it's a very special experience, so I have something to do.

About the Business Woman Award Veuve Clicquot

In our society, we women, mothers, raise sexist men ourselves. And this is in the order of things. I was watching a football match yesterday. A crying woman is shown on the podium. The commentator, without hesitation, gives out: “You see, the cheerleader is crying. Well, yes, she is a woman, she does not know that there are still two additional periods. " Do you understand? He would have been devoured in some UK for that.

Such an attitude. What can we say about business? Of course, men in business don't take women seriously. They do not consider themselves equal. Even the most tolerant latently admit indulgence.

But it is much worse that many women themselves do not consider themselves equal. This is the problem. This is our culturological, historical problem, what was passed on to us with mother's milk from our land, from our culture. “For a husband”, “for a man”. You know, there are a number of situations when a woman, in order not to lose her husband, lowers the degree of her career. She deliberately suppresses it, thinking that in the family someone should develop, and this “one” is a man. And the one who does not reduce, often loses her husband. They have frustrations, he cannot accept. Either she is too busy, and he is urging somewhere, or he begins to feel like a loser in society, because his wife is successful, earns more. This is all very complicated. No one is right, no one is guilty. Therefore, I support women entrepreneurs so that equal rights in business become the norm. I'm not a feminist at all. But I think that now, in the modern world, when a woman has a lot of free time, because all everyday issues are solved easier and easier, energy is released. I want to say to every woman: do business. This is the flowering of your life. And I am always on the side of motivated women. That's why I'm on the jury for the Business Woman Award Veuve Clicquot. I want strong and tough women entrepreneurs to become the norm. As once fitness. As once fitness. As once fitness.

And it's all about her


Olga Slutsker

Chairman of the Board of Directors of RFG and President of the World Class fitness club chain

Education: graduated from the PF Lesgaft Academy of Physical Culture.

Career: for 12 years she was the captain of the Leningrad fencing team. With her successful performances she achieved the title of Master of Sports of the USSR. In 1993 she founded her first fitness club World Class on the street. Zhitnaya in Moscow

Films: "Melancholy", "Dogville"

Car: Range Rover

Leisure: traveling with children

Photo: Julia Mayorova

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