100 New Year Hairstyle Ideas Off The Red Carpets Of

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100 New Year Hairstyle Ideas Off The Red Carpets Of
100 New Year Hairstyle Ideas Off The Red Carpets Of

Video: 100 New Year Hairstyle Ideas Off The Red Carpets Of

Video: 100 New Year Hairstyle Ideas Off The Red Carpets Of
Video: Red Carpet Hairstyle Tutorial Featuring Noogie Thai - Art Director of Style for Paul Mitchell 2023, March

“Festively” styling your hair has now become not easy, but very simple. This year, practical lightness, democratic freedom and neglect of styling reigned at the most solemn events. Frankly, we are happy with this new-old natural style, which means that a reasonable economy on the services of a stylist will not spoil either the image or the mood on New Year's Eve.

Waves (at medium length)

The elongated bob in the outgoing year was breaking popularity records: celebrities, models and royal persons tried the haircut. If a long bob is what you have on your head now, without further ado, you can turn on a hair styler. Light air waves, like Bella Hadid's, or thicker and cooler curls, like Eva Herzigova's - it's up to you. The main thing is to remember about the temperature regime (it is better if the temperature is no more than 190 C) and to manage with reasonable styling products (thermal protective oil - a couple of taps of the dispenser, mousse or foam - an amount the size of an egg).

Bella Hadid

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Braids and harnesses

One of the saving options for owners of long hair. Braids are allowed to weave different: traditional Russian, French ("fishtail" in a light version) and even "Ukrainian" (just look at the adored and beloved "Carrie Bradshaw" or Bond girl Kurylenko!). For those whose braids, even in the reading of 2017, cause melancholy and bouts of yawning, we recommend tourniquets: strands twisted at the temples, gathered at the back in the manner of an elven hairstyle.

Petra Nemkov

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Creative mess

Chaotic, careless, loose ─ hair should look like you never thought of styling (ideally, it should be). It is recommended to choose this option only if you have a good base ─ a graduated haircut (shag or long bob). From styling it is best to use a texturizing spray / mousse and dry shampoo if you need to maintain volume at the roots. Or, without further ado, fluff up your hair, lift it up and fix it (look at Carey Mulligan and Catherine Zeta-Jones).

Uma Thurman

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Wet hair effect

Gel or jelly ─ to help you. In 2017, we fully enjoyed the exits of the stars, which looked like they had come out of the pool 15 minutes ago. If you want to achieve the "Mermaid effect", like Doutzen Cruz or Lucy Frye, apply styling to clean, pre-straightened hair. Playing on the edge ─ styling Coco Roche, which looks like a curtsey towards a slightly stale head (the main thing is that this is not so in reality).

Doutzen Cruz

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A win-win classic for those who love glamorous style and fairy tales about princesses (this year they are especially relevant ─ we read "The Prince's Bride: Meghan Markle's Beauty Evolution"). A distinctive feature of the 2017 curls are very large curls and parting to one side.

Bianca Balti

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Trick me

An idea for those who want to refresh their look, but are not ready to act radically. So Kate Middleton almost made everyone, including us, believe that she really cut her hair short at the very beginning of November. It is not difficult to transform, given that the "trick" is based on the classic Greek styling, which means that you only need a hair band and a few invisible ones. We are especially inspired by the solemn options when looking at Elsa Hosk and Lily-Rose Depp.

Kate Middleton

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The absolute favorite of the outgoing year: there were so many beams in 2017 ─ on the catwalks, in street style chronicles of fashion weeks, on the red carpet of world premieres, at the photocalls of the largest film festivals ─ that we were tired of counting, but did not stop admiring. We select the beam modification we like and look for detailed instructions here ─ “How to make a knot on the crown and feel like a star”.

Kate Hudson

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Stylish and with a twist: a hairstyle in the style of the 20s, romantic curls from the 40s or insane volume of the 80s, like the heroines of "Dynasty" and "Santa Barbara". There is only one drawback of this arrangement: most likely, for accurate hitting the target, i.e. in the image, you will have to contact a professional stylist.

Lily Collins

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She waved her tail ─ words that are fair not only in relation to the symbol of the coming new year. Over the past 12 months, we have seen many modifications of the ponytail, from the disciplined “buttered” (the younger Hadid) to the cockerel on the crown of the head (Rihanna). The construction of the tail on the head is no longer limited by the rules: it can be done high and low, twisted at the ends or left straight, mask the elastic with a strand of hair, or not complicate your life. We assume that the stylist needed a lot of additional strands for the chic ponytail of Jennifer Lopez, but the rest of the options are quite viable on "standard" hair.

Eva Herzigova

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Get a haircut (if you haven't already)

A short haircut gives you a lot of possibilities. If you don’t believe it, check out Scarlett Johansson, whose ultra-short and girly naughty hairstyle very organically got along with the romantic image from Azzedine Alai in honoring the "Oscar" winners. Perhaps only one moment alarmed us: this year it was mainly blondes who captivated the audience with the images of the “boy”. A trend (for more details ─ “Platinum: how the stars got obsessed with lighting”) or advances to the mascot of the future 2018 ─ Yellow Dog?

Scarlett Johansson

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