Sunscreen For The Face: 20 Best Options For UV Protection

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Sunscreen For The Face: 20 Best Options For UV Protection
Sunscreen For The Face: 20 Best Options For UV Protection

Video: Sunscreen For The Face: 20 Best Options For UV Protection

Video: Sunscreen For The Face: 20 Best Options For UV Protection
Video: UV Camera Reveals The Best Way to Apply Sunscreen to Your Face | Gizmodo 2023, March

Today, the issue of protecting the skin from harmful ultraviolet radiation is very acute. We talked about this in detail in the test material "Sun Protection: Are You Making These Mistakes?" Dermatologists say out loud that during the period of active sun, Sanskrin should be applied to the face, regardless of whether you spend most of the day indoors or in the sun outdoors, and they are not even talking about relaxing in southern latitudes (read about total sun protection here ─ “13 Tips to Protect Your Face, Body and Hair from UV Light”). In fact, everything is simple: even if you are “indoors” day-to-day (working in an office or traveling in transport), UV rays will still find a way to reach the skin ─ through window glass, for example. It is no longer possible to avoid sunscreen, simply because it is greasy, viscous, with a rich odor and "generally for the sea". We have selected several alternative versions of Sanskrin that will make it an integral part of your cosmetic bag.

Weightless powder. A product that many people underestimate. It is a mineral powder, i.e. a physical filter that not only mattifies, but also protects against UV rays. Such protection should be updated every two hours. Good for sensitive skin. It can be found in both translucent forms and rich shades. One of the main advantages is simplicity and speed of use (no need to wait 20-30 minutes to get out in the sun, as is the case with chemical filters).

Invisible sunscreen. Ultra lightweight, it is hardly felt on the skin. Apply after moisturizing, but before makeup. Not updated during the day.

Correcting BB or CC cream. Can be worn as a stand-alone tinting coating, or can be used as a base for foundation.

Makeup fixer with SPF. A lightweight sunscreen option with a fantastic scent (commonly known as makeup fixers). Perhaps such a product has not been in your cosmetic bag for a long time, but this is not a reason to refuse it.

Classic sun cream for the face. They don't just exist, but thrive in improved formulas and improved textures (see examples below).


Try it. Do not buy a new sunscreen right away: apply a little on your wrist and come back for the tube the next day if no unwanted reactions appear on your skin. Physical filters (zinc oxide and titanium dioxide) are less likely to cause allergies. For jars left over from last year, check the expiration date. If they have been stored open in a stable environment (relatively cool place, no direct sunlight), they can be used. But the color change and even more the layering of the texture should alert.

Apply sunscreen first, then moisturizer. It is believed that dry SPF works better. Of course, this applies to classic protective creams and invisible protective fluids. The condition does not apply to physical filters with zinc oxide and titanium dioxide - for example, powder.

When using sunscreen spray, spray it onto your hands first and then apply to your face. If possible, always avoid spraying on your face at all.


Dot the sunscreen with mini-drops directly onto the face (skip the “tube-palm” step) to distribute it faster and more evenly. Do this at least 20, and preferably 30 minutes before going outside - chemical protective factors need to react with skin cells. Apply Sanskrin all over the face, including the hair growth area, neck and ears (ideally, hands too).

Refresh your face protection based on your skin type and how fast you sweat. When the production of sebum and sweat is intense, it is better to renew Sanskrin more often, and the most convenient thing in this regard is the case with physical filters (again, remember the powder).

If you're afraid of renewing your defenses because of the layering of textures throughout the day and creating a puff pastry effect (quite rightly, by the way), refresh your skin. Use light cleansers, such as micellar lotions, if your makeup is close to natural, and matting wipes, when it is dense, and it is not possible to restore it after “washing”.

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