9 Tips To Help You Wake Up Easily

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9 Tips To Help You Wake Up Easily
9 Tips To Help You Wake Up Easily

Many successful people say that their victories were formed from the right habits, one of which was getting up early. Morning is the most productive time of the day. There is much more to be done before noon than after. However, the path to success can be blocked by an unexpected problem - getting up early is very difficult for most. Fortunately, there are a few rules to help you overcome the urge to stay in bed longer.

Plan your schedule so you have time to sleep

The average adult needs to sleep 7 hours a day to feel refreshed and healthy. One of the rules that will help you get up early sounds very simple and even trite, but this is the main truth: to put in early, you need to get enough sleep. For example, if you need to get up at 6 in the morning, then you need to go to bed no later than 22:30. Remember that it will take 10 to 20 minutes to fall asleep.

Change your alarm periodically

It would seem, what's the difference, what sounds to wake up to if you don't want to wake up. However, this is precisely what is important. After a certain time, our brain begins to perceive the alarm signal not as a call to wake up, but as a signal to irritation. As a result, you wake up and your first emotion is anger. After such a start to the day, it's not like waking up, you won't want to live anymore.


Wake up slowly

There is nothing worse for the body in the morning than a quick rise. You need to get up slowly for 15 minutes. Think of yourself on the beach. Agree, you do not immediately plunge into the sea, but enter it gradually: first, your feet get used to the cold water, then your hands, later you splash a little salt water on your body, and only when it’s not so scaldingly cold, you plunge completely. You need to behave in approximately the same way in the morning. Open your eyes, turn off the alarm, stretch, do not turn on the light right away - let your eyes get used to the natural morning light, and only after you realize that you are completely awake, go to the shower, make coffee, in general, start going about your business.

Set yourself a pleasant goal

Before going to bed, come up with a goal for which you get up so early. Let your main reason be work, this does not prevent you from coming up with something else, the main thing in this matter is the right motivation. Let it be a delicious breakfast, watching an episode of your favorite TV series, a hot bath, a morning run - whatever you want, if only it would be pleasant for you to get up for it.

Use modern alarm clocks

We think you've heard of those miracle clocks that chime exactly when your body is easiest to get up. Get yourself one. It is not necessary that it be a full-fledged alarm clock; for the first time, an application for a smartphone will come down, of which a huge number have recently been divorced. There is also a clock that wakes up not only with sound, but also with light, simulating the sunrise. They say they really help wake up easier.


Start your morning with water

A glass of cold water will help you to cheer up and recover. Some also add lemon there. Drinking a glass of water immediately after getting started and before your morning routine begins, as this will be the most beneficial.

Monitor Your Afternoon Diet

Many types of foods stimulate energy production in the body and can interfere with your sleep, such as caffeine, tart tea, dark chocolate, sugar, spicy and heavy foods. Be especially careful about what you eat after 18:00. During this period, the body no longer digests food so well and quickly, so choose foods that are quickly digestible and those that will not excite energy in you (we have already written which ones).

Decorate your bedroom

Make the place where you sleep pleasant and comfortable. For most owls, it is a challenge to force yourself to go to bed at night, so if you are a “nocturnal” person, then you should make sure that the bedroom becomes attractive to you. Lay bedding that is pleasant to the body, ventilate the room. Do you remember that the first rule of getting up early is to go to bed on time and get enough sleep?


Lie down and get up at the same time

Make sleep a habit. You have already accustomed yourself to drink tea in the morning, not coffee, do sports every Saturday, walk the dog before work, now it's time for bed. Firstly, this way you will accustom the body to a certain schedule, and secondly, you finally want to always get enough sleep, which means you will wake up with ease in the body.

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