Jean Marc Gallo: "All Our Contestants Are Unique Personalities!"

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Jean Marc Gallo: "All Our Contestants Are Unique Personalities!"
Jean Marc Gallo: "All Our Contestants Are Unique Personalities!"

Video: Jean Marc Gallo: "All Our Contestants Are Unique Personalities!"

Video: Jean Marc Gallo: "All Our Contestants Are Unique Personalities!"
Video: Marc Vinyls - Roll the Film Ft. Gallo 2023, June

At the end of last November, with the active participation of Marie Claire Russia, he presented the Veuve Clicquot Business Woman Award to a Russian woman for the first time.

Marie Claire: Veuve Clicquot honors women who have achieved outstanding business success for the first time in Russia. Why now?

Jean Marc Gallo: I wish it could happen earlier! The award has existed for 47 years: in 1972, the award ceremonies were held in France and England, and since then more than 350 business women in almost three dozen countries of the world have won it. For example, here is our schedule of events at the moment: two months ago I was at the award ceremony in Tokyo, three weeks ago - in Toronto, then - in Paris, and three weeks later the Veuve Clicquot Business Woman Award from Moscow is sent to Seoul. I believe that this competition is no longer just an attempt, but an obvious success.

There are now many awards for business women - what makes the Veuve Clicquot Business Woman Award different?

I think, historically, we are the leader - and being the first is always good. In addition, we have a unique example of the founder of the House - a great woman, whose affairs not only radically changed the business, but also affected her entire era. Madame Clicquot introduced a lot of innovations in her industry: she invented the famous remuage table, in 1810 she began to make vintage champagnes, and in 1818 - rose champagne using the assemblage method.


Perhaps it was she who became the first female chief of a large enterprise in France. If Marie Claire had already come out in those years, it would definitely have written about Barb-Nicole Clicquot.

She always conducted social activities: for example, for the first time she built a house for veterans - employees of the enterprise. It was a personality who celebrated its time - and today its success gives great strength and legitimacy to what we do.

So you will be in Moscow in 2019 as well?

I think so, but it is important to give yourself time to find truly bright, worthy candidates. We respect our contestants very much and take great care to do everything in good faith. You know, Veuve Clicquot is about to celebrate 250 years since its founding, and we've always had a special relationship with time. For example, if we harvested an excellent harvest in 2018, then the first bottles of champagne will come out of cellars only in 2022. We are in no hurry. For us, the award is not a formality. The same applies to the criteria for choosing the winners. First of all, it is very difficult to choose from dozens of applications. In terms of business, all the finalists are at the highest level. At the same time, acquaintance with each one is a meeting with a unique personality. When I read the list of participants and see their life path - every time for me it is a school of humility. I am incredibly impressed by their attitude to the world, courage and determination. Yes, I have gone my own professional path, but looking at them, I understand that I still have to study and study.


What, for example?

I think about how courage, audacity, perseverance can move mountains. About the qualities thanks to which you can go through any economic difficulties. Once again, I remember Madame Clicquot: a widow, 27 years old, no experience, and besides, in the first years of her work, the grape harvest was extremely poor. She had every reason to quit, but whoever does not go forward retreats. She remains a role model for many today: never give up. We admire those who, like Madame Clicquot, are becoming a source of inspiration for women's entrepreneurship. Sounds a bit ambitious, but I'm proud that we can contribute to this evolution. By the way, did you know that only 12% of business projects on the Internet are created by women? This is very little; here you can only move forward.

Tell us about the success story that impressed you the most

In 2015, the Veuve Clicquot Business Woman Award ceremony took place in Paris just three days after the events in the Bataclan room and a series of other attacks. Coincidentally, we decided not to cancel the award ceremony. In my opinion, continuing a normal life is the best response to terrorists. I was incredibly excited about the story of our winner. One Christmas day, December 24, she was returning home and on the street she met a homeless woman. I spoke to her - and she said that she had gone broke, having invested all the money in her own business. Her husband left her, she lost her home and other property.

Impressed by this meeting, our heroine founded an Internet community to help women entrepreneurs in difficult and confusing situations.

You can imagine our feelings! It was for the creation of this Internet project that we then awarded her the main prize.

How do you think women's business feels now?

Today, women are increasingly taking their own rightful place in the professional world. We observe this movement and even try to measure it. In 2018, Veuve Clicquot teams launched a pilot survey on women's entrepreneurship in five countries: France, England, South Africa, Hong Kong and Japan. I think in the future we will hold it in Russia as well. We want to know about difficulties and new opportunities, about the notorious work-life balance, about taboos and prejudices that interfere with work and living. I think it's worth measuring all this in order to answer such questions with facts in hand. What is important to us is not a "snapshot", but the development of the process. I am sure that in this regard we can - and will - do much more than we do now.

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