The Most Dangerous Diets To Health

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The Most Dangerous Diets To Health
The Most Dangerous Diets To Health

Video: The Most Dangerous Diets To Health

Video: The Most Dangerous Diets To Health
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In attempts to fit the figure to the parameters of an ideal body, we do not get tired of reinventing the wheel, trying well-forgotten old diet modifications in a new interpretation (read "10 diets that blew up the Internet last year"). But experiments on one's own body do not always pass without leaving a trace, and for those who are not inclined to conscious masochism, we talk about diets that are better off forgetting.

Sweet diet

It is believed that you can get in shape if you eat exceptionally sweet things for seven days: sweets, chocolate and various sweets, coupled with black coffee. True, you cannot exceed 100 grams of your favorite delicacies per day. It would seem like a dream, not a diet. But the question is - is our body ready for such a blow to the stomach? Sweet food really satisfies hunger well (it was not for nothing that in childhood we were forbidden to eat chocolate before dinner - it really interrupts our appetite), but due to too sharp changes in glucose, the load on the stomach increases several times.

At best, you will get off with severe heartburn; at worst, you will face headaches, fatigue and a breakdown in the work of digestive enzymes.

With the help of such a diet, it is quite possible to lose weight, although with it working capacity (and later menstruation) disappears quite quickly. Not to mention the harm you will inflict on your teeth: for people with weak enamel, such a diet will seem like a mockery, most likely, already on the first day.


Protein diet

Everyone is well aware that excess weight is facilitated by an excessive amount of carbohydrates in the body, respectively, in pursuit of an ideal figure, we strive to get rid of the so-called obstacles. Protein is severe restrictions on the consumption of vegetables, fruits and other products that are required to maintain the normal functioning of the stomach; meat and fish remain in the diet for the most part. What's the problem?

Excess protein puts a heavy strain on the kidneys, which can cause stones to form in them.

Excess protein puts a heavy strain on the kidneys, which can cause stones to form in them. But the main problem is that with the unnatural transformation of protein into carbohydrates (the body, unlike you, cannot live without them), several more toxic metabolic by-products are produced inside. For this reason, you will feel tired and weak, you will have a headache, your complexion will deteriorate, and your metabolism will be disturbed. In addition, there is an opinion among scientists that women who are on a protein diet are most likely to suffer from infertility.

Drinking diet

The main message of such a diet is to eat only liquid foods for a month. It can be anything from soup to milkshakes. Everything is fine if you are ready to say hello to metabolic disorders and gastritis. The stomach of an adult is not adapted to ingesting ground food, since pieces of food and fiber activate enzymes, the process of chewing produces saliva and starts the process of digestion. Thus, firstly, you cannot avoid serious injury to the mucous membrane, and secondly, due to the general stress caused by malfunctioning of the stomach, you risk gaining twice as much weight than you lose. By the way, you can cleanse the body with liquid products ─ try smoothies (the instructions on how to take them correctly are here ─ “Detox diet for smoothies”).


Mono diet

Such a diet involves eating only one product for quite a long time: for example, for about a week you will have to eat only buckwheat or drink kefir. Of course, if you arrange a fasting day for yourself and sit on apples for a day, there will be no harm to the body, on the contrary, you will only improve the functioning of the digestive system. Fasting days are a perfectly acceptable norm, but do not forget that the diet lasts more than a day, and during this time your body undergoes significant changes and is far from for the better.

A quick loss of nutrients for building the body and cell renewal awaits you, and after returning to the usual diet, the kilograms will return in excess.

As a rule, with a passion for mono-diets, you have every chance of earning digestive problems, and due to the lack of necessary nutrients in food, you will have metabolic disorders in general. So, for example, with citrus diets, fruit acids irritate the walls of the stomach and intestines, causing the development of gastritis or colitis. Eating only watermelon (for more details, "Types of watermelon diets") can lead to edema and impaired kidney function (this is especially dangerous with a tendency to form stones). The use of kefir in large quantities also does not promote health at all - an excess of acid leads to microbleeding in the intestinal walls and loss of blood and hemoglobin, and this leads to anemia and a decrease in immunity.

Diet "on pills"

The most dangerous and unpredictable type of diet. And although we are already much more literate than 20 or even 10 years ago, those who expect to lose weight from the effect of the miracle pills are not translated. With a fanatical desire to lose weight, women often resort to completely Jesuitical measures, not being afraid to swallow suspicious powders in the hope that in this way they will lose a record amount of kilograms in a record short time.

Rapid weight loss on chemistry is a myth!

Even if you are absolutely healthy and you have everything in order with your metabolism, it is simply impossible to lose twenty kilograms in a week, as the advertisement promises, even if you completely refused food. The safest (but at the same time ineffective option) is the intake of dietary supplements, which will simply pass by without medical indications and control. I don't even want to talk about the "ultra" options and their consequences.

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