Nastya Kalmanovich: Honestly About Face Plastic

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Nastya Kalmanovich: Honestly About Face Plastic
Nastya Kalmanovich: Honestly About Face Plastic

Video: Nastya Kalmanovich: Honestly About Face Plastic

Video: Nastya Kalmanovich: Honestly About Face Plastic
Video: Cosmetic Surgery at BK Plastic Surgery Hospital 2023, April

I am beautifull. Never apologized for it and always used it. Lucky? Yes. But beauty, like nobility, obliges, you know. First she takes you, she carries you, and then - again! - and you are already going at your own expense.

Beauty is a drug. You get used to it. Withdrawal syndrome, withdrawal symptoms, before and after. The more you rely only on beauty, the less will remain after it. After the Big Beauty, life gives a kick to some under the ex-elastic ass and even forbids living beautifully, let alone aging beautifully …

I did a facelift just in case I fail. I took and published a photo. Girls! I would have known - not spent. After the publication, the skin on the face itself tightened up from such comments: how could I, I ruined such a natural, and now I am like everyone else, and beauty - that Bulgakov's sturgeon, there is no second freshness, which means that all plastic surgery is from the evil one.

Listen, all for naturalness! Everything except time. Time is a fool and a bitch, moreover, ugly. Maybe that's why it wants to turn any swan into an ugly duckling again. Swan, of course, is against. The swan wants to return that feeling when, flapping snow-white wings, flying from Monaco, she landed on the smooth surface of her native pond just to stay, and the local ducks, looking at her, were a little sad …

Thank you, darling @nastiafomkalmanovich for your before and after pics We are on the 9th day so beautiful after harmonization, without retouching. #plasticsurgeon #plasticsurgery #smas #facelift #harmony #beauty #plastic surgeon #harmony #platinental

Posted by Andrey Iskornev (@andrey_iskornev) Apr 3 2017 at 3:57 PDT

My dear, my incomparable ladies! If you have the desire, the opportunity and there are no medical (sic!) Contraindications, do plastic surgery for your health! Always, if possible, choose the best, and youth, albeit a little artificial, is the best. As Sergei Dovlatov said, real courage is to love life, even knowing the whole truth about it. I can say the same about beauty. Here, of course, you will need such an inoperable part of the body as the mind, and it is better not to have one - consult, doubt, interview the operated swans, remember that the price of the issue is that very health. And if so, there is no place for luck, Baba Luda from the sixteenth, the Moon in the house of Mars, the Vedas and other Tarot. This is all - as much as necessary, but, excuse me, "after". "Do" is an exclusively medical and individual approach, only good, well-known,proven doctor.

Age is like a new day, and that's it. You just have the opportunity to choose how it will be

Want to save money? Do not operate! Don't know what you want? Do not operate! Nothing to do? Boring? Do you want "how is she"? Do you want "like everyone else"? Do not operate! Do not operate! Do not operate!

I spoke with my beloved man. We made a decision and I did the operation. The feeling "after" is great, in the truest sense of the word: 15 years away, I'm happy! Subjective - you say. Yes, I will answer, happiness is not a five-year plan, it cannot be different.

If they ask why, I answer that it is on the basis of the struggle against false modesty, which, like a false mushroom, is also poison. If modern plastic surgery gives me the opportunity to look the way I want, and I can afford it, then who am I to refuse? As for the opinion of the public, then this very public does not profess anything in the world with more zeal than hypocrisy: as for a croissant, so with two fingers, as for a chest - so with both hands!


In general, according to my observations, if people are good for what, so in order to live - and, if possible, beautifully. What do you girls want with all my heart! Why do we love art? If reality is this, why do we need artists? Then, that here is reality, and in their paintings - life! And if reality will happily do without us, then life will never, otherwise who will love it? Who will appreciate its short duration? The artist's brush does not repeat reality, but creates life. Plastic surgeons are the same artists. They write their masterpieces on our bodies and faces, erasing the traces of the hated time from them, giving us second and third youths, and just for a little money.

Age is like a new day, and that's it. You just have the opportunity to choose what it will be. My advice to you - use it, love life, yourself and those who love you! The rest may God love.

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