Galina Pavlova: "The Dress Code Of A Lawyer Should Be Appropriate To The Situation"

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Galina Pavlova: "The Dress Code Of A Lawyer Should Be Appropriate To The Situation"
Galina Pavlova: "The Dress Code Of A Lawyer Should Be Appropriate To The Situation"

Video: Galina Pavlova: "The Dress Code Of A Lawyer Should Be Appropriate To The Situation"

Video: Galina Pavlova: "The Dress Code Of A Lawyer Should Be Appropriate To The Situation"
Video: Do you Know About The Dress Code of a Female Lawyer - Legodesk 2023, June

I came into business when a special moment came in the life of the country. The emergence of a completely different economic order, the creation of essentially new legislation regulating civil legal relations - these novels were close and understandable to me, as an expert at the Center for Economic Reforms under the Government of the Russian Federation. In the legal profession, a need arose for specialists who understand how closely law and economics are connected. I was very lucky with my colleagues, we found ourselves in the thick of events that shaped the judicial practice.

Since its inception, our company has been providing legal services to businesses on a wide range of issues. We noticed that our clients, business owners, have a need for help with issues related to their personal, family interests. This is how the family practice that I practice was formed. All these years the country has been changing rapidly, the rights and legal relations of individuals have changed - let us recall, for example, the privatization of enterprises, housing, the emergence of the institution of the marriage contract. More complex questions have arisen in the division of property, inheritance - not just one or two real estate objects, but a whole business, or, for example, objects abroad, or collections of paintings. Now the legislation regulating the issues of inheritance is being actively improved, it became possible to create inheritance funds, joint wills of spouses, etc.the functions of the notary are changing and supplemented. All this requires the development of a separate serious practice. I am very interested in this topic.

In my experience, our citizens, in most cases, not only try to be law-abiding, but also come for help, already having a basic knowledge of rights and obligations. Another thing is to convince clients that we must try to resolve the issue peacefully. Quite often, in family matters, it is in this way that issues are resolved most favorably.


One of the most difficult things in my practice is connected with the legacy of the architect Konstantin Melnikov and his son Viktor Melnikov.

Everyone knows the famous Melnikov House in Krivoarbatsky lane. The house had a difficult fate: for several years we represented the interests of the architect's granddaughter, who defended in court the validity of the will, providing for the transfer of the heritage of the Russian Federation and the creation of a state museum. When we achieved this, our trustee was simply kicked out of the house - and now we are already seeking her protection …

Sometimes, in the process of work, you may find that this or that normative act or law requires revision. But in most cases, such gaps are eliminated by judicial practice. This is a difficult and long story - when scientists, practitioners, and representatives of the judicial system are involved in the “melting down” of norms. In my opinion, this is how it should be. I am of a fairly widespread opinion that our laws are generally good, but their implementation is not up to par. So, if I had the opportunity to influence the situation, I would focus primarily on the implementation of the laws!

We see that reality often breaks long-term stereotypes, including gender ones. Nowadays there are many women among the recognized and respected specialists in the field of law. The dress code of the lawyer should be appropriate to the situation. I mostly adhere to a low-key business style. This does not mean that you need to look boring. There are situations when overly strict clothing can shackle negotiators. You need to find the right balance between what you want to wear and what you want to achieve.

And it's all about her


Galina Pavlova

Age: 63 years

Family: “My daughter, son-in-law and granddaughter, as well as my sister's family are my closest people”

Taboo at work: “Anything that can undermine the client's trust, violate his interests”

Main personal rule: “Be fair”

Source of inspiration: “The brightest representatives of Russian civil law of the past and present. And good classical music!"

Favorite series with a plot from the field of law: Suits ("Force majeure")

Role model: captain of a good, reliable team

Dream: "More free time to comprehend the East - travel, improve in painting, calligraphy, kung fu lessons"

Photo: personal archive

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